13 Jul 2016

A Wife’s Revenge Day 12 in Jamaica (part 1)

We awoke after another night of Sally being a black cock slut, I could smell Leon on her and in the bed, his musky smell filled the room as I got up heading towards the shower, I turned back seeing her laying there legs slightly parted his dried cum still covering her pussy and on the sheet of the bed.

We changed knowing our holiday was coming to an end, I slipped on my swim shorts as I watched Sally slip on her small blue bikini tying the strings at the side before putting the top on.

Sally sat outside as I called booking the Jacuzzi for later this morning, I joined her outside saying ‘all booked for 11am’, ‘great’ Sally replied, the beach bar waiter walked round the beach, I called him over ordering two beers.

Sally laid back relaxing enjoying the sun, we both knew once we got home all this warm weather would only be a memory, I reached over running my fingers up and down her thigh, I was surprised when she parted her legs slightly for me.

I moved my hand a little higher wondering how far I go move it before she stopped me, my finger moved over her bikini bottoms feeling the lips of her pussy, She very slowly moved her hips whispering so quietly ‘mmm Marcel it feels so nice’, I noticed the waiter coming over as I moved back.

We took our drinks, I asked her ‘did you enjoying fucking Marcel?’ ‘sure I did, he has the biggest cock of all the guys I have been with here’ she replied, she continued talking about the other black guys who had fucked her, saying ‘Leon was next followed by Jamel the taxi driver’.

The time moved on we got ourselves sorted then headed off towards the Jacuzzi, we slipped out of our swimwear before getting in, the water was really nice and warm with the bubbles blowing over our bodies.

We laid back both relaxing, Sally turned to me saying ‘can we play?’ I looked at her not sure what was coming next, ‘leave me here naked on my own for a while’, I smiled ‘could be fun to see what if anything happens’, I got out dried myself down putting my swim shorts on, I winked to Sally as I walked out.

I sat at the bar ordered a beer as I sat there slowly drinking my beer I saw a cleaner mopping round the door to the Jacuzzi, would he enter seeing Sally in there naked on her own, my heart was beating fast with excitement, I found myself wishing he would walk inside, the guy looked around 22, slim with a trimmed beard.

I continued watching him as he pushed the mop around, he looked at the door, in my head I was saying ‘go on go in, look at my sexy wife in there naked’, I saw his hand going for the handle on the door, slowly he pulled the handle down slowly opening the door, he looked inside, it looked like he was talking as he nodded his head, he looked round outside before entering closing the door behind him.

Ordering a second beer I was now wondering what she would be saying or doing, drinking my beer slowly not wanting to rush in there, I was even thinking maybe I won’t go in leaving her alone with him to do whatever they wanted.

The excitement was getting to much for me, I felt my dick twitching at the thought of Sally enjoying another black cock a different black cock from the normal guys who had already fucked her, was his black cock bigger, smaller, thicker or thinner, would she climax on his black cock, the thoughts and pictures were just running wild round my head.

I looked at the clock, it was now 20 minutes since he entered, was he eating her pussy, was she sucking his black cock, was he on top fucking her sweet pussy, was she riding his black cock, were they kissing, my head was spinning with such excitement.

It was then I decided I was going to stay here until he left, I ordered another beer, watching the door, looking at the clock, which now seemed to be moving so slow, my mind going round and round, was she climaxing on his black cock, was he fucking her sweet tight firm ass.

What they were doing was now down to my imagination I would have no way of knowing until he left the Jacuzzi and I was with Sally, I just know she wanted to play so this meant getting another black cock.

Moving to the sofa I drunk my beer, again I looked at the clock it was now 30 minutes and he was still inside with my naked wife, I was now wishing I was in there watching her with him, but I also knew that she would find this so exciting, me outside having to guess what they were doing, how they were doing it.

Was he bigger than Marcel, the black guy who could always make her climax, the one guy who got her to heights I could only dream of getting her too as I fucked her, was he as good as Leon the guy she also had a real thing about, and also knew just how to fuck her.

My eyes once more flicked towards the clock, 40 minutes, I then looked at the door, at last the handle was slowly moving downwards, it opened slowly, his head popped out as he looked round, as she spa was very quiet today there wasn’t many people around, he slipped out closing the door behind him, he had his mop in his hand and started mopping round the door once more before moving off.

I finished my beer as I got up, I walked towards the door wondering how Sally was, wondering if I had done right leaving her alone with him, I opened the door looking inside, Sally was still laying across the bench legs parted cum dribbling down from her pussy down between the cheeks of her firm sexy ass onto the bench.

