21 Jul 2016

A Wife’s Revenge Day 13 in Jamaica (Part 2)…

We spent the afternoon swimming in the sea together, Sally placed her arms round my neck moving closer to me, she kissed my cheek whispering in my ear, ‘Mark, have a little feel, see if I’m still leaking their cum loads from this morning’, I slipped my hand inside her bikini bottoms pulling her closer, slipping my finger inside her swollen pussy I nodded ‘you sure are’, Sally giggled ‘I’m so pleased we went for that walk this morning’ she told me.

Sally was still giggling as we walked out the sea, heading towards our sun loungers, I ordered a couple of rum cocktails knowing she enjoyed having a few during the late afternoon, she laid back her eyes closed, a few guys walked up and down the beach their heads turning towards Sally eyeing her as she laid back legs slightly parted.

The afternoon wore on as we got a little more tipsy, I looked at her saying ‘think we need a little sleep before heading out’, Sally nodded agreeing as she slowly got off the sun lounger, I looked at her sexy ass thinking Rufus had that this morning.

After a couple of hours sleep we awoke refreshed ready for the evening, Sally gripped my arm lifting it around her shoulder, her finger moving up and down my chest I held her in my arms asking ‘so bitch, you going to fuck some black cock tonight’, Sally moved sitting up looking at me saying ‘I sure am my little cuckold’ we both laughed as we got up to get ready.

I showered after Sally, as I walked out I looked at her, she stood there in a short black mini skirt, a near sheer top showing her half cup white lacy bra, she lifted her short skirt showing me her matching very thin panties.

We ate dinner then headed towards the reception to order a taxi, we waited a short time before it arrived, the taxi driver called out our names, we got up heading towards him, he smiled saying where we off to, Sally told him ‘a club the locals go too please’, he looked at her replying ‘you sure, it can be dangerous out there’ Sally laughed ‘let’s go’.

The road was getting darker the longer his drove, I was getting nervous as to where he was taking us, out of the darkest came a brightly lit place you could hear the music from down the road.

It was dark and very loud, as we moved towards the bar I looked round there was only three other white people in there all ladies hanging on the arm of a black guys, as we got our drinks I saw many black guys eyeing Sally, she stood her back to bar looking round saying ‘wow, this is a lively place’, ‘and bloody dangerous’ I replied, ‘oh Mark lighten up’ she told me.

As I turned to order a second drink I saw a black guy talking to Sally, their heads were almost touching as he talked into her ear, she laughed at whatever he said to her, he took her hand leading her towards the dance floor, first it was a fast song, followed by a slow song, I watched as he moved his arms round her as she placed her arms round his neck, they moved slowly their eyes fixed on each other.

I saw a free table just as they came back to the bar, we all sat down as he made sure he sat between us, he turned his back to me as he spoke with her, I could see they were laughing together as he moved a little closer towards her.

The waiter came round, so I ordered two rum’s for us asking the black guy what he wanted, he looked at the waiter saying just a bottle of water for me, he slipped his arm round the back of the sofa placing it round Sally’s shoulder, his other hand moved under the table touching her knee.

Another slow song come on, she grabbed his hand saying let’s dance, he followed her as they moved into each other’s arms leaving me seated there to watch, again they only had eyes for each other as their lips moved towards each other, slowly they kissed as they moved round in a circle as the music played.

I sat there watching as she reeled in her prey for the night, I saw him slowly rotating his groin against her, Sally pressed her body against him as they kissed once more, lots of black guys were watching, waiting for them to part so they could move in on her.

Sally returned telling me ‘Michael wants to show us his car, if you think it is roadworthy he has offered to drive us back’, I followed them outside, Michael sat in the front as I walked round looking at the car, I hadn’t noticed at first that Sally had got in sitting on his lap facing him.

I walked round seeing them kissing as he caressed her ass her short skirt up round her waist, I watched as she reached down opening his trousers before fumbling inside easing out his large cock, his hand moved round pulling her small panties to one side, as she rubbed the tip of his large black cock between the lips of her pussy.

He whispered ‘I want that sweet married pussy’ as she placed the tip of his cock against the opening of her pussy, she lowered herself down taking the tip inside, slowly easing down as inch by inch disappeared inside her, ‘oh god, you feel so hot’ he told her as she stayed still his cock fully buried inside her.

As he squeezed her ass he lifted her a little before bringing her down hard onto his cock, ‘oh fuck yesss, fuck me’ she cried out as they started thrusting hard against each other, Sally looked towards me standing there, she smiled her face telling me she was getting pure pleasure from her latest black cock.

Michael looked out at me saying ‘fuck man, this pussy feels so good round my cock’ they both laughed returning to their fuck, it was a hard passionate fuck, neither of them cared about each other really, they just wanted to fuck each other.

