Written by ian

8 Mar 2005

being straight and married has got it's own pleasures, yet i often look back at my first few experiences when i was 18 with increasing fondness.

i was desperate for sex. i had sucked and fondled a local girl and she had sucked me but it didn't go any further. i was feeling a little vunerable and was probably subliminally giving the eye to the other lad in my year(everyone knew he was different). i remember the shock when i was peeing in the toilets alone at school and he suddenly stood next to me, got his cock out and gave me a certain look. i froze and watched as if in a movie as he took my stiffening cock and proceeded to wank me off. i came almost immediately. i never had chance to touch him until a few days later, when we went for a walk and sucked each others cocks. i felt really confused and guilty. it was all too rushed and dangerous.

12 months later i was travelling alone for a month in france. i had split up from my first girlfriend and was killing time watching the world go by in a bar in paris, feeling poetic and lonely. an older man started chatting to me. he was friendly and offered me a place to wait for my flight which was another 8 hours. i knew he wanted something but again i shut it out of my mind and accepted his offer for a little 'smoke and music'. he put on some spacey music and just started chatting.

next thing he had taken off his trousers "make yourself more comfortable" he patted the bed beside him. i was 20 years his junior and alone. i was feeling so relaxed as i did what he said. he went straight for my young clean cock

that stuck up like an iron bar from my shorts and started sucking and licking me all over. i had never felt so wanted. he was obviously an expert. i was still so nervous but was really enjoying myself. i came pumping hot into his mouth. after a little rest, he started to suck me again and he lifted my legs apart. slowly his tongue started to probe around my balls and it gently slid down the crack of my arse. this had to be one of the biggest sexual thrills i have ever had. the feeling was unbelievable. he tongued my hole for what seemed like ages. it was one of the best sensations i have ever felt.i was in heaven and started to cum again. he rubbed it all around my hole and gently eased his cock into me. my legs above his shoulders. it absolutely killed. i wasn't relaxed enough. soon however i began to start to enjoy it.

i felt him come with a shudder.

i didn't do anything to him, refused his offer of anything else and disappeared into the paris night.

20 years later and i've been straight ever since but ever so often get a big hard-on at the thought of re-igniting my feminine side with a similar-minded clean gentle married guy from the north west area. especially each wearing stockings....