Written by Pete

23 Jun 2004

I live in London with a very pretty girl, but our sex life has become as dry as the Sahara. Let me rephrase that: The Sahara is lush and verdant by comparison. Sometimes I wish she was a bit fatter, if only she’d be randier and dirtier with it. I have a filthy mind myself, which is largely wasted at the moment. I love women, everything about them, but I am definitely an arse man. Show me a beautiful feminine bum and I won’t know where to begin, should I lick, spank or fuck? If only. There isn’t anything feminine about me. I’m spreading slightly and a bit hairy, though I wouldn’t say I’m ugly (what man would?), but I started fantasising about being taken up the bum myself by a girl with a strap-on. I even answered a couple of online adverts, despite the risk, but it is a common enough fantasy and their inboxes must have been choked within minutes (assuming they were what they seemed). So that remains something I want to try. I have never fancied men, and still don’t, but I have now allowed two strangers to have my arse and loved every minute of it. One evening I was walking past the park and I had a condom in my pocket. I went in for a stroll with the crazy notion that if I was accosted I wouldn’t say no. I wanted to feel a cock inside me, and no-one could know about it. Sure enough a heavily built shaven-headed guy caught my eye and started following me at a distance. I didn’t know where I was going so I stopped and let him pass me and followed him into some toilets where he was standing by a urinal with his cock out, already rubbing it slowly. It was big, much bigger than mine, still only semi erect and drooping slightly. Nervously I unzipped and he reached over and started fondling my balls, but my own dick wouldn’t come to life. That wasn’t what I wanted anyway. I just pointed to my bum and he moved behind me and pulled down my pants while I stared at the wall. Then I felt him spread my cheeks and started, but he just tutted and carried on with his inspection, making sure that my little puckered ring would be tight enough for his satisfaction. Then he nodded and let my pants snap back into place, did himself up and went to the door, gesturing for me to follow. He knew a big clump of bushes, and we pushed our way to the middle. I gave him a condom and he grunted but put it on. Then he slid my jeans down and bent me right over, so that my hand were touching the ground just ahead of my feet. I could smell the earth and mulch. He spat vigorously and wetted my poor little hole, then gripped my hips and I felt such a girl as his dick nosed up against my anus. One push and he was in, thrusting in and out of my bowels. I bit my lip so as not to cry out, but soon it felt so good, I wanted him to go on and on, holding me and fucking me. When he finished he grunted again and pulled out with a pop. I was shaking and sweating and must have looked a bit dazed. He pulled off the shitty condom, seemingly taking pleasure in how dirty it had become, and wiped himself. I hadn’t a tissue so he wiped me too, and then he was off through the bushes. I saw him in the distance sitting waiting on a bench for his next opportunity. I went home, wondering what had possessed me, and waited some months before repeating the experiment. Next time it was a younger man, again very well endowed. His cock was so long and thick. Suddenly I wanted it in my mouth and I tried, but he held my head and I gagged. I’m probably the world’s worst cocksucker – I’ll just watch next time. Again, my cock didn’t stir, but I knew what I wanted and after he had suited up I knelt on all fours, arse in the air, wiggling it like a bitch on heat. He tore open a packet of lube and I felt his fingers deep inside my bum, while he wanked himself with his other hand. Then his cock was all the way in. I could feel his balls against my bum and his body hair scratching against the base of my spine. I pushed back into him and moved my bum in circles and clenched it – looking back through my legs I could see his cock pistoning in and out and I tried every trick that had ever worked for me until he came. Another dirty condom. I went home and admired my shiny open arse in the mirror. That was a while ago. It isn’t safe or comfortable and I keep telling myself I won’t do it again. Or if I do, I’ll do it indoors next time. Maybe in satin panties. Oh fuck it, maybe I should place an ad? What do you think?