31 May 2016

My name is Mark, I’m 32 and have been married to Sally for 8 years.

Two years ago I had an affair with one of the secretaries from work, we were always staying overnight at one meeting and another, then one night while away we ended up in bed, this went on for over a year until Sally found out.

After a year of trying to get Sally back going out on date night’s, I arranged for a holiday of a life time, Sally had always wanted to go to Jamaica. I booked 5 star all the way, private cabana on the beach and flying premier class.

As the plane taxied towards the runway I felt her soft hand hold mine, I looked at her and she smiled as we took off, it was a long flight, we slept some of the way, had a lovely meal and drinks as we made our way down to Jamaica.

We had been travelling for over 11 hours when we finally arrived at our resort, I checked us in then the bell boy showed us to our cabana. We looked out at the soft sandy beach feeling the late afternoon warmth.

We got ready for dinner, I watched as Sally changed into a light summer dress, seeing her naked for the first time was wonderful, I noticed she had shaven her pussy so smooth, her firm sexy 34c breast and long lovely legs, Sally looked at me hands on her hips saying ‘hope you enjoy the view, but you won’t get to touch me while we are here’.

After a lovely meal and a few drinks we headed back to our cabana for a reasonable night before our first full day. We undressed and slipped into our super king sized bed, I felt Sally turn over and slowly drift off to sleep, I laid there so much wanting to hold her but decided that could wait for now.

We woke to a beautiful sunny warm day, I sat outside waiting for Sally, when she appeared my jaw fell open, Sally was wearing a tiny white bikini that barely covered her breast and firm sexy ass. I looked her up and down saying ‘‘you will sure get some looks wearing that’’, Sally smiled saying ‘‘hope so’’.

The bar staff were getting the beach side bar ready for the long day ahead, I could hear them clicking glasses and bottles, they were all chatting and laughing. I was reading my book as Sally laid back on the big comfy sun lounger, a shadow fell over us as the waiter asked if we wanted a drink?, I ordered a beer as Sally asked for a rum cocktail.

The waiter couldn’t take his eyes off Sally, his eyes moving up and down her body, before heading off towards the bar, the waiter returned, our drinks on a silver tray, he passed us our drinks as again his eyes running up and down Sally’s body. Sally smiled to him as their fingers lightly touched as she took her drink.

A short while later the animation team begun walking round, one headed towards us asking ‘‘we need two more ladies for volleyball’’, Sally jumped up saying ‘’sure, sounds like fun’’.

I watched her walking down the beach, her sexy firm ass lightly swaying side to side. Sally stood on the side as the ladies starting playing, I noticed the black animation staff member move to the side of Sally, his big black hand touched her back as they begun talking, Sally was laughing as I noticed his hand move down and touched her firm sexy ass, Sally made no movement to move away, they looked at each other and smiled.

I watched as Sally moved onto the beach court, as she moved round her firm breast begun bouncing inside her bikini top. The team of black animation team were all looking, watching and pointing to all the ladies as they played volleyball.

Sally returned, out of breath and needing a drink, the waiter came over taking our drinks order clearly looking Sally up and down once more, this time Sally slightly parted her legs giving him a view of the lips of her pussy pressing against her bikini bottoms.

We spent much of the day drinking and by late afternoon we were both feeling a little drunk. We got our things ready and headed back to our cabana to get changed for dinner.

I wore my white cotton shirt and blue shorts, Sally wore a short thin red dress with matching red underwear and white sandals, I couldn’t take my eyes off her as we walked towards the bar, our waiter Wesley showed us to our table overlooking the sea and took our drinks order.

We stayed after eating, dancing and drinking the night away, Sally was getting plenty of looks from the waiters, she seemed to be playing a game with them as she danced looking towards each of them.

We were both drunk and hadn’t really noticed that all the other guests had headed back to their cabanas. The music was still playing as I noticed someone locking the doors.

I glanced at my watch seeing it was 3am.

I said ‘‘maybe we should leave’’

Sally replied ‘’NO’’ ‘’I want to stay and dance a little more’’.

