Written by hot_air

29 May 2006

Hi, I hope you enjoy and I'll let you make the decision whether this story is true or not!

It was the mid nineties and I worked with a pretty married young girl called Sara. She was 22, 5-4, large breasts and beautiful eyes. I couldn't resist flirting with her and soon she and her hubby Rich were regularly partying with me and my friends on the town. One night Rich wasn't feeling well, so he went home early, leaving Sara, myself and a couple of friends out. After a few beers, we went to a mutual friend's house and soon Sara and I were the only two left up. We were kissing and groping, I got her lovely tits out, gently sucking the nipples but she wouldn't let me fuck her. I did get a brilliant blowjob, and I unloaded on her face and breasts, before she remarked that I was bigger than her hubby.

She seemed a little distant for a couple of weeks after that but out of the blue she rang to tell me Rich was away for 3 weeks and I should come round to watch a video. Of course I did and soon we were getting really hot. Sara took me by the hand and led me upstairs; in shot we were in bed and I was eating her pussy out. I could taste her excitement and she grabbed my hair and pulled me up, licking her juices of my face. I fed my large penis into her willing cunt and soon as I entered she started orgasming. I did not wear a condom as I assumed she was on the pill though secretly I fantasised about getting her pregnant. I was fucking her deeply, she raised her legs in the air to allow me to sink right to the hilt and it wasn’t long before I shed a torrent of spunk into her willing cunt. It was divine. We fucked night and day for 3 weeks while Rich was away, always bareback. It was a real turn on to see her at work, while my mates lusted after her, knowing she was full of my sperm.

All good things come to an end and Rich came back and I did not see much of Sara except a grope and kiss. After several weeks she rang me and told me she was pregnant; I was delighted. When her daughter was born, Rich’s name was on the birth certificate although I knew she was mine from the birth date.