7 Jul 2016

A Wife’s Revenge Day 11 in Jamaica

We awoke from the best night’s sleep we have since being here, Sally looked at me asking ‘did you really mean what you said last night’, I nodded smiling to her, Sally smiled back her hazel eyes looking so sexy.

We got ready knowing we only had a few days left here in Jamaica, the weather was a little cloudy but as we left the air-conditioned cabana the humidity hit us, we sat on our large sun loungers as I passed Sally an ice cold bottle of water.

Bang on 10am Wesley started walking round the beach taking orders from the bar, I watched as Sally blushed as he got closer smiling to her, ‘hi beautiful’ he said, Sally looked at him smiling.

I wondered who Sally liked the most out of Wesley or Marcel, as he walked away to get our drinks I asked her outright, ‘so who do you like the most, Wesley or Marcel’, Sally looked at me ‘stop it Mark’, she replied.

Wesley returned with our drinks and as always when passing Sally her drink their fingers always touched, I started to wonder how she was going to be once we flew home.

We sat looking at each other talking, hearing a loud booming laugh, Sally turned ‘Leon is around’ she said, just as Rufus high fived Leon with their normal morning welcome, it seemed everywhere I looked this morning I could see black guys who had fucked Sally.

My mind was running wild thinking one of these black guys may have made her pregnant and she just doesn’t seem to care or is that what she really wants, how would I ever be able to explain it to everyone back home.

The sun was really beating down, it was so hot and humid, Sally moved around on her sun lounger, each time she moved her small bikini bottoms stretched letting me see her smooth pussy lips, Sally looked at me ‘stop peeping you pervert’, ‘can’t help it, it looks so sexy when that happens’ I replied.

The afternoon pasted, we had both had a few rums and were now feeling them, my head was lightly spinning, the afternoon beach games had finished and most guests were heading back to their cabanas to rest and have a drink.

Leon’s booming laugh was echoing round the beach as it always did, Sally jumped up looking his way her eyes fixed firmly on him as he walked round in his shorts and vest top, his dark brown tattooed arms swinging as he walked.

Leon headed up the beach towards us, I thought oh know, why don’t you just fuck off, as he got closer, Sally sat up smiling to him rolling her head her blonde hair moving side to side looking so sexy as she did.

Leon plopped down on the edge of Sally’s sun lounger, ‘what a day’ he said in his strong Jamaican accent, Sally smiled replying ‘you look tired’, ‘no not me darling’ he said as he laughed.

Sally stretched her legs out her foot touching his leg, ‘so what you got planned tonight, who’s the lucky lady’ she asked, Leon smiled looking deeply into her eyes, ‘I will look and when I see the lucky lady she will know’ he told her as he stroked her foot.

Leon got up saying ‘bye for now you lovely people’ as he strolled down the beach the same way from where he came, ‘you fucking tease’ I snapped at Sally, she giggled replying ‘his putty in my hands’.

We headed inside, same old thing, sleep for a couple of hours before having a shower and getting ready for a night of drinking, Sally came out the shower, sitting by the dressing table applying her make-up, bright red lipstick, black eyeliner, blusher, she pulled her black dress from the wardrobe laying it carefully on the big bed.

Sally pulled her tiny black thong with matching bra from the draw, I watched as she got dressed, she sure looked hot tonight, I was wishing she was dressing for me but I knew she wasn’t.

Sally slipped her black high heels on looking at me saying ‘ready?’ I nodded replying ‘let’s go’.

After eating we headed off to the bar, Sally found a table as I got the drinks, she moved along the bench as I sat opposite, we drunk our drinks slowly taking, the bar was dark with plenty of guests enjoying the evening as the Reggie music played.

Leon suddenly appeared from nowhere sitting down next to Sally, she looked at him, he was laughing as he said ‘hi beautiful’ he didn’t even care I was sitting there, Sally giggle slapping his big arm saying ‘stop that’, ‘you love it’ he told her as they started flirting with each other.

His hand went under the table, Sally’s eyes opened wide as her body went stiff, I could see his arm moving slowly as Sally took deep breathes biting her bottom lip, their eyes fixed on each other not even noticing or caring that I was there.

The waiter came over asking if we wanted drinks, they both jumped apart, Sally blushed slightly saying ‘cold beer please’, ‘make that two’ I continued, ‘and a rum for me’ Leon asked.

Leon was off duty but still made sure the guests always had a good time, he was good at his job and he knew it, his laugh and personally had all the ladies eating out of his hands and the men they were with didn’t seem to mind at all.

After a few more drinks Sally was getting really giggly, her arm stretched out her fingers stroking Leon’s neck, again they only had eyes for each other, his again slipped under the table slowly moving as Sally bit her lip once more, I could guess what he was doing and wanted to look under the table.

I looked at them, their eyes fixed on each other, they didn’t notice I looked under the table seeing her dress up over her thighs, her thong pulled to one side his finger moving slowly up and down the lips of her pussy Sally legs open to make it easier for him.

I got up sitting back, he moved closer to her whispering in her ear, Sally smiled then nodded, ‘we’re off Mark’ she told me, we got up heading towards the door, Leon opened the door letting Sally go first, his eyes moved down stirring at her firm ass looking so sexy in her black dress.

We headed off down the dark walk way, Sally and Leon hand in hand, guess tonight she was going to be the lucky lady as he said earlier, every now again they stopped, they kissed deeply his hand squeezing her ass as he pulled her closer.