Wesley our waiter asked if he could dance with Sally, she giggled saying ‘‘yes alright then’’, as they danced Wesley was getting closer to her, her breast touching his chest as he smiled to the other waiters.

They danced so seductively, as he turned her easing her back against his body. Sally moving her firm sexy ass against the bulge appearing in his trousers, as his hands moved up and down her sides.

I watched in horror as his hands moved round cupping each breast firmly in his hands. Sally made no effort to stop him, in fact she seemed to be enjoying. Sally turned her head looking towards me smiling before tipping her head backwards letting Wesley kiss her full on the lips.

Their lips parted, Wesley’s tongue deep inside her mouth as their tongue’s moved in circles. I continued watching thinking any moment Sally would move away as we would be heading off to our cabana.

Instead, I watched as Wesley’s hand moved down her body, over her flat tummy still moving it downwards, they kissed deeper her arms now round behind her round his neck. Wesley moved his hand slowly up under her short dress his finger now tracing her against her small red panties.

Sally parted her legs, the other waiters now watching as I was as Wesley eased her panties too one side revealing her smooth shaven pussy to us all.

Sally was now biting her bottom lip as Wesley ran his large black finger up and down along the lips of her pussy, Sally letting out little moans letting us all know how much she was starting to enjoy the attention being given to her.

Wesley eased his finger into her, slowly easing it back and forth as he started to finger fuck her, Sally had her eyes closed her hips moving slowly back and forth as he pushed his finger deeper into her.

His finger started moving faster, Sally spreading her legs wider still, the other waiters were all smiling, cheering, I sat there head in my hands wondering when she would call a halt to this, but knew deep down she was not going to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to her.

Wesley moved his other hand behind her, easing the zip of her short red dress down, then eased the straps off her shoulders, the top half of her dress falling down over her breast covered by her half cup red bra.

Sally slipped her hand down between them, starting to rub the large bulge inside Wesley’s trousers. They continued kissing deeply as he finger fucked her harder, faster and deeper.

It wasn’t long before Sally begun to shake a little, hearing her moan through their deep kiss, she released her lips from his calling out ‘‘oh fuck yes’’ ‘’keep going’’ ‘’I’m so close’’, Wesley didn’t need telling twice, his finger now thrusting harder into her, Sally turned to me, looked into my eyes saying ‘you could never do this to me’, ‘I have never felt like this with you’.

The waiters all looked over to me, laughing, as Sally screamed out ‘‘yess’’ letting us all know she had just climaxed hard on Wesley’s finger.

Wesley removed his finger, easing her round letting her short red dress fall the rest of the way down her body, he reached round unclipped her bra removing it, dropping it to the floor with her dress.

Sally undid the buttons of his shirt removing it from him before dropping to her knees in front of him. She looked over to me first, then moved her eyes upwards looking at Wesley, she unbuckled his belt then eased the zip of his trousers down so slowly. Sally kept her eyes fixed on his face her hands easing his trousers down.

Sally run her hand up over the large bulge now inside his white boxers. She slipped her fingers under the waistband of his boxers easing then down, my eyes opened wide as did Sally’s seeing his large black cock for the first time.

He must have been at least 9 inches, and a good 5 inches thick. Sally slowly started rubbing his black cock easing back his foreskin running tongue along his thick black cock. Wesley looked down saying ‘suck my balls’ which Sally did without been asked twice.

Wesley run his black finger through her soft blonde hair easing her forward, the tip of his cock leaking pre-cum as Sally moved the tip of her tongue licking it, she opened her mouth moving forward closer still has started to take him into her mouth.

Sally took inch by inch until she started gagging, letting us know he was now deeply in her mouth the tip touching the back of her throat, Sally eased her mouth back then took him deeply back into her mouth, sucking him hard, one hand caressing his large hanging balls, the other on his ass pulling him forward making her take him deeper still.

Wesley tipped his head back saying ‘‘that’s it, suck me hard you little white married slut’’, the waiters were really cheering him on by now, enjoying the sex show they were being given.

