Written by Old Perv

13 Feb 2004

I did so enjoy reading the stories from the chap

who told us of his pleasure at hearing two old

men discussing his lovely wife K.

I wonder if K would indeed enjoy having her lovely

bottom spanked by a man well qualified to do so?

This is what would happen if this old codger where

lucky enough to get the job.

I would arrive whilst hubby was at work with my

small holdall containing my cane, paddle and

scottish leather tawse.

No doubt K would allow me in and begin making

nervous small talk, eventually over a cup of tea

or coffee i would lecture her strongly about the

'lack of standards' and 'indiscipline' of todays

young ladies.

The suitably chastened K would then be told to

lie accross my lap.

This would give me a delightful view of the delicious

target area.

My favourite personally is when a young lady is

wearing tight fitting trousers especially on a rump

as magnificent as K's it provides a drum tight covering

that offers no protection at all from a good old fashioned

bottom warming.

No doubt K would yelp and protest as my broad palm cracked

down on her naughty bum, but i would let her know that this

was merely a warm up.

I usually find that young ladies become far more

obedient after a strict talking to by a father/grandfather

figure and i would have K jumping through hoops

in no time.

After the initial hand spanking i would invite K to view

the contents of my holdall with me and i would

enjoy her dismay at being shown the paddle. tawse and

finally horror of horrors the old rattan cane.

K would shake her head in disbelief but i would

simply smile and tell her that today she will be

recieving six of the best!

K would protest as i ordered 'trousers down' but

to no avail and i suspect she'd be mortified as

i began fondling her exposed bottom as she stood

in only her thong of course this naughty housewife

would have a rather pink bottom by now but it will

be red after the strap.

On this occasion as this is her first naughtiness

i've had to deal with i tell the relieved K that

she will not be caned however her relief is short lived

as i tell her she will be tawsed.

I would command K to touch her toes and i would

no doubt feel my rather large old John Thomas stir in

my pants at the lovely view.( I make a mental note

that after her punishment K will be resuming this

position to allow me some private wanking pleasure.

However it would be buisness first as i cracked

the fierce leather strap down onto K's poor abused

bum a dozen times.

And afterwards i would have K position the sofa

so she could lie accross the back of it. i would

sit upon the sofa directly behind and instruct K

that she must hold this position to cool off and

contemplate her naughty ways.

Of course i would unknown to K have my cock out

and be stroking my aching shaft vigourously at

the sight of her red backside.

Old Perv