Written by Sue

22 Dec 2011

He arranged with David to have me for the whole weekend and we headed towards London stopping in Reading at some factory on an industrial estate. Inside were half a dozen men all busy with wires and lights and cameras. Tony turned to me and simply said “its not every girl that gets to star in her own film”. The plot if there was one was that I came down from the offices and a group of workers would have their wicked way with me. In those days there was no such thing as video cameras, there was a bloody great thing with film reels and all the sort of thing you expect to see for a James Bond film. We went to a pub down the road for lunch and then went back to the factory by which time my male partners had started to arrive. For anyone who thinks Porn is an easy way to earn a living let me tell you its not. We started around 2pm and finished around 9pm and we had only filmed me walking down the stairs from the offices and the guys fondling me, undressing and a few scenes of sucking and licking each other by tea time. If my tits were pulled out of my Bra once they were pulled out six or seven times. After tea we got down to some fucking and it was time for the guys to do most of the work trying to keep their cocks stiff. Next morning we went back to the factory around 8am and we didn’t finish until 4pm by which time my cunt and tits were sore from all the attention they had had. In my handbag was a cheque for £200. So if you ever see a film called “Brenda on the shop floor” your`ll have some idea how it was made and what I looked like 30 years ago.

Tony eventually was given a copy of the film which David and I still watch from time to time to this day. Life went back to our routine of Mondays and monthly club visits, when we could get baby sitters David came with us. Somewhere along the line I did prostitute myself with a couple of men but to be honest it was nothing to write about, a couple of simple fucks for which I got paid some pin money.

As the total reached 200 Tony suggested I do another film, this time something more specialised. We headed towards Hereford one weekend and came to a farm. Inside the house was just as you would expect it and the farmer explained they were all in the barn so we walked over to it. Less people than last time and less equipment was my first impression. There was no plot to this one I just had to lay there and do as I was told and my co-stars were lead into me. Filming didn’t take that long and we were finished by the evening. The crew were told to make use of me if they wanted and one guy and the farmer each gave me an unmemorable fuck. Tony and I went to a local hotel had sex and talked about the days events. I actually got £350 for an afternoon’s work and no tax!! Next morning I actually started to feel ashamed of my behaviour and I suggested to Tony that we didn’t tell David. Tony laughed and said David had been the one to suggest it in the first place. That night I asked David why he had suggested it and he simply said he wanted to find just how far I was willing to go. I told him that I thought I had reached that point and he said no, he would tell me when I could stop now.

To say we had a an argument would be to understate things but slowly it began to dawn on me that at some stage David had changed from being a cuckold to a puppet master pulling the strings to get what he wanted. I have never been clear whether that had been his plan from day one or whether he simply changed over time. The dynamics of the Monday sessions changed now, I was still the whore and slut but I now had two masters to please.

Over the years I have done many more deliciously sexy and disgusting things. Several times I have been taken to the Gents toilets and left naked to offer myself to men; I have even drunk their piss. I have been used as a bitch and mare, although not in recent years. I have been tied up and blindfolded, taken to parties, stag do`s and once into an army camp. For 15 years I served 2 masters in every way they wanted until Tony passed away around eight years ago. Shortly before he died he gave us all his porn and photos, for the first time we became aware that his wife Pat had been his whore before me. Despite today’s technology Black and White photos of a woman in her girdle and suspenders are unequalled for sheer atmosphere.

Since Tony died we have found it difficult to find anyone who comes close to his perversion, love and friendship although we still meet others in hope. David has become more like Tony in his demands for sexual gratification and I no longer wear knickers at any time and a Bra only when we go out. I serve the needs of his cock everyday and unless we are out I no longer have access to a toilet when I need to wee. I am still fucked at least twice a month by others. So we come to the question. Do I have any regrets? Should I have said “NO” 30 years ago? Certainly life would have been different, very different. I would not have seen every Continent, I would not have fucked Black, Brown and Chino cock and maybe I would not still be deep in love with my husband.

So to any young slut out there who is offered the chance by her lover to become a whore I just say I would do it all again given half the chance.