Written by Jonathan

13 Feb 2004

I had had my details posted on a site for a few weeks and I received an

email from a couple that had seen the site. They were curious about dogging and

wanted to give it a try, but were a little worried that it would be an bad experience, or

that at a site they wouldn't find anyone suitable.

I replied to their e-mail, saying that I might be interested, and gave a few details bout

myself. They responded, sending me some photos of them both, and giving me some

details about where and when they would like to meet. I said that it sounded good. I

was phoned the next day by the husband, we made the arraignments and we were

going to meet the following Friday.

On the day, well night actually, I turned up with plenty of time to spare… and waited,

the car park was empty. Eventually the car pulled up, the lights were flashed, and I

moved my car next to theirs.

I could hear clunking noises from with in… I didn't want to approach just yet, better

that they took the lead… after a few minutes the hazard lights flashed, I got out of my

car and approached. The rear window was wound down, and I looked in… The

husband was totally undressed, and his wife was in her stockings and suspenders, her

breasts pulled from her bra; they were screwing slowly. I watched and I could see his

cock going in and out of her cunt… Her hands were playing with her breasts, and

tweaking the nipples. She moaned, and he moved faster in and out of her… I could

see her body tightening as her first orgasm approached. Her husband made the

introductions at this point, and we all laughed. He asked if I wanted to touch her, so I

put my hands through the window and started to maul her breasts, pulling on the

nipples gently. She groaned and her body arched as she came for the first time;

panting in short bursts, quite noisily which I loved.

Her husband pulled out of her and they both moved, the front window was wound

down and I looked in. He was in the drivers seat and she was kneeling in the

passenger seat, her arse in the air towards me. She lent down and started to suck on

his cock making slurping noises. I put my hand in the window and started to stroke

her arse… I put my fingers in her cunt and could feel how wet she was. I wiggled my

fingers in her and rubbed her clit with my little finger. I pulled my fingers out, put

them to my mouth and licked them; she tasted really good. I put them back in her,

rubbing her clit harder… she started to groan again, her body twitching, her mouth

around her husbands cock stifling the noise… then she came again, her head falling in

his lap as his cock slid out of her mouth.

He asked if I minded him taking some pictures, and I readily agreed. The camera went

off, the light momentarily blinding. His wife was relaxing now, her cunt soaking, my

fingers still inside. I could feel the last few twitches. Her husband asked if she wanted

to suck my cock, she agreed. I stood up and she turned around. I unzipped my trousers

and she lent through the window pulling my cock out. She put her mouth to it and

sucked it hard… Flash! The camera went off again, this time out side the car, her

husband had got out of the car and was watching as she sucked on my cock.. I loved it

as she forced her head down, talking me deep in her mouth. She knew how to suck


After doing this for a few minutes I suggested that we move to my car as it was larger

in the back. We got in and I put the heating on and took my clothes off. I sat on the

left, she was in the middle and her husband on the right. I put my hands down to her

cunt and put my fingers in again… she started to moan almost immediately. Her

husband said he wanted to fuck her again, so she knelt on the seat, her head in my lap

and her arse towards her husband.. I lent under her and started to play with her clit,

then I felt him push in and start to move in and out of her cunt. She started to suck on

my cock again… her head pushed down on to it every time he thrust into her. She was

sucking deep, her mouth warm, her tongue licking the side of my cock as she sucked.

This went on for sometime and I was enjoying every moment of it. She seemed to be

Cumming almost all of the time by now. Eventually he pulled out of her, eager to

have his cock sucked again. She put a condom in her mouth, and then put it on my

cock as I thrust into her mouth. I sat on the middle seat, and she lowered her self onto

my cock and started to bounce up and down, god it felt good!

We moved again, she knelt facing her husband, her lovely arse high in the air. I

pushed hard and slammed into her, my right arm snaking around her body, my fingers

teasing her clit. She was sucking on her husband, her hand moving up and down,

wanking him into her mouth… His breathing started to quicken, he started to moan,

"I'm cumin" he exclaimed. She clamped her mouth tightly around his cock, and

started to swallow as her body had yet another orgasm, this one brought on by feeling

his cum squirt into her mouth; something they had both said she loved.

I pulled out and sat down on the seat, she sat between us un removed the condom. She

grabbed both our cocks and started to wank us both slowly, she put her legs up on the

front seats, her knees wide apart. I put my fingers down to her cunt, and stuck them

in, her husband played with her nipples, pulling them and squeezing at her breasts.

She moved, kneeling again, and slowly put just her lips around the top of my cock. I

played with my balls as she pressed the flat of her tongue on the head and moved it

backward and forward.. Her hand moved up and down my shaft, wanking me

quickly… I was getting near to Cumming. Her husband pushed himself into her cunt

again, thrusting quickly in and out of her… she was groaning again, her head bobbing

up and down in time with her hand… I could feel the spunk in my balls rising… she

stopped wanking and started to caress my balls gently.. That was it. I started to cum,

her mouth sucking hard as my cum shot into her mouth. I didn't think it would stop.

But eventually it did. She sat up, and swallowed the last few drops, sat back and

licked her lips… fuck I was exhausted. I sat there for a few moments as I came down

from the feelings going through my body. We all agreed that this had been a very

good experience, and then slowly I started to get dressed. Her husband got out of the

car, and as she got out he took one last picture. I was fully dressed at this point so I

got out of the back of the car, walked to the front and got in. They both went and sat

in their car, and got dressed themselves. I sat there for a few moments, just relaxing,

opened the window and again said that I had enjoyed it immensely. They agreed, and

we spoke briefly about another meeting at some point. I started the car, told them to

take care, and left for the ½ hour journey back home.

A few days later I received a text message on my phone saying that they had enjoyed

the meeting, they also sent me a copy of the photos to my email address. I checked

and looked at the photos, re-living the good sex we had had a few days previously,

and sat down to put the adventure into text for the site.

So thank you both, and I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. Yes we shall have to

meet again, you are a very sexual and sensual couple and your enjoyment is just as

important as mine. Take care, and text me when you want to meet again.