Written by Sunny boy

14 Feb 2004

Last summer, with it being so warm, I often went to a couple of places and just stripped off and walked around. They weren’t dogging/gay sites but I had some fun. One Saturday I was walking round naked by the river (near the Brighouse M62 junction). Through the trees I could see a bloke with his fishing gear. He had seen me, but because of the trees he probably didn’t know I had no clothes on. He started to walk towards me, and I quickly went to my bag and slipped on my briefs and sat down. He walked past me on the pathway and stopped. For a moment I thought he might have been ‘straight’ so I had partially covered up the mags. However, he made some comment about the heat and I said that he must have been hot in all his fishing gear. He then walked over to where I was sat and said “I’m cool underneath”, and proceeded to unzip himself and get his cock out. He undid his pants a little and pulled his cock further out so that his balls were outside his pants. He then bent down and picked up one of the mags. As he turned the pages his cock became stiff and was only a few inches from my face. He then handed me the mag back and started to slowly wank himself as he looked down at me. His cock was quite long and had a nice smooth, dark foreskin which was pulled right back from the bell end. He asked me if I was wearing swimming trunks or pants as they looked nice.

I was wearing a pair of blue cotton briefs which were a tight fit, and as I moved my legs apart to show him, the cotton was straining against my raging hard-on. He then asked me to lie down, which I did, and he kneeled down beside me. He was still wanking but had increased his rhythm now and suddenly he lent over and started to gently run his left hand over my stiff cock. He then moved down and started to finger my arse, pushing the cotton up inside me. He was quite gentle and I was really getting into it. His cock, still pumping steadily in his right hand, was slapping into my face.

Without saying a word he then moved down to between my legs and for a moment let his cock flop down heavily onto me. With both hands he lifted my legs up and pulled of my briefs, so that my legs were now on his shoulders. He reached down and started to wank his cock against mine, holding both together in one hand, moving both cocks as one. He had wet the fingers on his left hand and was now gently pushing one, and then two fingers into my arse. After a few seconds, he let go of my cock and pushed his own down between my bum cheeks. He placed his knob end at the entrance and gently, but firmly, started to fuck me. (I was a virgin by the way, and didn’t want that huge cock right up inside me, but it still felt good sliding in and out). I had hold of my own cock by now and was wanking furiously, so much so that I kept jerking away from him and for a few seconds each time, I felt the cool air on my hole, before his hot slippery cock pushed back into me.

Neither of us could last much longer though, and suddenly, with a loud groan, he was cumming. He stumbled to his feet, and the first splatter of cum landed on my chest just as I shot my own load. He came with three full spurts and as he sank back to his knees by my head I reached up and took hold of his cock. I gently pulled it towards me and a further thick stream of cum pulsed out of it.

What a day. And I always thought fishing was boring!