Written by David and Carla

3 Mar 2004

Many years ago when we were just married, my wife used to be very understanding with my likes, and she knew if she did as I asked she would get a good fuck in return.

It was a warm summers midweek day, we were both off work and I suggested we went into town to do some shopping and have some fun. As I promised a good and expensive lunch and a good fuck afterwards my wife agreed.

She showered, put on a nice pair of lacy white panties, and tan tights, a short black skirt and a sheer top. We headed into town and parked the car, heading to the shops. After about an hour she whispered 'I need to go now' and we went to a quiet corner of the large shop we were in at the time and she stood still. After a minute a puddle started appearing on the floor between her feet. 'Do you want me to do it all?' She asked. 'Yes please' I replyed. And she emptyed herself all over the floor of the shop.

After that I was having problems walking without a limp as my cock was rock hard for the rest of the afternoon. But on to lunch. Lunch consisted of a sandwich and lots of wine for my wife.

We decided then to jump on the tube, the rocking motion had its effect on my wifes bladder and within a few minutes the seat underneath her was soaking wet. She knew this was having an effect on me as she discribed in detail every second of what she was doing as she pissed her pants. Then just to make sure she then had a feel of my rock hard cock.

We then got off the tube and went for a walk in a large park in the centre of the city, after half an hour she dragged me behind some bushes and pulled up her skirt so I could watch the piss running down her legs as she pissed again. By this time I had hard enough and pulled her tights and panties down and stuck my head between her legs and delighted in the taste and smell of her soaking wet pussy. She then did more and held my head between her legs and forced me to drink all of her piss. I then pulled my rock hard cock from my trousers and started wanking.'Stop that at once' she said, and proceeded to bend over and turn her arse towards me. 'That hard on is for me now' she said. I then slipped it right up her pussy and fucked her for ages from behind and finally filled her pussy with my juiceswhen I felt her coming after playing with her clitty while I fucked her.

All in all a great wet day out, but when we got home she then offered her stained panties for me to sniff and we started all over again

Its amazing what the wife used to do, two kids and 15 years later is another story unfortunatly.