Written by Mick

30 Mar 2006

This is not a long story but every time I think of it it really turns me on. Before I met my wife (in 1971) she was a virgin up to the age of 21, she had boyfriends but she was saving herself for the right man. She said that they had petted with her, tits out and fingers in the vagina, but she was still a virgin. She then changed her job and met up with a man who she thought was very nice and she went out with him a few times and one thing led to another and she said that in his car she would end up naked but she still wouldn't let him fuck her. She said that it became difficult to say no but she stuck to her guns until one day he took her back to his parents house. She had expected them to be there but they had gone out for the night and after a few drinks she ended up on the floor of the lounge with her white knickers off and red skirt up around her waist, he asked her for a fuck and she said not with out a condom and to her horror he produced one from his pocket. She said that what with the drink and the moment she said yes and laying on the floor in front of the fire partly dressed with him holding her ankles he pushed her legs up to reveal her blond haired cunt and tight looking arse hole he kissed and licked her cunt and then with the condom on he pushed his erect cock into her right up to his balls and she was fucked for the first time. Afterwards she licked and kissed his cock clean as he held her cunt open and played with her clitorous. How do I know the details so well? its because I have the polaroid photos of the event giving to me by her boyfriends mate who was hiding in the hall of the house that night. Her boyfriend had arranged for his mate to be there, it was something they done between them every time they had a new girl. He sent me the photos a year after I had married her, with a note saying that as every one had seen them and wanked over them I could have them now. Well its not everyone has photos of the moment their wife lost her virginity, and its a real turn on for me to look at the pictures.