I saw three other guys walking towards the car, they were soon watching them fuck as I was, ‘this your wife?, one asked, I nodded shamefully as they cheered their mate on, ‘go on man, fuck that white pussy’ one called out, ‘fuck the bitch’ another said, before the third one said ‘I’m next, ok man’ this scared me a little.

Michael and Sally were lost in their fuck to care what was happening outside the car, he was really slamming her down hard on his cock, Sally looked at him saying ‘oh my god, fuckkkkk, oh god, yesssss’ Michael replied ‘good girl’ telling me without telling me she had cum on his black cock, ‘cum for me, cum in me’ Sally told him, the three other guys moving closer watching them.

She bounced hard on his cock as he thundered upwards into her, ‘here it comes’ he told her, ‘oh fuck yessssss’ they both called out as he bucked under her holding her still on his cock, when they finished two of the black guys eased her out of the car, they pulled her panties from her watching as cum dribbling out of her pussy, they lowered her to her knees, Sally looked up saying ‘what the fuck’.

The three guys had their hard long cocks out stroking them, the circled her as she looked up opening her mouth, the one in front slipped his black cock into her mouth as the other two took one of her hands placing them over their cocks.

She stroked them, as she sucked on the cock in her mouth, one said ‘I want some of that pussy’, they pulled her to her feet opening the back door laying her on it, one moved over her on the back seat, Sally parted her legs as Michael looked back at them from the front seat.

He rammed his cock hard into her, she screamed out as it went fully into her with one thrust, ‘oh god, it’s so fucking big’ she screamed, ‘oh god, fuck me’ she told him, ‘move your fucking hips’ he told her, she laid back thrusting her hips against him.

Her top was pulled open and her bra forced over her breast, he bit her nipple as his hips slapped hard against her, ‘oh fuck man, I’m going to fill this pussy’ he called out, ‘go on, do it, fill me with your cum’ she told him, moments later he laid still over her, his ass tight unloading his balls into her.

He shuffled out the car his trousers round his ankles his black cock covered in white cum from her juices and the two loads now inside her pussy, ‘wow man, she is one hot fuck’ he told the other two, Sally laid there, legs still parted two loads of cum running freely from her pussy.

One of the other guys moved forward, Sally looked at him biting her bottom lips as she looked at his black cock, his shorts now round his ankles as he took his mates place over her, his feet sticking out the car as she gripped his ass pulling him into her, he was slower as he entered her.

He was soon fucking her hard as she placed her arms round his neck, they kissed as he thrusted back and forth fucking her cum filled pussy from the two guys she had already fucked before him, ‘oh god yes, a black cock gangbang’ she cried out.

‘I’m so near, open your mouth bitch’ he told her, he pulled out fast moving up towards her face, Sally lifted her head opening her mouth wide, he stroked his cock hard shooting his cum over her face and into her mouth, he moved from the car as she licked her lips.

The first two looked at each other saying ‘dam, she is one horny slut’ as the third and final guy moved towards her, Sally lifted her head looking at him as he moved between her parted legs.

Sally lifted her hips slightly as he moved forward his cock slipping into her well cum filled pussy, he eased back then slammed his cock hard into her, she yelped out loudly as he kept thrusting harder and deeper into her, ‘oh fuck, oh god, I love black cock’ she screamed as he pounded hard into her.

The guy pulled back pushing his finger deeply into her pussy, he removed his cum covered finger from her then wiped it over her lips pushing it into her mouth, she licked and sucked it as he slammed his cock back deeply into her.

Their fuck was making the car rock hard from side to side, she continued sucking his finger as her pussy sucked his cock deeper, ‘here it comes slut’ he told her, then started pumping his cum deeply into her, they laid there ‘that’s it bitch milk that cock’ he told her.

He wriggled out of the car looking at Sally as she laid there, her pussy dripping cum and gaping so wide, dam she looked so stretched as she looked at the three guys standing by the door ‘oh god thank you guys, I really needed that’, one replied ‘anytime slut’ as they turned walking away all laughing.

Sally got out the car looking at me as she kissed me, she picked up her panties putting them into my pocket then getting in the front seat, Michael drove us back to our resort, Sally leant over kissing him deeply saying ‘thanks for a memorable night’.

After a shower and cleaning herself up she slipped into bed next me smelling clean and fresh, she looked at me saying ‘dam, they gave me a right seeing too’ as she laughed, I laid flat on the bed as she moved over me, her legs either side of my head lowering her cum filled well stretched pussy over my mouth, ‘now lick my little cuckold’ she told me, I gripped her ass as my tongue probed into her pussy, even after showering and cleaning up there was still so much cum inside her.

She rubbed her pussy faster over my mouth saying ‘oh fuck cuckold you’re making my pussy tingle’ she called out, moments later she cum over my tongue, I licked her clean not wanting to let her down, Sally moved off my face saying ‘mmm, did you enjoy supper?’ I nodded looking at her her juices and the cum from her gang fuck covering my chin.

I clean my face then flicked the light off, thinking tomorrow is our last day here thank god.