Written by Teddy Bear

25 Sep 2005

The summer had been long and glorious and the sun had continued to shine well into October. Even November was still very pleasant and was really Helena’s favourite month as the island was less populated with holidaymakers and the mornings were nice and brisk and welcoming, without been cold. Helena had finished work late one Thursday and it was nearly 7pm before she managed to get home. She ran herself a bath, soaked for a little while, and enjoyed the peace and quiet of her apartment. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, which she did not expect. On her doorstep, brandishing a bottle of red was Carlos.

Helena was of course pleased to see him and they opened the bottle and chatted for a while. Carlos mentioned that they were all going over to the lodge for Christmas and his parents would like to invite her along. Helena was surprised but said she was looking forwarding to going to Germany to be with her parents over Christmas who were then coming back to the island for New Year. Carlos expressed his disappointment because he wanted to spend some time alone with her because he had had feelings for her since his birthday.

Helena was quite shocked at this sudden announcement because she was under the impression that that kiss was a big mistake. Carlos said that he was not just talking about that kiss but also about the fact that they did in fact sleep in the same bed that night. I think that if we had not had so much to drink we would have made love that night. Helena’s heart skipped a beat and she looked deep into his eyes. The room went very quiet. Carlos turned to face Helena and he cupped her face with one hand and pulled her head gently towards his so that their lips met. His kiss was warm and passionate. His hand pushed her head towards his making his embrace more powerful. His other hand searched her body. At last, they separated. Helena looked at him dolefully with tears running down her face. Thank you she said. I’ve had feelings for you for a long time and I’ve wanted this to happen so much. Then what she said took Carlos by complete surprise. Carlos stay with me tonight and make love to me, please. Carlos removed the wine glass from her hand and holding her hand stood up. He pulled her up and wrapped both arms around her. Their lips met, gently at first and then more powerful. His firm, muscular body excited her and his embrace was powerful. Her hand cupped his firm buttocks and she pressed herself on his groin. Helena could feel his hard penis swelling beneath his pants and at this moment, she knew that there was no turning back.

Helena pulled away, feeling light headed with enormous amounts of extreme passion. She led him by the hand to her bedroom, unfastened her bathrobe, and let it fall to the ground. There in front of him stood the naked wonder of her petit body. Helena was of average height but with a small frame. Her skin was very pale and flawless. Her long auburn hair fell straight down her back and her small round breasts looked liked perfection on her flat body. For a few moments, Carlos could do nothing but stare at this wonder. His heart pounded and his mouth became dry. Carlos licked his lips. He took off his t-shirt to show a muscled torso that was covered in fine dark hair; his arms were strong and powerful. Their lips met again but only briefly as his hands traced her upper body to find her breast. He lowered his lips, taking each nipple in turn, they erected with sheer pleasure. Helena let out a small moan, tentatively touched his chest, ran the tips of her fingers down his chest onto his stomach, and finally unbuttoned his jeans. Carlos stepped out of jeans, which allowed Helena to squeeze his buttocks. He kissed her neck, cupped her buttocks, and pulled her towards his hardening cock. Helena screamed with delight as she felt it firm and large pressing into her stomach. Their lips once again made contact but this time it was firm and fierce. Their tongues fighting to be in the other ones mouth. Helena pulled away first and beckoned Carlos into bed. He removed his boxers to display his large erect penis. Helena’s mouth dropped at the sheer size of his manhood. His body was in wonderful proportion and his dark body hair stood out against his olive skin. Helena fell backwards onto the bed and clambered under the flimsy cover. Her head was spinning with the drunkenness of pleasure and delight as Carlos kissed and groped her body. His long fingers tantalised her vagina and his mouth was hard on her breasts whilst his tongue tickled her nipples. Helena felt as if her body was going to explode.

Helena managed to force herself on top of Carlos, she straddled his groin and could now feel the sheer size of him near her vagina, but she did not intend to allow him inside her yet. She slid her body down his, kissing and licking every inch as she went down. Her lips met his penis and she began to kiss and lick its end. Carlos cupped her head and beckoned her to turn round so that he too could taste her juices. Helena turned to allow him to dine on her whilst she allowed her mouth to fuck him. As she reached each orgasm, her body stiffened and her mouth went faster up and down his thick shaft. His penis was so large that she could not reach its base fully with her mouth. She managed to cup one hand round its base whilst the other massaged his balls. The taste of his hot sperm soon emptied into her mouth with a deep mellow moan from her and a loud scream of pleasure from Carlos. His cock did not soften so there was only one thing left to do. Helena spun her body round and she allowed him to place his hardness into her. Helena gyrated up and down on him while Carlos held her waist. After a couple of minutes, he forced her body over and turned her over onto her knees. Helena held onto the metalwork of the bed whilst Carlos pushed his penis into her from behind. Helena screamed and shouted out with pleasure; she could feel his fingers between her vaginas lips, which made her, feel like she was going to blow up. Carlos pounded at her with all his strength and with every thrust Helena felt more and more intoxicated with the excitement and pleasure he was delivering. Their screams of satisfaction ricochet together as Carlos exploded into Helena’s body. His thrusting slowed and stopped and they both collapsed, exhausted into the soft mattress.

For a while, the only sound was their breathing and little moans from Helena as her body came accustomed to this newfound excitement. Helena eventually turned to Carlos and wrapped her arms around his warm glowing body. Thank you, she said. Where does this leave us? We cannot pretend that that did not happen. Carlos kissed the top of her head gently; we are not going to pretend. I am hoping that this means something, like a relationship between us. Still clinging to his body, Helena was soon asleep, dreaming of the wonderful times ahead.

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