Written by Sue

22 Dec 2011

This went on for several weeks, Tony’s cock now spent more time inside me than David’s and I was now a true slut. Tony got what Tony wanted and I was only too pleased to let him take it. David too was enjoying the arrangement and whenever Tony had finished with me I always made sure that David fucked me before we fell asleep. One Monday night Tony asked David if he could take me out on his own one Friday evening. This was all news to me but David agreed providing we went to another town so that we didn’t meet neighbours or family. This suited Tony down to the ground as he had in mind a place in Bristol. Saturday came, I got myself ready not knowing what for exactly and Tony arrived prompt at 7.30pm. We drove to Bristol and got to the club around 8.30pm. Inside were couples and mainly single males, some dressed in PVC clothes and others in more day to day wear, I didn’t feel out of place in my shortest skirt and tightest jumper. Tony was clearly well known to many of the people and we settled down close to the Bar. As the evening wore on the place got more crowded and by 9.30 or thereabouts it was quite busy when Tony took me by the hand and led me past the bar and up some stairs to a darkened landing. It was obvious from the noises that people were fucking in what I assumed were bedrooms. Its time for you to decide if you want to stay a slut or become a whore Tony said. To be honest I didn’t know what he meant exactly let alone what to say or do. Tony broke the silence, go into one of the rooms if you want or I can take you home. Again I stood frozen and struck dumb my mind now racing with visions of sex orgies.

I remember saying that I didn’t want to go home…..but I don’t recall actually saying I wanted to go into a room but nevertheless I found myself walking into the room at the end of the landing. My eyes now used to the darkness, made out a couple with 3 guys around them on a mattress at the other end of the room. Like a moth I was drawn to the other end of the room and felt Tony’s hands slip up my skirt and into my bush. Half of me wanted to turn and go, no perhaps more than half of me but I stayed, a decision which 30 years later still impacts my life. I was on my back, my legs pushed up and apart by an unknown torso while his cock buried itself deep inside me, Tony was at my head his cock throbbing its load into my throat. I no longer cared what others might think I was a whore, a slut and a wife and I was enjoying each role life had presented me with. When the stranger had dumped his load into my cunt another took his place, and another. Whilst the positions changed and my arse and mouth got their fair share of attention I was lost thinking not of what or how I would tell my husband, David, who had introduced me to this and for which I loved him.

On the journey home Tony probed me about my feelings. “If” he said, “if I didn’t want to repeat the experience he would understand, he would make up some tale to tell David and it would end now. But if I wanted more, then I had to accept that he would now have me whenever and wherever he wanted me, he would use me, he would let his friend’s use me and he would ensure I always wanted more.” As we turned into the estate his hand found my wet crotch and I eased my legs open to his exploring fingers, he had his answer and now we just needed to explain to David.

Inside the house David was still up and I went over to kiss him. I went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and Tony and David settled into armchairs. When I returned David said that Tony had told him how much I had enjoyed myself and I nodded in agreement. So Tony continued, “what I suggest is that we still have our sessions each Monday as a 3some but once a month I take her out on her own, I`ll take good care of her and make sure she is well looked after and safe”. David asked me if that is what I wanted and I said yes, but only if he was happy with the arrangement. “why wouldn’t I be, this way we all get what we want.” David fucked me before we went to sleep, his cock sliding easily into my still wet cunt, his cock pumped out his cum to mix with the other three (or was it four?) loads.

Over the next few months we continued with our threesomes and Tony would take me to the club in Bristol. I had shaved my pubic hair and maintained it that way as instructed and I now had some underwear that I used for our times together. I was now the perfect whore or so I thought, men who wanted me had me, I never refused, some told me their names others didn’t and it didn’t matter so long as I pleased Tony. He had been keeping count and as the numbers rose he would set me new milestones. Eventually as the number reached towards 100 he asked what was I going to do to make it special? I had come to learn that this meant he wanted to introduce a new aspect into things but this time he had an evil gleam in his eye. I confirmed that I would do anything to please him and he simply said that it was time I earned some money from what I was sitting on. I wasn’t quite sure what he wanted, the obvious thing was to go on the game, was that what he wanted? It wasn’t but since I had offered I could do that as well.