Written by David & Jane

20 Jun 2004

I had been out for a drink in town and was walking home down a dark alleyway between the workshops feeling quite mellow when i heard some grunting and pauseing to look down a narrow side path i could see a girl bent over sucking a cock and another guy fucking her from behind!The guy fucking her laughed at his mate and said we have got an audience the second guy called me over and said hey do you want a go? shes gagging for it the horny bitch,the girl took his cock out from her mouth and said yea go on fuck me as well so they carried on as i took my cock out and wanked it hard, the guy fucking her shot his load and pulled out,he looked at me and said shes well greased now!I had no hesitation shoving my cock into her lube cunt and began to fuck her hard the feeling of warm cum slurping around my cock and her cunt was fantastic,the guy she was sucking soon gave a grunt and shot his load down her throat she swallowed the lot.Laughing they sorted themselves out and walked off,I couldnt believe it there i was in a dark alley fucking a fresh spunked cunt on my own she was loving it she was begging me to call her names and fuck her harder and after about 10mins i shot my load into her when i pulled out she went straight down on me and sucked me clean.I asked her her name and she said jane i said how old are you she said im 18yrs old my cock twitched and i said what do you want to do now? would you like to come back to my place,Jane agreed and we walked home together.It is now sunday morning and Jane is sleeping in my bed as i write this we have fucked all night i have filled her up with 3 more loads of cum and she has agreed to stay with me for a few days, I feel like a teenager even though i am in my forties,Jane has told me her fantasy has always been to have a sex realationship with an older man! and at the moment it looks like i am the lucky man.