Written by Corrine helped by Graham

10 Mar 2005

Graham sais I could try and tell you a story one of these days so here it is.

We decided we would go for a walk in the woods last wek as the weather was mild. After 15 mins Graham said Corrine I feel horny how about a blow job by this tree. So I undid his zip and removed his distended cock and began to massage it.Take it in your mouth and suck he said .So i did this and was just beginning to enjoy myself when he said stop someone is coming.

I looked up and their was a woman I knew vaguely and was a local farmers wife.She told us in french that she had been watching us for some minutes and wondered if she could join in.We both agreed and sshe knelt down with me and I sucked one side of Grhams cock and she started on the other Graham was so turned on that he came very quickly and his hot cum sprayed all over Maries face. She licked the juices she could reach and asked me to lick up the the rest.It was delicious and kissing Marie really turned me on and I fancied giving her puusy alicking while Graham gave me a hard fucking. So I suggested theis and they both agreed.

We wandered up a field to anold barn where there was some dry straw and we decided that this would be ideal. Marie stripped me and the Graham fingering my clit and rubbing Grahams Member. Itook her clothes off while kissing her deeply. Icould feel Grahams cock pushing between mylegs from behind so I knelt down and he entered me from behind .I stsrted licking Maries cunt. Her juices where wonderful,like salty honey.She was ready for a fuck so Told graham to enter her. Her withdrew from me and laay down on the straw. Marie straddled him and slid down onto his cock.

Iwas infront of her and she began to lick my slit while riding up and down his cock. Graham began to finger fuck my arse.it was magic.All three of us came at the same time.

We then made Graham lick us clean while we did the same for him.

After this we got dressed and said we must walk in the woods together soon.

When we got home we bith horny for each other so we went upstairs and stripped off. At this point I found I had put Maries knickers on and not my own. This made Graham wild and he slipped them to one side and fucked me hard. It was fantastic.

The knickers were put away after to be used as a turn on again.

Marie rang later to say she had my knickers and would keep them because she had told her husband she had bought them and he thought they were very sexy as she didnot wear red.