I walked on leaving them to it, I sat on the sun lounger outside our cabana waiting for them to catch me up, it seemed to take ages until I saw them walking up the walk way still hand in hand laughing together like lovers.

Sally looked at me saying ‘coming inside, or you going to sit there?’ I got up closing the door behind me, they were in each other’s arms at once, they kissed deeply their tongues probing into each other’s mouths as their hands moved over their clothed bodies.

I sat in the chair in just my shorts, thinking that should be me you fucking black bastard, as I watched them still kissing so passionately holding each other tightly.

I heard the zip of her dress slowly being eased down as Sally lifted her arms as he lifted it over her head, she stood in front of him in just her black bra and small black thong, she pulled his top up over his head dropping it to the floor next to her dress.

Leon removed her bra letting her breast fall free her pink nipples already rock hard as her bra joined the clothes already on the floor, he spun her round so she was facing me, his big black hand moving down over her tummy, her arms reaching up placing them round his neck, she tipped her head sideways as he kissed it, his hand moving down as she parted her legs for him.

Leon slipped his hand under the waistband of her thong, I watched as his hand moved inside her thong, Sally moaned lightly as he fingered her making me watch, he looked at me smiling almost poking fun at me as he fingered my wife.

Sally was moaning a little louder, ‘oh god Mark he is so good at this’ she told me, ‘Leon finger me harder’ she asked, his hand was now moving faster inside her thong her ass pushing back against him, ‘oh fuck yessss, I’m cumin, don’t stop, nearly there’, she called out.

Sally was now shaking hard, ‘oh god yes, I’ve cum’ she told him, Sally turned round dropping to her knees pulling his shorts down hard, ‘get that black cock out’ she said, her hand gripped it hard stroking it, he was already rock hard pre cum leaking from the tip as she flicked her tongue over the tip licking it off.

Leon pulled her to her feet, ‘let’s move to that big bed’ he told her as he led her towards it, she laid down looking up at him legs parted as he kicked his shorts free sending them flying across the room.

Sally moved up the bed still looking deeply into his eyes, biting her bottom lip, Leon moved onto the bed gripping her thong removing it from her dropping it beside the bed, I watched as they laid there naked kissing as he eased her onto her back.

Leon moved over her as she moved her arms round his neck, they kissed deeply once more as he gripped his cock the tip finding her pussy lips, slowly the tip parted them, ‘fuck me’ Sally whispered, lifting her ass slightly as the tip entered her waiting pussy.

Inch by inch it started to enter her, Sally runs her hands up and down his back eyes closed waiting to feel him fully inside her, with a thrust forward he pushed his large thick black cock fully into her, ‘oh god yes’ she moaned as he laid there over her squeezing her breasts in each hand.

He eased back then thrusted back into her, ‘oh fuck yes, give me that black cock’ she screamed, anyone outside could of heard but she didn’t care she was getting what she wanted another black cock fuck.

Leon was now thrusting hard into her, the bed was rocking hard the headboard slamming against the wall, he fucked her like this for some ten minutes before moving back turning her over pulling her up to her knees, again cock in hand he pushed his cock back deeply into her pussy to the base of his cock.

Sally bit the cover on the bed so she couldn’t scream as he fucked her from behind, he gripped her tiny waist pulling her back hard onto his cock, ‘oh god you’re so deep in me’ she told him, ‘dam, this pussy feels so good tonight’ he told her.

They fucked like this for a good ten minutes, god knows where he got this stamina or control from, before he moved back pulling her over him.

Sally reached under them holding his cock upright lowering herself onto it, she took him back deeply inside her pussy rocking her hips as she fucked his cock.

Leon reached up pinching her pink nipples, Sally rocked her hips faster pushing down harder onto him, ‘that’s it’ Leon moaned as Sally screamed out ‘I’m cumin on your cock, oh fuck yes’, Sally didn’t move neither did Leon, he was letting her recover from her climax his cock still inside her pussy.

Sally moved off him laying on her back, Leon moved over her kissing her as his cock fully entered her, Sally moaned into his mouth as he started thrusting hard and fast back and forth, he was now pounding his cock hard into her, Sally called out ‘yes’ as each thrust fully entered her.

Leon gripped her hands placing them over her head, his cock hitting home now full of force, Sally laying there legs parted wide taking his fuck like the good black cock whore that she had become.

Leon thrusted hard ‘saying ‘here it cums Sally’, she looked at him calling out ‘breed me’, ‘pull out’ I called out, but they just ignored me as he stopped moving, ‘oh fuck yes Sally’ he said, ‘that’s it cum in me, flood my womb’ she called out.

They laid there breathing so deeply, both had droplets of sweat running over their bodies, Leon rolled over lying next to her, Sally laid there legs parted his cum slowly leaking from her making sure I could see it.

Sally moved to her side into his arms, she asked ‘do you have to go’, ‘do you want me to stay’ he asked, Sally nodded, ‘then I can’ he told her.

Sally looked at me saying you’re sleeping there tonight Mark, as Leon snuggled her into his big arms.

I was awoken later in the night hearing them fucking again, ‘Mark you awake’ she called out, ‘this is how a real man fucks a pussy you limp dick’, they both laughed as he cum yet again into her.

It was starting to get light, Leon got up getting dressed, Sally laid there sleeping deeply after being fucked three times by him.

I let him out closing the door behind him, I got into bed smelling Leon on the bed feeling a large damp patch on the bed from their juices, I soon dropped off to sleep seeing pictures in my head of them fucking.