Written by Mr.P & Sexy.C.

23 Jul 2005

My other half has always been of the submissive/subversive persuasion, by that I mean she likes to be controlled sexually but sometimes deliberately misbehaves to get the attention she wants and the punishment/humiliation she craves. She has always allowed me to take photo's and video's of her complying to my various demands but on this occasion it was so spontanious that in the excitement I never got the chance, hence this story as some kind of record for me, and you to remember it by.

A few months ago C. had been particulaly difficult which was a usual sign she was ready for her monthly spanking, argumentative, complaining and demanding ,the usual. All week she had been warned that if she couldn't behave then she'd be punished at weekend, but all she could say was "yeh! chance would be a fine thing", as I said really trying.On Saturday our youngest was being dropped off at his grandparents for the weekend, now was the time I thought. With the lad sitting in the van ready to go, C came upstairs to find out why I was taking so long.

As she came in the room and took one look at my face she knew her time was up, "right take all your clothes off,....NOW!!!". She made an attempt to get out of it by saying she'd do it later after we'd dropped the lad off, but I was having none of it.So she climbed into the van wearing nothing but high heels and a fur lined, suede, knee length coat which complimented the apprehensive look on her face perfectly.The lad was dropped off with nither him nor the grandparents the wiser, but by the time C. got back in the van she was positively panting, with the thoughts of possible humiliation with people she knew and the anticipation of the humiliation to come infront of people she didn't.

As we drove away she was practically coming there and then,and the trip to a more secluded spot mean't a journey through the city centre at 5 pm on a Saturday which would take 20 minutes. I looked at her and issued my demands just as she expected, "have you got anything smart to say now?" I asked her "No, I'm sorry I'll be good" she replied, "then you'll be doing as your told then, without question?" ."Yes" she said. "I can't hear you". "Yes" she repeated.

As we drove through the heavy rush hour traffic I told her to unfasten her coat so that anyone looking into the vans cab could see what a slut she was. She did as she was told, sitting there naked in broad daylight where all the world could look at her rapidly stiffening nipples, if only they cared to look in.After 10 minutes or so I noticed she was sat with her legs closed and her face was looking down, though in her defence she had made no attempt to cover herself, "We can stop with th false modesty" I told her," Lift your face up,open your legs wide and pull your coat open more".The remainder of the journey was spent in silence with C. showing everyone her now wet, swollen , shaved pussy until we finally pulled off the main road onto the countrylane she knew led to a secluded car park.As we drove slowly down the quite one track lane I told her to take her coat completely off, which she was happy to do even when we had to pull over to let another car get past, giving the elderly driver quite a treat.

As we pulled into the carpark there was only one car there with a buisnessman sat reading files, and not paying particular attention to us.I got out of my side of the van and walked round to C.'s side and opened the door."Get out and walk round to the back of the van" I told her."I can't ,please don't make me do it" she pleaded "Out" she was told . I walked her naked but for the high heels round to the rear of the van and made her wait until at least one car had driven past before I allowed her in.As soon as we were inside she was begging me to spank her, she was on her knees pulling at my trousers telling me to let her suck me so that she could prove she was a good girl. But I was having none of it, I sat down on the rear seat and pulled her towards me, she knew what was expected of her. She lowered herself over my knee and offered up her lovely pert bottom for the spanking she so deperately wanted, "ready" I asked "yes" she gasped. By the sound of her voice I didn't think she was going to keep control of herself much longer.The first slap was a light one that produced a soft moan from her, the second a little harder,that made her gasp and then I kept up a steady stream of gradually harder slaps until she was squirming about in my lap and desparate to touch herself to give herself some relief.

With her bottom now glowing a deep shade of red I told her to get up and sit on the seat with her legs open, as she sat down she let out a gasp as the cold seat touched her stinging bottom and she couldn't help but put her hand between her legs and give her clit a rub. "Did I tell you you could touch yourself" , "I'm sorry" she replied. "Right put your hands on your head" I told her. She sat there with her legs wide open showing me that gorgeous shaved pussy and clit,.... waiting.

I brought my hand up sharply and slapped her pussy, she cried out with the surprise and the shock of it, I'd never spanked her there before, but she didn't move her hands from her head just sat and waited for more. After 4 or 5 more slaps she was thrusting her pussy forward in an attempt to get more contact with her aching clit, eventually she couldn't keep her composure any longer. "Harder, spank it harder" she gasped "On my clit" with two more slaps directly on her clit she grabbed hold of her tits and came so violently she was left shaking for 10 minutes afterwards.

I made her get back in the front of the van naked for the trip home and she begged me to let her suck me. She hates it when she doesn't get the chance to satisfy me, so by way of a compremise seeing as she was stilled being punished I let her ride all the way home with my cock in her mouth and although she wasn't allowed to suck she still managed to make herself come just by having to lie there and gag on my leaking cock every time we hit a bump in the road.

Hope you like our story though strictly speaking it isn't a story as it's true, though without the usual video tape evidence we like to keep,we did need to record it somewhere for prosperity