Written by Hugh

14 Jan 2005

I was out shopping one afternoon when I needed to pee, and so went into the toilets of the mall I was in.

I was stood at the urinal, and I couldn't help but look at the guy standing next to me - his cock was enormous, so long and thick. I became a bit self conscious and instead of pissing, my cock just got harder. He looked down at it and then stood behind me, rubbing my cock with one hand and massaging my arse through my trousers with the other. I just knew that I had to taste this big cock of his, and, hopefully, get a load of his spunk.

There was no-one else about, so he nodded towards an empty cubicle and we both went it. He lowered his trousers and pants to his ankles and I sat on the toilet and began greedily sucking on his fat cock. I tasted great, and although it was big, I felt it harden even more between my lips. I tried to take as much of the cock down my throat as I could, and after a few minutes I sensed that he was about to come.

Not wishing to waste any of that lovely spunk, I turned around and let him lube up my tight arsehole with his precum. Then he slipped his cock into my hole and began fucking away at me. I pushed back onto his thick rod so that the head of his cock penetrated right through the sphincter into my bowel. It felt fantastic as his balls slapped against my arse.

Within seconds I could feel jets of hot cum shooting deep into me, and I orgasmed too, gripping his thick shaft with my anal muscles. He filled me right up with his come and then left. I cleaned up and went home to relive the experience with my 12 inch dildo. If anyone in the Northern Ireland area would like to help me recreate this experience, please email me.