I walked in closing the door behind me, Sally jumped up, she run towards me ‘Mark, thank you so much, I’m so pleased you left us on our own’, she kissed me, I could feel her body trembling as I held her, ‘how was it?’ I asked, ‘let’s get ready and go back, I will tell you all about it’.

Once inside the cabana she started telling me what happened, she told me how she relaxed in the Jacuzzi once I had left, she really didn’t think anyone would come in, not long after I left she heard the handle of the door, I was about to say not yet Mark when a young black guy looked in.

He said ‘sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in here’, I told him its ok ‘do what you have to do’, he looked at me saying ‘I know what I would like to do’, ‘oh yer tell me’ I replied, he removed his shorts sitting on the side of the Jacuzzi calling me over to him.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his large black cock, he wasn’t as big as Marcel but bigger than Jamel, he parted his legs as he stroked his cock looking down at me saying ‘suck it’, I did as he said I was in the Jacuzzi sucking his cock deeply into my mouth.

He grabbed my hair not nasty but pulling my head back and forth on his cock, I did choke on it to start but soon I deep throated him which he loved, I could feel pre-cum dribbling from his cock down my throat, I squeezed his ball as I sucked him off.

I wanted his cock in me so much, I pulled back moving out of the Jacuzzi towards him, I laid on the floor as he moved next to me, we kissed hard our tongues deep in our mouths as he fingered me so hard, it was thrusting hard into me as I stroked his cock.

Within no time I felt my body starting to tremble he said ‘good girl’ as he moved me onto my back, parting my legs he went down on me, licking my pussy so hard, he sucked on my clit as he reached up squeezing my breast, I pushed my hips up pushing my pussy into his face.

He pushed two fingers hard into me, thrusting them hard as he licked my clitoris, again I was shaking as my body went warm, I whispered to him ‘that’s it, oh fuck yes’ as I cum for a second time.

He pulled me up leading me towards the bench, he was standing behind me lifting one leg up onto it, at last I felt the tip of his black cock against my pussy, I pushed back against me as he moved forward, the tip of his cock slipped into me, he pushed a little deeper, oh god Mark he girth was so thick, my poor little pussy was stretching tightly round his cock.

He held my waist telling me how tight my pussy was as he pushed another inch into me, the deeper he went in the more my pussy stretched open, he gripped my waist as he pushed it all into me, I jumped at the size of him as he eased back, then he just started thrusting hard and fast fucking me in that position.

I pushed back onto him helping him going as deep as he could into me, tipping my head back I whispered oh god yes fuck me give me that black cock, he loved that by saying ‘I’m going to cum in your married white pussy’ he kept thrusting into me and I felt yet another climax building, then I did something I have never done before, I asked ‘what was that’ she looked at me saying I squirted on his cock it went everywhere I was so wet.

I was thinking please Mark don’t come back let me fuck this guy without you being around, he pulled back laying me across the bench, he moved between my legs as I raised them either side of his waist, he cock was back inside me so deeply, this time he fucked me so hard really slamming with hard force into me.

I kept saying ‘give me that black cock, fuck my married pussy’ he loved it me talking this way, I felt his finger moving round the hole to my ass, then felt him push it into my ass deeply as he fucked me, he leant down as we kissed we hard nipples in his chest as he just pounded into me.

He told me he was close, where do you want my cum he asked, mouth or pussy, I looked at him saying ‘cum in me my pussy is yours’ he smiled as he thrusted back and forth, I felt his large balls slapping against my ass ‘shoot in me, give me your cum, flood my womb’ I told him.

I felt my arms being pinned over my head as he continued thrusting so deeply into me, moments later I felt his cum shooting in me shot after shot hitting my cervix, we were both shaking as breathing so deeply.

It was then I thought thank you Mark for not coming back, it made it so much more exciting this time for me, knowing you were outside as I took another black cock, he got up saying ‘wow, you are one hot fuck’ we both smiled as I laid there legs parted his cum dribbling from my pussy down between the cheeks of my ass onto the bench.

He took his phone out of his shorts and took a photo of my pussy leaking his cum, I parted the lips of my pussy for him so he could take another one, he said ‘thank you lady’ as he left, I heard the handle again knowing this time it would be you, you know the rest.

I looked at Sally saying ‘what was his name’, Sally giggled saying ‘it was his black cock I wanted not his name’ we both laughed as I hugged her.

‘so what do you want to do tonight’ I asked, Sally looked at me with a sly look that told me what she was hoping to do tonight.