Written by John

6 Oct 2006

Like a lot of people on here, I wonder whether the stories are true, until this happened to me.

It was my mate's stag night and we were booked into a hotel which also had a night club. We went out for a chinese meal first, went to loads of pubs, and, eventually back to the club at the hotel.

We were having a good time dancing and trying to chat up the women, without any luck. It got to about 1.45 a.m. and as I had about a 3 hour drive the next day to get home I decided it was well past my bed time. I was sharing a twin room with my mate, Joe, so I made sure he had his key and went up to bed.

About 45 mins later I was in bed and half asleep when I heard the door open and in came Joe with 2 women. He had been crossing the car park and met these 2 who were going to drive home but decided they were too drunk. Obviously being the gent he is, he invited them to our room for a coffee.

As soon as they got through the door, Joe and Sue got down to some snogging and groping on his bed. Mandy and I looked at each other and after watching them kiss and grope for a few minutes she eventually sat on my bed and started kissing me. I could tell she wasn't quite up for it, as she kept looking across to see what Joe and Sue were doing. Sue however was well up for it and it wasn't long before they were both naked on top of the bed with Sue giving Joe a lovely blow job.

This seemed to get Mandy going, she relaxed and in no time I was sucking her nipples and stroking her bare pussy. She let me strip her naked too and was soon sucking on my dick. We changed and I licked her pussy until she turned on all fours and I fucked her doggy stile while she watched her mate being rammed by Joe.

It was a real turn on to be shagging a complete stranger whilst watching another sex show going on less than 3 feet away.

We fucked, sucked and licked for a good 45 mins until eventually the girls started talking to each other across the bedroom. They were giggling like teenagers saying "they were both complete tarts, and what would your husband say if he could see you now!".

Sue asked Mandy if she had enjoyed her fuck from me. "Why don't you see for yourself," she replied, "let’s swap!"

So they did and it all started again! Now it was me fucking Sue whilst Joe gave Mandy another seeing to.

Almost an hour later Sue realised how late it was and started to panic that her husband would soon be home from his night shift. She started to get her clothes on and was calling for Mandy to do the same. Mandy however was sitting on Joes cock and was close to coming so didn't want to leave quite yet!!

As Sue was becoming more agitated about going home, Mandy was becoming more frustrated about not being able to come so I said "Come on Sue, she won't be happy until she comes, let’s give her a hand"

So as she moved up and down on Joe’s cock, he stroked her clit, I sucked on one nipple while Sue sucked on another until she finally came with a very loud moan.

Satisfied at last Mandy then started to gather up her clothes and get dressed.

As she did I asked Sue how they knew each other. It turns out they worked together and they were having a night out because both of their husbands were working nights.

Eventually they both left the room and Joe and I got about 2 hours sleep!

It was a real "dream come true" to have such fantastic sex with, not one but two, total strangers and I will never forget it.