Wesley eased Sally up to her feet, they kissed once more as he eased her back onto the big dining table. Sally laid back legs opened wide as Wesley eased her small red panties down over her hips, knees and ankles revealing her smooth shaven pussy.

The other waiters moved closer for a better view, I couldn’t believe Sally was letting this happen, she turned her head to face me running her tongue slowly over her lips, Wesley hands were now parting her legs even wider as he moved between them, I knew I couldn’t stop this so asked ‘‘you are protected I hope’’, Sally shook her head saying ‘’no’’, ‘’I stopped taking the pill ages ago’’.

Wesley took his large thick black cock in his hand easing the tip against the entrance of Sally’s pussy, the other waiters now opens their trousers releasing their large erect black cocks. Wesley edged closer the tip of his black cock parting the lips of Sally’s pussy.

I called out ‘’stop’’, but no one took any notice, not even Sally, she lifted her head facing Wesley saying ‘‘do it’’, ‘’take me’’ ‘’fuck me’’.

Wesley eased his black cock into her pussy so slowly, letting her get use to the size of him, Sally gripped the side of the table, her head now tipped back, her eyes closed. Wesley eased a little deeper, Sally screamed out ‘’oh fuck his so big’’, the other waiters were now slowly rubbing their hard cock only inches from Sally’s face and breast.

My eyes were now fixed on Sally, as she now had Wesley fully inside her, taking all 9 inches deep inside her tight white pussy.

Wesley held still, letting her get used to his size, Sally reached out for the black close to her face turning her head sideways as the waiter eased forward pushing his cock into her mouth.

Wesley slowly eased back then thrusted forward all 9 inches now buried back deeply inside her, her breast rocking as he started thrusting into her, Sally was sucking hard on the cock in her mouth taking it deeply as the waiter thrusted back and forth.

The other two waiters were rubbing their black cocks hard the tip of the their cocks touching Sally’s nipples, Wesley was now fucking Sally hard his hips slapping hard against her, Sally called out a muffled moan ‘’yes fuck me, cum in me’’

The waiter in her mouth pulled back rubbing his cock hard, Sally opened her mouth, her tongue out ready to take his load into her mouth, Wesley was now hitting home hard into her as the waiter cum hard shooting his cum over her face and into her mouth.

Sally arched her back, her face now covered with cum, her breast being groped by the other two waiters, Sally looked at Wesley saying ‘‘cum in me, knock me up, fuck your Jamaican black baby into me’’.

The two waiters rubbing their cock so hard and fast called out ‘’yes’’ as they both cum hard over her breast then moved back watching Wesley fucking the white married guest.

Wesley had his hands under Sally’s firm ass lifting her slightly off the table as he fucked her hard, Sally again turned to me saying ‘‘this is how real men fuck’’, ‘‘fuck me you bastard, fuck your baby into me’’, I called out ‘’no’’ but Sally just said ‘‘I decide who will cum in my unprotected pussy not you’’.

Wesley was moaning as he fucked my wife, saying ‘’I’m so close, I’m nearly there’’, Sally called out ‘’yes do it, cum in me’’, with a hard final thrust Wesley held still, his ass checks clenched tightly letting us all know he was cumin hard inside her. Sally laid there, arms over her head, back arched as Wesley unloaded deep inside her.

Wesley pulled back, we heard a plop as his cock fell out of her, the waiters moved round as I moved towards Sally seeing Wesley’s cum leaking from her pussy, white sticky cum running down between the cheeks of her ass onto the table, Sally laying there legs wide apart letting us all watch.

Sally got off the table putting on her short red dress, as we left the restaurant it was now 4am, she looked back saying ‘thanks guys, I really enjoyed this evening’.

As we headed back to our cabana I turned to Sally saying ‘‘how could you do that’’, she snapped back ‘‘did you care when you were fucking that whore from your office’’.

Once inside the cabana, Sally removed her dress standing there naked letting me see her cum covered breast, and cum in her hair.

I got undressed and got into bed, not long after I felt Sally join me, as she turned over she told me ‘‘that was sweet revenge good night’’.