Written by Shirley

4 Oct 2005

Apparently my last post upset somebody, as it wasn't... posted I mean. Never mind I will try an amended version. My name is Shirley, I'm a 38 year old housewife married to Dave who is two years older. Two years ago I had an experience that surprised me for more than one reason as you will see. Dave is a great husband 5'10" and well built, quite goodlooking too and I love him to bits. This happened two years ago on a warm early September Sunday afternoon. Dave was watching football on Sky and although I quite like football I decided that I would go for a walk. We have a river nearby and some years ago I found a nice walk along it's banks quite by chance. We had a dog at the time and I was taking him for a walk when he disappeared through a small gap in the bushes and undergrowth that separated a popular walk from the river. When he wouldn't come out I forced my way through the scrub and found myself on a two yard wide area of short soft grass between the bushes and the river bank. It disappeared into the distance, as my dog was rapidly doing! He had obviously run along this area before. On that particular summer Sunday I made my way through the undergrowth and onto this wide pathway, I call it that although there was no obvious signs of anyone else ever using it and I had never seen anyone along there anyway over the years.

It was such a nice quiet walk, particularly on a day like that one, and I must have walked a good mile and a half before turning back. I was dressed in just a light cotton summer dress with a bra and pants underneath, I'm quite pretty and have a good figure still, I have always been very sexy and passionate and my love life with Dave was very enjoyable. This is what made what happened next such a surprise to me, although I had been very sexually active before I met Dave I had never played around since. Anyway, walking back along the riverside I turned a corner and almost bumped into a man coming in the other direction. We both apologised and had a laugh. I said, "I was so surprised to see you, I've been walking this path for more years than I care to remember and I have never seen another soul." He was slightly taller than Dave and I guessed a couple of years older, he was goodlooking too and, to be honest, I had a physical reaction, something that had never happened to me, on meeting a man I didn't know, before.

He said, "Well, I have used this path before, but, I must admit very infrequently, and I have certainly never met a woman as pretty and attractive as you are."

My nipples tingled as I gave a self deprecating laugh, "I bet you say that to all the girls!"

He laughed, "Wouldn't I like to!" We then started chatting and he asked me if I lived locally and I told him that it was not far from the beginning of the path. While we talked I realised that he was mentally undressing me and a shiver of anticipation rippled through me and I have to admit that I did something I couldn't remember doing since I was a young girl. I wondered what his dick was like. Whatever's happening to me? I thought. I was used to men looking at me like that, wondering what I had to offer and in other days I had responded. Now he surprised me again, "Have you ever kissed a strange man? Because I'd dearly like to kiss you!"

"Oh!" I couldn't think what to say and didn't pull away when he came close, took me in his arms and kissed me. A bomb went off somewhere inside. I gasped as we parted, "Do you usually go around kissing strange women?" I asked.

"No, this is the first time. I don't know what's happening but I couldn't help myself."

"I'm glad you did," I replied, "because I enjoyed it very much and I'd like us to kiss again!" So we did, I felt his dick beginning to rise.

"You're beginning to have a serious effect on me," he said and kissed me for a third time, this time he caressed my breasts as well, his dick now hard against my stomach. Then he said, "Would you like to find somewhere..... shall we say even more private?" We strolled slowly along looking in various promising breaks in the foliage until suddenly he went through one pulling me after him and we founf ourselves in a little clearing. It was about twenty feet long by ten and had a hump at one end. We kissed again immediately, very passionately, he rubbed his dick against me which caused my fanny to begin engorging. I suddenly realised how much I wanted sex. Why? I was perfectly happy having sex with my husband. Nevertheless I did nothing to stop it. He unbuttoned the front of my dress and began caressing my breasts beneath my bra. "Just a minute," I panted, I slipped out of the top of my dress and unclipping my bra, took it off. He immediately began kissing my breasts ans sucking and nipping my rigid nipples. The erotic sensations went straight to my fanny, as I am sure he knew, he was obviously very experienced. I felt his dick through his trousers and he undid the remaining buttons and my dress slid off. He started undressing and I soon saw another man's dick for the first time in nearly twenty years. It was much the same size as Dave's and felt the same too when I took it in hand.

Soon we were on the ground, the grass as soft as a pile carpet. He eased my knickers down and took them off, I knew he was looking so I opened my legs for him to see. I am one of those women whose fanny remains virtually closed even when played with and returns to that condition immediately after intercourse. I played with his dick and he soon had me aroused. His foreplay really turned me on so it wasn't long before he parted my legs and got between them, I felt his dick against my fanny and I reached down and manoeuvred it into my love channel. I was soppimg wet and his dick came straight up inside me. He started fucking straightaway. After a moment or two I gasped, "Please fuck me hard, hard as you can!"

He obeyed immediately and I knew from his breathing that he wouldn't last long. He didn't, but while it lasted it was paradise, even more when he grunted as he rammed his dick into me so hard that he nearly buried me then shot his load deep inside me. Wonderful! He really had me going and he had lots of spunk, he filled me up and then flopped on me, his cock still inside. I said, "That's the first time I've ever been fucked by a man whose name I didn't know!"

"It's the first time I've fucked a woman whose name I didn't know!" he replied.

"It's Shirley," I told him.

"And mine's Graham."

"Can you go again? I'd love to have a really long, loving, fucking."

"Give me few minutes," he panted. His cock was still inside me and after a few minutes I started rhythmically squeezing it with the internal muscles of my fanny. He soon got hard again and gave me exactly what I wanted.

I have to go now, housewifely duties call, but if you want to know how this worked out, keep watching!