Written by sukh

22 Nov 2005

We got many responses to our stories from readers. Some of these upset me as they outright suggested that they would like to fuck my wife. Yes we do let other men into our bed but that does not mean just any guy can fuck my wife. I even replied to some of these men telling them to shoo off!!

I told Rekha about these messages I was getting. At first she didnt say anything. But after a while she asked me to show her some of the messages. After going through some of them she liked them. Some of these had attachments with photographs.

Rekha liked the bolder and wittier messages and selected a few of the men who looked really good and asked me to correspond and set up something.

Erik was a great looking guy with big muscles and a large bulge in his underwear. He sent two photographs of himself one wearing a suit and one wearing just his underpants!

After a few messages back and forth I learnt that Erik was married and had two children and lived in Sweden. At first I didnt think it would get any where but Erik actually warmed up to the idea of meeting us. He even sent a copy of his drivers license to prove that he is a real person. I think he got interested after I sent him a photograph of Rekha.

Anyway cutting out all the boring details we invited Erik home for a weekend. Erik flew in on Friday night and Rekha and I picked him at Heathrow. We had exchanged so many photographs by now that we had no difficulty finding each other. Erik was everything we thought he would be. He was over 6' and had an athletic build. He took Rekha into his arms as soon as he came out into the airport lobby. They kissed passionately as if they had always been a couple. Finally he loosened his embrace of Rekha and noticed me and said hi. Rekha was gleaming oblivious of the surroundings and happy to be in his arms. I think it was love at first sight for both of them.

On reaching home Erik quickly stripped my wife. He tore her blouse and pulled off her bra. He was rough but I dont think Rekha minded. With one hands he struggled to pull off her pants and with another he was groping her firm, mango shaped breasts. I could see the passion in them as I brought in Erik's bag and placed it in the living room.

Rekha reached out to take off Erik's pants. I meanwhile started stripping off my clothes. The sexual energy in the room was amazing. Erik's pants finally came off his huge cock popped out. Rekha took it in her hands. Her eyes were closing in ecstasy. Erik was now biting her nipples and with his hands working on her pussy. With one jerk he lifted her up and eased her pussy to take his cock in. He easily carried Rekha as she jumped up and down on his cock. She was moaning and shouting. I stood rooted where I was and worked my cock with my hands. With one long jerk Erik cummed into my wife. Suddenly they both went limp. All the sexual energy had finally been released.

Erik was a nice guy. He left on Sunday night. Before leaving we enjoyed ourselves to the maximum. A lot of times i tasted his cum oozing out of my wifes pussy as i licked it. Erik found it very amusing the first time he realized I was eating his cum out of my wife's pussy. Then I think he enjoyed it.

Before leaving he told my wife he liked her beautiful eyes and would love to have children with her eyes. This really upset me. Seeing how upset I was Rekha sent me out to cool down. When they called me back after an hour I found Erik fucking my wife doggy style. The one hour cooling off had helped and things went off without an incident after that.