Written by true story

10 Sep 2004

when i was 16 i lived on a farm in a little village,at the back of the farm there were some woods that went on for miles.

it was friday and i had not gone to school,the weather was really warm and i was feeling horny.I went for a walk in those woods as i left open farm land and entered the woods i could feel my cock twitch in anticipation of the walk to come.

i found a spot away from the main path and stripped off my t-shirt,pants,shoes and socks to leave me standing there in just a black silk camisole top with frilly suspender straps,black lace top stockings and black silk and frilly panties,i pulled a pair of high heeled knee high black boots out of my bag and put them on,i put my other stuff back in the bag and went back to the main path.

the feeling of walking around in broad day light dressed in only sexy undies had my cock rock hard and trying to burst out of its silky prison.I turned a corner straight into the path of a young woman on a horse,she looked at me and didnt say a word,i just kept on walking past her,when she was out of site i took a smaller path into the woods when i found a sall clearing i stopped and sat down,my heart was going warp speed and my cock was like an iron bar.I started to stroke my cock through the silk panties,i was really fucking horny by now.

after a few mins rest i got up and walked through the woods,i ended up walking through like a tunnel of trees to another clearing this one was covered over by tree canopy and between to of the tree trunks someone had tied rope for hands and feet,there were some porn mags and used condoms on the ground.My cock was demanding some attention so i hid my bag near by and stood between the 2 trunks with rope,i sat on a fallen branch leaned back and started to slowly touch myself,i got carried away wanking and stroking myself that i didnt hear the guy turn up,the first i knew was when i felt a strange had running up my stockings.When i opened my eyes the guy was standing there with his pants round his ankles slowly wanking about a 7" big cock he also had on black stockings,suspenders and panties.He moved my hand and stroked my cock he put it back in my panties rubbing and wanking it.

He took a little bottle out of his pocket undid it and took several large sniffs up each nostril,he gave the bottle to me so i copied him,all of a sudden i felt super horny and willingly opened my mouth as he thrust his cock in my face,i sucked hard then slow like id seen on porn films,sucking that cock made me feel really dirty he kept passing me that bottle and i kept feeling dirtier and slutier,he started to call me a whore,slut etc and i was agreeing with him.

he pulled out of my mouth stood me up and fastened my wrists and ankles with the rope between the trees,i was totally tied up i coulnt have got out of it on my own.He forced me to sniff lots more of wat he called poppers,then touched me up before taking my cock out and slowly started sucking on it he expertly brought me to the brink of orgasm several times each time hed stop give me some more poppers and calling me names,eventualy he stood up and went behind me.

he relised my hands but bent me over the fallen trunk and re tied my hands,he then snapped a small branch from a tree took all the leaves of,next thing i know he starts to whip me it stung like hell but with each stroke my cock seemed to get harder,after a real good spanking he kissed and licked my sore buttocks then my arse hole,well i thought i was going to explode,he licked me out sometimes pulling my cock between my legs and sucking it,i was moaning loud by this point i felt him stand up next i was being given more poppers then i felt his cock slowly being pushed up my arse,once he was all the way in he thrust gently at first then a bit harder and faster.

I felt no pain all i felt was dirty sluty and feeling the horniest i had ever felt before i pushed back onto his cock moving my hips enjoying every rock hard inch of that cock which was now being pumped hard up my arse.He pulled out and spunked over my bum calling me more dirty names.

he untied me and told me to follow him i did as i was told,we got back to the main path there was a log used as a bench he sat on it then rubbed my cock he took it in his mouth and while he was sucking me he was also stroking my stockings and i was sniffing his poppers,i couldnt take anymore i told him iwas cuming he stood up dragged me into the middle of the path furiously wanking me,as i came my knees gave way and a wave of extacy shook my body it went on for ages i thought i was going to faint.

he sat me on the log said thanks and walked off.I sat there recovering before realising where i was.

as i was walking home i started to feel horny again....now thats the next installment.