25 Jul 2016

A Wife’s Revenge Day 14 in Jamaica (part 1)

I was pleased as I woke up knowing this was our last day here before flying home tomorrow, I just couldn’t wait to get on that plane, if they said we could go today I would have gone at once.

Sally woke not long after I did, she turned to me saying ‘morning Mark’, acting like nothing happen last night, ‘you were a right dirty slut last night’ I told her, she giggled replying ‘I know, but my god they were fucking good’, I got up showered, changed and just walked passed her as I sat on the beach, it was only 5am but already it was very warm.

Sally stood by the door of the cabana saying ‘which one Mark’, I turned seeing her standing there naked with her white and yellow bikinis in each hand, we heard a whistle coming not far from our cabana, I looked round seeing one of the Rastafarian workman his eyes fixed firmly on Sally.

She stepped a little further out looking round, her eyes telling me it wasn’t who she expected or hoped to see, the guy smiled his eyes fixed firmly on her, Sally jumped inside closing the door, I laughed inside thinking that will teach her.

I sat there waiting for her to reappear wearing one of the bikinis, she stepped out wearing the revealing white one that showed her body off to the fullest, as she sat on her sun lounger she said ‘what a fucking pervert’, I told her ‘well you stood there naked’ we both laughed knowing he got an eyeful of her sexy body.

A little time later he came walking passed, looking at her, ‘wow lady, that’s some hot body you have there’ he told her, Sally blushed, ‘I hear you like Jamaican guys’ he told her, Sally blushed even a bright red, ‘let’s go inside and see if you like what I have to offer’ her told her.

With a sharp look she said ‘you are sure full of yourself’, he laughed ‘I know what I have to offer you English ladies’, again she blushed so bright red, she replied ‘well show me here’, I couldn’t believe she was now egging him on making him think he had some sort of chance.

He looked round, it was still a little early and the beach area was still deserted, he looked back at Sally lowering his shorts, Sally’s eyes opened wide, her mouth dropped open, saying ‘that’s not normal’ her eyes fixed on his cock, I turned my god this guy was massive, far bigger than Marcel.

He winked to her as he pulled his shorts up, ‘I will be passing by in fifteen minutes if you want to try it out’, he walked off his fingers playing with his long black beard his long dreadlocks tied up the ends flowing in the breeze, I looked at her asking ‘what the fuck you playing at’ she replied ‘what!!!’ I continued ‘egging him on, making him think you might let him fuck you’, she replied ‘fucking cocky bastard’ she laughed as she said ‘well he sure has a cock to match his brashness, he must have been 8 inches and he wasn’t even hard’.

We had a drink thinking he wouldn’t return, but low and be hold fifteen minutes later the Rastafarian was walking towards us, he headed round the back of Sally’s sun lounger leaning down kissing her cheek, she giggled saying ‘your beard tickles’, he rubbed her shoulders as he whispered in her ear, whatever he said she liked the sound of as she nodded.

It was still very early and the beach was dead no one was up yet, he stood to the side of her as she looked up to him, this guy was so sure of himself and I could see Sally looked almost hypnotized by him, as he run his fingers along her arm.

Sitting at the end of her sun lounger he moved a hand up her leg, she said ‘no, stop’, he laughed replying ‘you don’t mean that’ as he hand moved higher up her inner thigh, that’s when I noticed she wasn’t trying to stop him now.

He took her hands into his easing her up, they were sitting facing each other, leaning forward he kissed her, Sally hates full beards normally but she kissed him back placing her arms round his neck, only her bikini bottoms and his shorts between them, he started rubbing his large bulge against her covered pussy, Sally sighed into his mouth.

The Rasta pulled back whispering ‘you sure you don’t want to go inside?’ Sally looked at him then to me, he turned her head gently saying ‘you don’t need to ask him’, they kissed deeply once more as he hands moved up her back he unclipped her bikini top, moving a hand round he eased it under her top caressing her breast rolling her nipple between his thumb and finger, Sally moaned a little louder ‘mmm’ they parted and he again asked ‘shall we go inside?’ this time she nodded.

He led her towards the door of the cabana opening it letting her enter first, I followed him inside closing it behind us, they kissed once more as he removed her bikini top, she lifted his top over his head dropping it to the floor.

This guy was fit, he had a rock hard six pack of rolling solid muscles, he looked at me saying ‘sit down and enjoy watching your wife fuck a real man’, without realising I just sat as he told me, Sally moved to her knees in front of him as she pulled his shorts down releasing his massive thick hard cock that wasn’t even fully hard.

Sally stroked him looking at me saying ‘oh fuck Mark, this thing is so big’ I could see the veins pumping the blood into his cock as he got harder, she run her tongue up and down the length of his cock before taking the head into her mouth, slowly she took more into her mouth until she started to mouth fuck him.

