Written by Jason

5 Aug 2005

Enjoying a leisurely drive round our local countryside last week-end, my wife and I pulled off the lane and went into a newly-harvested barley field for a pee. This done, we started a little open-air snogging session in the grass by the hedge, which after a few minutes saw us both more than half-undressed and getting quite excited. Busy stroking Jan's ample arse, I was taken aback to hear a voice say "Nice tits, if you don't mind me sayin' so!" We both sat bolt upright to face the appreciative observer: He was a farmworker come to collect the big rolls of straw left by the combines. "Thanks"...stuttered Jan in the absence of anything else lucid to say. "Mind if I touch?" A lesser woman would have screamed rape and run a mile, but Jan and I had had our moments with others, especially on holiday, and she was putty in the hands of anyone who praised her ample breasts. The farm worker, (Terry as we later found out), had not waited for Jan's consent, and kneeling close to her had started kissing, sucking and pulling on her big (and getting bigger!) nipples with his teeth. With his free hand, he reached over and started stroking my cock, which had been hidden under my shirt when he first arrived. Wow...a bi! I loved the firm feel of his hand as it pushed my foreskin back to expose my pink helmet. "Bloody 'ell!" The surprised voice belonged to Colin, the second worker, who must have had the quietest tractor in Norfolk - none of us had heard him arrive. He also had the biggest cock in Norfolk: Seeing the enthusiastic threesum getting well acquainted, he pulled off his jeans and pants in one swift move, and presented Jan with a rapidly stiffening cock that she took into her mouth without hesitation. A few good sucks, and she had to come up for air; Colin's dick sprang from her lips and virtually pinned itself to his belly it was so hard - and still the head was covered with his foreskin. A general move-round then took place, Terry removing everything but his boots to reveal a small but thick cock, no foreskin, and copious amounts of pre-cum already dribbling from the slit. This he offered to me as Colin was clearly lining-up to service Jan: She slowly pulled back his foreskin to reveal at least eight inches of hard manhood, topped with a handsome, but not too large, helmet. As i took Terry's cock in my mouth, I could just see Colin working Jan's pussy with his tongue. Whether it was his impatience or her insistence I'm not sure, but within a few seconds he was in her, the squelchy noises telling me that that Jan's cunt was well moist and dripping. I had put Colin down as a long stayer; in the event he came after only a few strokes, his noisy grunt must have been heard in Norwich! Terry then saw his opportunity, and pulling his now hard cock from my mouth, in one movement eased it into Jan's wet hole. Terry obviously had more stamina as he pumped steadily away. "Your turn on top" he said as their rythm settled down; Jan loved it on top, and after the disentanglement that usually preceeds these changes of position, was soon working her hips onto Terry's stalk, clearly moving towards her orgasm; Colin, having almost magically regained his erection, then pushed Jan forward until, lubricated by her copious juices, he was able to ease his purple head into her puckered arsehole. Now here's a thing: She didn't like me doing it, and had only once let another guy at a swinger's party do it, but here she was almost shouting "fuck my arse...go on, go on.." Seeing Colin's big weapon sliding effortlessly right into her anus was too much for me; I shot my load, the first spurt arching over their three bodies to land in Jan's hair, the rest settling on their three sweating torsos. At this point Terry came; his gasps and writhing lasted nearly a minute while he shot his cum up my wife's cunt. Colin, for reasons best known to himself, pulled out just as he came-a jet of thin milky spunk shot over Jan's back, running down her tits and onto Terry's chest. Perhaps he was hoping to get back in Jan's cunt to unload, but came too soon. The country air was full of post-orgasmic gasps, sighs and heavy breathing: We spent another hour with our country friends doing vitually everything humanly possible, until the lads decided that they really must load those bales of straw. That they still had the energy is tribute to their stamina! Believe me, there's nothing like a ride in the country at harvest-time!