Written by perplexed

3 Jan 2011

I've been a visitor to this site over the past 18months or so, infrequently I might add, and have read a few of the stories and browsed etc, although purely out of curiosity, I've never been involved in anything through the site or anywhere else online. However, something did happen to me recently, which I will share here! Its completely true, a name change aside, although certainly not as graphic or adventurous as some I've read!

I'm married, late 30's, steady career, a family man and live in a nice area. Have had the odd drunken encounter in clubs and pubs, although years ago now.

Sue lives in the same area, a few doors up, and is late 50's, married with 3 children who have all flown the nest. I first become familiar with Sue and her husband just by passing the time of day, as my family and I moved into the area.

A nice couple, private, quiet and I think a professional background. Middle class, reasonably well spoken, but certainly not snobbish or aloof.

Sue is blonde,shortish hair, 5'4, average figure, not unattractive by any means, although I wouldn't have ever considered her attractive, if that makes sense!

Aside from the 'good morning' and occasional wave across the garden thats really as far as it went with Sue, like any neighbours really. As said, they're a private couple, not mixers, just like myself and my wife.

After a few months, I started to work on the front garden, block paving driveway from a large garden plot, so it was a job that took some time. Sue would come past with her dogs twice daily, and eventually we started to chat, usual stuff, passing the time of day. She was dressed in jeans, walking boots, a fleece top,very little make up, as you'd expect for a dog walk. Nothing to spark any kind of attention in my mind.

Sue became less guarded the more we chatted, so eventually it'd be nattering for half an hour sometimes, again just general things, and also she was impressed with the work on the garden, and in passing had mentiones that maybe she and her husband would think about doing the same, absolutely nothing flirtatious at all. She was the same with my wife, although they never became friends as such.

So, from an everyday situation without any indication of attraction or flirtation from either party, how did this 'encounter' happen? Well, in October, I'd completed the driveway, and Sue had asked if I would mind giving her a quote for a similar job at her house. I did this later that afternoon, and being neighbourly, I'd quoted a very reasonable price, well under the quotes they had sourced from elsewhere. Sue's husband invited me in for a drink, it was the first time I'd really ever spoken at any length to him, but a nice guy anyway. He and Sue had been out somewhere for a meal, and the one thing I noticed was Sue was wearing a tartan skirt with black tights, heels and a black jumper, her hair was straight, make up on, she looked a different woman. A real contrast from the usual Sue. I didn't comment on this, but Sue was as ever, chatty and friendly, infact they both were.

Anyway,I had a beer, chatted about the job mainly, and was on my way.

Early evening I'd settled down to watch the TV, my wife was out for the evening with her brother who had flown in from the US that day.

I heard the dogs bark, and then a knock at the door. Answered the door and there was Sue, she'd come to say thank you again for the quote, and to return the brochures I had left with them, which I didn't need of course!

I invited her in, and she sat down on the sofa and I asked her if she'd like a cup of tea. She asked if I had anything stronger so I gave her a glass of wine. Again we chatted at length about the house, the driveway, all very boring. It was only when I went to the kitchen that it all came clear. Sue had followed me and while I stood at the worktop looking outside at the garden (the floodlight was on!) she then stood beside me and asked if there was anything interesting out there. Her hand had touched mine and when I turned to answer her we were face on and were holding hands somehow. She leant to kiss me and I responded. We stopped and looked at each other. She said "I'm sorry". I kissed her again, and this time it was passionate. We went into the living room and started kissing again, Sue was holding me so tightly, hands rubbing me all over my back. Lust took over, my hands rubbed over her jumper, over the breasts, I lifted her knee length skirt up and frantically rubbed at her crotch, which was covered with tights and panties. I knelt down, and tugged at her tights and panties and exposed her dark mass of hair which I lapped at with my tongue. Sue was pushing my head into her crotch, and simultaneously thrusting her hips into my face. I pulled her panties and tights from one leg and I stood up. I undone my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers down, I pushed her onto the sofa, I stood infront of her and she was frantically rubbing, wanking and rubbing her face into my balls and cock and groaning, then almost immediately I stood her up, turned her round and bent her forward so her arms were on the sofa supporting her, I stood behind her, parted her legs and hitched her skirt up over her bum, and pushed my cock into her pussy. After a few frantic thrusts, 10 seconds later I had exploded all over her bum and skirt, my cock skating across her backside which was covered in cum! I stood there, hands still around her hips, trying to make sense of what had just happened. I couldn't. Sue got up, wiped the cum from her backside onto her thighs, fumbled around with her tights and panties and managed to get her leg into them without sitting down and leaving stains on the sofa!

I pulled my boxers and trousers up, Sue had by this time got her coat and was ready to go. She looked at me, without a smile or any expression at all, said goodbye and walked out of the door. I stood there, shellshocked, and speechless. I couldn't and still can't believe what happened. It was bizarre. It was impromptu. A moment of lust, passion, call it what you will.

It was over in minutes. The whole process. Without any build up at all.

Yes its long winded and probably rather boring compared to others on here, but I had to emphasise the normality of the situation beforehand. There really was no sign or spark. At all.

Since that evening, Sue remains friendly, although tends to keep her distance, to a degree. Its never been spoken of, or even a knowing smile from her. Nothing. My wife hasn't noticed a change in Sue, so I guess I'm a lucky guy.

I'm still waiting on the driveway job!