Written by Freddie

4 May 2005

My name is Freda, Freddy to my friends, I have been married to Rob for twenty-seven years. We have always had a good sex life as we both have high sex drives, but for some time now we have had to rely on fantasising when we have sex, if you've been shagging the same partner for over twenty years you do tend to become a bit stale. I'm blonde with blue eyes and a good figure, mainly due to the fact that I couldn't have kids. My breasts are still a good shape and quite firm and I'm shaved. Rob is eight years older than I am, still with a lithe athletic body due to sport and plenty of exercise, and he has always been a good husband.

Our sexual fantasies have always been about there being a third party present. In my case a younger man with a nine inch cock, in his a very young woman (of legal age) and with no real sexual experience.

Six months ago I had my fiftieth birthday. It had become a custom for us to stay up the night before a birthday until midnight, then we would kiss and give/receive a card, then we'd go to bed. This occasion was no different except at one minute past midnight the doorbell rang. Rob said, "You'd better answer that, I expect it's for you!"

I went and opened the door, there was a tall, good-looking man standing there dressed in a big overcoat. He said, "Hello Freddie, I'm Mark and I'm your birthday present!" then opened the overcoat. He was naked underneath and displayed the biggest cock I had ever seen, soft and hanging down his left thigh. My heart thumped and I stuttered, "You... you'd better come in." and stepped to one side. He came in and I closed the door and led him to the living room where Rob and I had been waiting for midnight and drinking vodka and tonics. Rob smiled and said, "Hello Mark!" and shook his hand, "Like a drink?" Mark had the same as us. Then Rob turned to me and said, "You've always fantasised about fucking a man with a nine inch cock, he's yours!"

I could hardly believe it but a few minutes later we all went upstairs into our bedroom. I was surprised to see a large bath sheet laid over the bed. Mark took off his overcoat and shoes, he looked at me, "Can't do anything until you do the same."

"Oh, yes, of course!" I stripped quickly had enjoyed his eyes scanning my body. He stepped up to me, took me in his arms and kissed me. One up for him, his kissing was great, so a couple of moments later were his caresses as he felt my breasts. His cock hadn't stirred and I put my hand down and wrapped my fingers round the shaft and began to work my hand up and down. He lifted me onto the bed and resumed kissing and caressing me. In some ways I couldn't believe that I was doing this with a complete stranger but I thrilled at the feel of his cock as it began to harden. Then he murmured in my ear, "You like oral I understand?" "Yes." "Both ways?" "Oh yes!" "Right, sixty-nining then!" He turned round and the next moment his cock was in my face as he burrowed between my thighs. I felt him kiss the insides of my thighs, then either side of my still closed lips and finally on the lips themselves. I thrilled at the touch of his tongue, he was so gentle as my cunt opened up, kissing and teasing both sets of lips.

I felt my cunt engorging and opening wide and Mark pushed his tongue into the convoluted, delicate, flesh. He probed and explored then sucked the inner lips before thrusting his tongue in and tongue-fucking me. The thrills were surging through me as he did all this, then he teased my clit, I came. Then he sucked my clit into his mouth and expelled it through pursed lips. I shuddered into the biggest orgasm I'd had for a very long time and continued on the plateau as Mark kept teasing my clit. By now I had kissed his lovely cock and now had the knob in my mouth, now his cock was hard it was a good nine inches long and as thick as a cucumber. His knob was all I could get into my mouth. He tasted nice and I licked him like a lolly!

One of the things that kept me climaxing was that Mark sucked my bits all the time, I had never experienced that but it certainly was thrilling! After a while I felt him leave me and he pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned to me. He kissed me.... and filled my mouth with my own love-juice. It was all so sexy.

He moved over me and I spread my legs as wide as I could and, after he had mounted me, drew my knees right up. I felt his cock in the open mouth of my sex and put my hand down to enter him. He was very gentle getting his cock into me but once the knob was in he slid easily up me until I could feel his balls trapped against my bottom. He began to fuck me slowly, using the whole length of his magnificent cock. My senses swam, I had never been so full of cock in my life, it was wonderful, even though my love-juice was squirting out over my thighs and running round my bottom. I relaxed completely and just let him do me, the feel of that thick cock massaging me inside and rubbing against my clit all the time kept me coming. It was incredible and filled my mind with sexual images of cocks and cunts, fucking, and spunk shooting everywhere. Of course it couldn't last forever and soon enough I heard him, dimly in the distance, saying, "Where do you want it?"

I struggled to become aware, "Oh, inside, right up me, inside!" A few thrust later he groaned, rammed his cock hard up me and ejaculated fiercely deep in my cunt. It was lovely, there must have been in excess of half a dozen spurts, filling me with more spunk than I had ever had before. Then he flopped on me gasping and panting for breath as I hugged him tight and kissed him.

Mark slid off me to one side dragging his limp cock out, even limp it felt bigger than Rob's. What I hadn't realised in all the excitement was that my husband had been filming the action with his camcorder, now he put it down, got on the bed and, mounting me, started fucking frantically. It felt incredibly erotic, Rob fucking into Mark's spunk but, as always he was able to last and for the first time I climaxed while he was doing me. I couldn't remember a time when I felt so sexy, I just couldn't get enough. I dragged Mark round so that I could suck his cock and had a fantastic ten minutes licking all the spunk and cunt juice from his cock while Rob continued fucking me.

Mark got hard again as I took his knob in my mouth and started sucking, then, just as he was getting really excited, Rob came refilling my throbbing cunt with what felt like gallons of sperm. Rob, gasping, fell off me and Mark immediately took his place and I enjoyed another half an hour's fierce fucking from his big cock before I told him to pull out and come over me. His thick fluid splattered my face and breasts, I greedily licked up as much as I could get at. Mark seeing what I was doing proceeded to gather the rest with his tongue and let me suck it off.

After that I think we were all exhausted and we showered and went sleep on our big king-sized bed. Sometime during the night I felt a cock poking between my legs, I lifted my top leg and, putting my hand down, entered it and was lazily fucked for a long time. I'm sure that half the time I was asleep, but I thoroughly enjoyed it in an erotic haze.

When I woke in the morning I felt myself messily wet all round my bottom and thighs, a hand felt my cunt and I was turned on my back and Rob entered me and fucked me gently. "Are you enjoying your birthday present?" he asked.

"You know I am, I never thought that fantasy would ever come true."

"Well, there you are, you never know. Anyway, it isn't finished yet."

"Why, what do you mean?"

"I arranged for him to be here for a full twenty-four hours, there's a long time to go yet!"

And there was, I lost count how many times I was fucked in that twenty-four hours, plus the enjoyment of having one or other of them drinking spunk and cunt juice from me. All I can say is that it was the most satisfying sex I've ever had. How could anything top that?

Well, I don't think anything did, but I did return Rob's gift on his birthday, but that's for another time.