Written by F K P

21 Aug 2004

This is a true and genuine account of our experience. My wife and I had had the occasional bit of fun with some friends of hours, some watching of each in other etc and upto a full swap. But due to a lack of attraction for my wife to the opposite male party it was something that was never repeated.

We would often talk about fantasies etc which would normally be me telling her what I would like to watch her doing etc and she would tell me what she would like to do, but it never got much further. Whilst away on holiday we where having a drunken sex session when I asked if there was anybody she particularly had in mind. Somebody she worked with perhaps or a friend. She did answer that there was a long standing male friend whom she had worked with for a number of years and whilst they had had some flirting over the years nothing major had really come from it.

I suggested she make a move and ask him out for a drink etc when we get back. On returning to work "Karen" as we shall call her, was informed that "Peter" was moving to another branch of the bank. The up-side being that there was to be a leaving do that Friday. The Friday came, (and so did we numerous times that week) and she got ready to go out. It wasnt the usual "short skirt & tight top no bra" that appears in so many "stories" that are written, but a nice sexy summer strappy dress with a pair or seriously sexy strappy shoes. I dropped her off, with instructions that she must be home by 4.00am.

Karen rang me at 11.30 asking me to pick her up as their was too much drink been drank and "they" had had enough. I pulled up to pick her up and here was a guy which I later found to be Peter. They had had a good night but werent enjoying the company so they had gone off on their own for a few hours. The chat had been good and they flirted but he seemed nervous as was Karen. So she decided for home but suggested they keep in touch. I dropped Peter off and they both got out of the car for a hug and kiss.

Karen and I went home, I played with her pussy on the way home and she was soaked and came within seconds. Needless to say we had a massive fuck session when we got home, Karen telling me how she wanted to suck Peters cock and have him fuck her.

The following morning Peter text Karen to thank her for a good night and hoped they could stay in touch. After a brief chat with me, she text him back to ask if he wanted to meet that Friday for a few drinks and a night out. He rang her that afternoon to say yesy but was nervous about Karen being married!! If only he knew!!!!!

She put his mind at rest and they meet that Friday. I dropped her off in the city centre and went home. I felt every excitement and anguish that only genuine people who have done this will understand. At about 11pm I received a text to say "I going clubbing is that OK?" that was code for can I go back to his? I paused for a moment then replied yes of course. Have fun, enjoy yourself and ring me when you want picking up.

After an hour I could wait no longer and had to break out the drink. I last remember looking at the clock at 3.20am ish, but I could have been wrong. Karen rang me and 6.10am, much later that was the plan. I had drank way too much and passed out so was unaware of the time. She ordered a cab and arrived home an hour later. She looked completley disheveled when she arrived home. I was angry at the all night stay out but was also very excited at what must have gone on.

They had sat in a bar and had several drinks, Karen had to do some major work on Peter to relax him about her being married etc. At about 10.30pm they had left the bar to go to cash point then to move on to a club. But on the way the drink and the flirting had got to much and they ended up in a doorway kissing and rubbing themselves against each other.

They moved to somewhere more secluded and Karen undid Peter's trouser and got his cock out. He in return was running his hand and fingers inside her knickers. It was too much for them and they decided to go to his, hence the earlier text.

When there it all happened, they got in the door and stripped each other naked. Karen pushed him in a chair and began sucking his cock, he put his hands on the side of her head and groaned. She ran her tongue the length of his cock, looked into his eyes and gave him a little smile and wink as her tongue reached the end. Peter pushed her back on to the sofa and went down on her, pushing two fingers into her pussy as he licked and nuzzled at her neatly trimmed pussy. This drove her wild as it always does.

He then moved up her body gently touching her breasts as he went up to her mouth where he kissed her. She found this a massive turn on, as she thought it would be rough, rushed sex but it most certainly wasnt going to be that.

Whilst kissing, he began to push into Karen and she moved and shifted to accomodate Peters cock. Then it happened, he was inside her and they where fucking. The fucked for a few minutes, with Peter telling Karen how sexy he thought she was and how he would have loved to have done this to her so many times before. With that he flooded Karens already soaking pussy with his cum. This drove Karen wild, she finds it a huge turn on have a spunk in her and feeling a cock twitch as it comes inside her. He withdrew and began to run his fingers through the cum that was leaking from Karens pussy and proceeded to finger her to the first of many orgasms. They recovered has more wine and then fucked again and again until they both fell asleep.

When they woke Peter was horrified at what Karens husband would think, but she said not to worry that she would tell me stayed at a girlfriends in town etc, because Peter didnt want to stay in the club and wanted to go.

That was there first experience, which they and I fully enjoyed. Karen and Peter met several times over the months but Peter got too close and went from happy to be a fuck buddy, to wanting to be with Karen. So she ended it. Karen enjoyed there get togethers, but also found it a huge turn on to come to me and have sex with me and tell me all about it.

This is a genuine story, the genuine of you out there with know that by reading it and the lack of "a massive 8 inch cock and it was really thick too" that soooo many stories have. Any other genuine people outhere would like to tell there tales or give me a bit of feed back let me know.