Written by Alan

2 Jul 2006

This genuinely happened to me a couple of years ago. I started going out dogging around the Tyneside & Teeside areas but nothing much ever seemed to happen. I registered with some dogging groups on the internet, but again people didn't turn up when they were supposed to. Anyway, one day a message came up on my group page which said that a slut would be available for use by anyone the following week if anyone was interested. I looked in the members section and there was a picture of a tall leggy blond, with a blanked out face. I contacted them and received a reply giving me details of a car park in a local country walk, and a date and time to meet. I turned up at the agreed time (late evening) and was the only car there but after a few minutes another car came in and parked over the other side of the car park. The driver flashed the headlights and then got out of the car and began walking across towards me. This was my first dogging experience and I was a bit nervous as I got out of the car and walked over to meet the driver. As we approached each other I could see it was a man, probably late 40's and I identified myself as having been in touch via the internet. He seemed quite friendly and relaxed (unlike me!) and said "There's a few others supposed to be coming, do you want to wait for a bit or do you want her on your own?" I said that I would have her on my own, and felt a bit less nervous. He said "O.K. pull your car into the corner over there, it's a bit more out of view, and I'll send her across to you" As I was relocating my car, another car pulled into the car park and the driver got out and started talking to the guy i had just been talking to. I think he realised that I was nervous, as he came over to me and said "I've told him that your going to have her first on your own so I'll send her over in a couple of minutes". I got back into my car and waited, peering into the darkness and sure enough a couple of minutes later, I could see the interior light go on as the car door opened and a figure started walking towards me. And what a figure! ... as she approached I could see she was a tall slim, stunning blond late 40's and as she got into the car. She was absolutely gorgeous and was wearing a white sleeveless top short black skirt and black stockings (as I was soon to discover)

Now I am not kidding this is what she said in a soft well spoken voice ,"Hello, my name is Ann and I'll do anything want but you have to tell my husband afterwards how good I was" It seemed like a good deal to me. We began kissing and her tongue went straight into my mouth as my hand went straight up her skirt to find she was wearing suspenders, no knickers and was extremely wet. Ann suggested that we get in the back seat and I went down on her as she lay full length and with my legs sticking out the back door. She was groaning with pleasure and said "I know what you'd like" and sat up and told me to sit in the back seat and close the car door. She then loosened my trousers got out by now my rigid cock and gave me the best blow job I'd ever had and as I shot my load into her mouth, she swallowed every drop. I could hardly believe this was happening. We talked for a few minutes and then said she must be going but to make sure to tell her husband that she'd been good. We kissed and said goodnight and she got out and walked back over to the next car. Her husband walked over towards me and asked if she was all right for me and I gave her a glowing report. He said "See you again sometime" and I drove off with a smile on my face.

The next day there was a message from the husband on the dogging group page thanking the two people who turned up last night. Then a couple of days later I got a private e-mail from Ann asking if I'd like to meet her on a one to one basis every couple of weeks. (I know this seems too good to be true but it DID happen.) Obviously I said I would and as it turned out it was about six weeks later when we arranged another meeting on a freezing cold November night and I was parked in the same spot. I was prepared this time and I had the passenger seat backrest lowered flat with the seat as far back as it could go. I didn't have long to wait as a car drove in and parked right beside me, Ann got out and quickly got into my car. She was on her own and immediately apologised for what she was wearing (a black tracksuit) She explained that she ran an aerobics dance class at a local leisure centre and had come straight from work and was also a bit sweaty. I said she smelled fine to me. She unzipped her top and began to take her bra off, she lay down and I slid off off her track suit bottoms and black knickers. I said that as we had more time to ourselves this time I'd like to thank her for the blow job by reciprocating the best way I knew how. As I started kissing and licking her body I thought to myself I can't believe it I've got a stunning blond aerobics dancer stripped completely naked in my car and I'm about to go down on her! I soon had her moaning with pleasure as I licked and sucked and tongued her and the moaning changed up a gear as I inserted a couple of fingers up her and finger fucked her at the same time

She said it was incredible and she could do this all day long. Eventually her moaning grew more urgent and her body arched and stiffened then shuddered to an incredible orgasm. After she recovered a bit she told me to lie down so I got into the flat passenger seat and she took my trouser off. This time we had a lot more room and she could get at me better and she began licking my balls, she also wasn't going anywhere else so she took her time and if I thought the first blow job she gave me was good then this one was incredible and again she swallowed the lot.

We both got dressed with arms and legs getting in the way and we talked for a while, telling each other a bit about ourselves. Actually she didn't seem at all like a slut to me, she was pleasant and intelligent. We kissed and said goodnight again. I said I'd e-mail her again to arrange another meeting. I sent her an email the next day saying you were amazing last night and she replied saying hope to see you soon. But a couple of weeks later she emailed to say she and her husband were moving out of the area and was sorry but she wouldn't be able to meet me again. I don't know if this was true, who knows, but I have got the memory of two unbelievable encounters plus a pair of black knickers which she left behind in my car.