He was now fully erect it must have been 11 inches which I thought was always a myth until now, Sally could only take 8 inches before she gagged and choked, she kept bobbing her head up and down sucking him hard.

He eased back pulling her to her feet, he scooped her up in his arms, walking towards the big bed laying her down on it, his fingers gripping her bikini bottoms pulling them down over her legs letting them fall to the ground, Sally moved up the bed as he moved up between her legs.

She reached under him her hand gripping his massive cock rubbing the tip along the lips of her pussy saying ‘give me that fucking Rasta cock’, he lowered down on her the tip of his cock opening the lips of her wet pussy, ‘do it, give me that cock’ she moaned as he thrusted slowly forward the tip opening her pussy, she cried out ‘oh my fucking god, it feels so big’ as another inch went into her.

Sally was sighing loudly as he pushed more into her, ‘fuck it’s to big take it out pleaseeeee’, he laid there not moving, she started moving her hips as he pushed it all into her, ‘godddddddd’ she cried out as he started easing back before pushing it a little harder into her.

He lifted her ass slightly saying ‘you like Rasta man cock?’ Sally moaned ‘oh god yesssss, what a fucking cock you’ve got’, they started fucking a little harder as his cock slipped fully back and forth into her, ‘yesssss, harder’ she told him.

He pulled back saying ‘cuckold get on your hands and knees’, I told him to ‘fuck off’, he got off the bed walking to me ‘now get the fuck on your hands and knees, I slipped off the chair doing as he said, he then said ‘Sally come over here’, I saw her feet heading my way, he held her easing her back onto mine making her lay over me, I felt his legs touch mine as he pushed his cock back into her, ‘oh fuck, this feels even better, stay still Mark as he fucks me’ she told me, I could feel her body moving as he fully entered with each thrust.

This guy was making me a real cuckold as he fucked my beautiful but dirty slut wife.

Her body moved a little harder over my back as she called out ‘oh god Mark, I’m cumin on his Rasta cock’ I heard him say ‘told you didn’t I, I said you would cum’, I could feel her juices as they ran down between her ass cheeks dripping onto my ass.

I felt him step back Sally whispering ‘oh god that was so fucking hot’ as he eased of off my back, ‘on your knees white boy’ he told me, what next I was thinking, he lifted Sally her legs going round his waist, he lowered her down onto his massive upright black cock his hands holding by her ass as he lifted her before slamming her downwards hard onto his cock.

I heard him say ‘watching cuckold, you ever fuck this beautiful lady like this?’ before I could say a word Sally told him ‘like fuck has he, he could never do this the weakling’, they were both now insulting me, all the time my dick was hard watching them.

‘cuckold get here and kneel under your wife, the Rasta ordered, I looked up getting a full view of his cock slamming into her, her pussy lips stretching down as he eased from her then being forced back upwards as he fully entered her, he kept lifting her with the tip just inside her, as he slammed her down onto his cock Sally gasped out loudly ‘oh fuck that’s feels so good’.

He told me to move and sit down, which I did as he carried her to the bed, ‘well lady, is this Rasta cock good for you’ he asked, Sally breathless nodded saying ‘oh god yessssss’.

He laid on her once more his cock now thundering into her the bed squeaking under them, the headboard pounding hard against the wall, each time he fully entered her, ‘that’s it, fuck me, oh god yessss, I’m cumin again’ she cried out, he asked ‘you ready for a Rasta cum load bitch’, Sally cried out, ‘yesssssss, fill my pussy’.

I was thinking thank god he has nearly finished, ‘white boy get over here’ he told me, I moved closer as he told me ‘kiss your bitch’, I leant down kissing her lips as he moaned ‘here it comes Sally’, they were both breathless and sweating so much as he cum deep inside her, flooding her, Sally moaned into my mouth ‘Mark he has cum so hard in me’ she said my lips muffling her voice.

He rolled off her saying ‘so Sally was my Rasta cock good for you’, she nodded as she rested her head on his large chest, they cuddled for short while before he got up getting dressed, looking at Sally laying there legs parted for him so he could see his cum leaking from her.

He looked at me saying ‘did you enjoy that cuckold, your bitch taking a big Rastafarians cock’, I nodded knowing he did things to her that I could only dream off doing, he opened the door looking back blowing Sally a kiss saying ‘thanks bitch for the fuck’, closing the door behind him.

Sally looked at me saying ‘wow, he was better than he said, I have never cum so hard my body is still shaking’, I went outside sitting down, it was now only 6.15am and she has fucked another Jamaican, Sally joined me half an hour later saying ‘there you go Mark’ as she passed me a bottle of water saying ‘best bit was when he fuck me as I laid across your back, that was so hot’, she continued ‘I must find a hot Rastafarian when we get home, they fuck so rough’.

(Day 14 to be continued….)