2 Aug 2016

A Wife’s Revenge Day 14 in Jamaica (part 2)

We waited for the beach restaurant/ bar to open so we could have breakfast, at this time in the morning Sally had already been fucked, she looked at me saying ‘I couldn’t believe just have big that Rastafarian was’, I didn’t say a word, just watching as the beach started to come alive with people and staff now appearing.

Sally continued talking about it, ‘he was so forward and confidant, I bet he has talked many ladies into fucking him’, looking at her I replied ‘guess so’, Sally pulled her wrap round her as we headed off for breakfast.

Sitting at our normal table we had a full breakfast, Sally was laughing, joking and flirting with the waiters as she always did, after eating we headed back to our sun loungers, I left her there laying in the sun as I packed up ready for our journey home tomorrow.

Once the packing was completed I sat down enjoying the last few hours of the sun, Sally was called up for a beach game which she gladly took part in, there was a line of ten lovely ladies facing ten guys about ten paces from them, the ladies had to pull there bikini bottoms forward as the guys throw ice cubes trying to get as many into the ladies bikini bottoms.

There was a lot of laughter as one by one the guys got the distance right and got a good few into the ladies bikini bottoms, once they had finished their cups full of ice they had to collect them from inside the ladies bikini bottoms, many of the guys had a grope before retrieving an ice cube.

They were all laughing even the ladies seemed to enjoy being touched by a stranger and I’m sure a few got a quick finger inside them, their husbands seemed to be enjoying the game as well watching their wife’s getting touched up.

Then they had to change round and the ladies throwing ice cubes into the shorts of the guys then they had to retrieve them from inside their shorts, letting the ladies get a feel of their cocks, some of the ladies blushed so I could only guess the guy must have been bigger than their husbands.

Sally headed up the beach blushing bright red, I asked if she was ok, as she giggled she told me ‘that was one naughty game, the guy I was paired with slipped his finger into me three times’, ‘well you enjoyed that then’ I replied, she nodded as she took a drink from her bottled water.

She was smiling as she told me ‘his finger went so deep once I almost cum’, ‘really’ I replied, the sun felt so good but I couldn’t wait to get home, I started thinking was she pregnant or not, who could the father be, would she even care who the father was, I was thinking so deeply I didn’t hear her talking to me, ‘Mark, Mark,’ she called out as she lightly slapped my arm.

I jumped feeling her slap on my arm, turning towards her I smiled ‘sorry I was miles away, thinking of that long journey home’, ‘forget that for now, let’s enjoy these last few hours’ she replied.

After lunch we walked into the warm sea, splashing about as we laughed together, the sea was so clear and warm, we walked back up the shore towards the beach, we only had about four hours at most before the sun set on our final day, we laid back getting the last rays of the Jamaican sun.

I checked my watch it was 4pm and the sun was starting to disappear over the beach, we collected our things heading inside, Sally removed her bikini dried herself down before laying on the bed, I looked at her as she parted her legs her eyes fixed on mine, she slipped a finger inside her pussy easing it back and forth slowly, she eased her hips upwards as her finger moved a little faster.

She rolled her head from side to side as she breathed so deeply, I was watching her as she made herself climax, her pink nipples sticking up so hard like little bullets her eyes were closed as she whispered ‘fuck me Robert’, her body was shaking as she opened her eyes, she looked at me saying ‘did you enjoy your little sex show?’ I nodded smiling to her saying ‘yes’.

We showered and dressed, god she looked so very hot and sexy tonight in her lacy top, small white bra under it, her short black mini skirt only just covered her matching small white lacy panties, she bent over doing her white sandals up, how I wanted to rip them panties off and just fuck her there and then but walked to the door saying ‘ready’, she nodded as we left the cabana.

After dinner we sat in the beach bar drinking Sally making plans already about returning to Jamaica next year, I smiled maybe, maybe not I was thinking.

We continued drinking and dancing the last night away, both slowly feeling the rum as we downed another one, we sat at the bar Sally’s mini skirt raised up over her thigh as she crossed her legs, the place was going quiet so we finished our drinks before leaving, Sally kissed each waiter telling them ‘we were going home tomorrow’, they all replied ‘we will miss you’, I was thinking yes and I know why.

We walked hand in hand back towards our cabana, as we got closer I could see someone sitting on a chair outside the cabana, Sally squeezed my hand tightly saying ‘Mark, Marcel is there’, her body already turning to jelly, he called out ‘hi girly’, she let go of my hand running off towards him, they kissed as she sat on his lap facing him her legs either side of him.

He moved his hands over her ass lifting her short skirt upwards, their kiss full of passion, I went inside leaving them to it, moments later the door opened, they both walked inside Sally had already lost her top and bra as she led him inside hand in hand.

They were both naked within seconds, Sally dropped to her knees stroking his cock that was already fully erect, she sucked him deeply as he looked at me smiled saying ‘god she is sucking so good tonight white boy’, Sally looked up winking to him her head bobbing faster over his cock, his balls looking so full of cum just waiting for her pussy.

Marcel eased her to her feet as they moved onto the bed, he fingered her pussy hard as she parted her legs so wide for him, he pushed a second finger deeply inside her, Sally tipped her head back crying out ‘oh god yes, I’ve missed you so much’, ‘I’m here now girly ‘, he licked her nipples sucking them hard in turn as they went rock hard inside his mouth, Sally whispered ‘fuck me Marcel, give me that fucking black cock’.

Marcel kept fingering her his thumb rolling her clitoris hard, Sally was shaking under him her eyes closed as she bit her bottom lip, her hips thrusting upwards letting his fingers go even deeper into her pussy, he moved over her his black body pressing down on her as the tip of his large black cock slipped between the lips of her waiting pussy, with a hard thrust he fully entered her sending her body upwards as she screamed out ‘oh fuck yessssss, oh my fucking god it feels so good inside me’.

He thrusted hard back and forth her breast rocking against his large black chest, as they started fucking each other with so much lust and want, his moved his hands down squeezing the cheeks of her firm ass as her arms wrapped round his neck their lips pressed hard against each other.

Marcel eased his thrusting as he spun round his cock still buried deeply inside her, Sally was now on top riding his black cock, she eased up rolling her hips with his cock deep inside her, Marcel reached up cupping each breast firmly pinching each nipple that was so hard, ‘fuck me girly’ he told her, Sally rocked harder on his large black cock ‘good girly, take it all’ he continued telling her.

Sally arched her back taking every inch of his cock into her pussy, ‘oh fuck you’re so deep inside me’ she told him, ‘oh fuck I’m going to cum, oh god yesssss, I’m cumin’ she told him, his black cock now white from their juices now flowing so freely.

He eased her off placing her on her knees pulling a pillow under her his cock soon buried deeply inside her pussy, he gripped her waist and started fucking her like his sex toy, ‘oh god fuck me Marcel, use me, take me, it’s all yours to use’ she cried out.

Sally pushed back hard onto his cock, ‘who’s little whore are you girly’ he asked as he slapped her ass hard, Sally yelped out loud from the slap replying ‘yours and yours only’, her ass cheek was now bright red with his big hand print, again he pulled back telling her ‘sit on white boy’s lap facing me’.

Sally moved from the bed sitting on my lap, her juices soon covering my dick, Marcel lifted her legs fucking her as she sat on my lap, Sally placed her arms backwards round my neck tipping her head back telling me to kiss her, we kissed as Marcel pounded into her, I could feel her body rocking against mine as we continued kissing.

The tip of my hard dick was rubbing against the tight hole to her ass, I could feel his balls rocking as he slammed into her pussy, I eased her a little the tip of my dick now placed right against her ass, this time she wasn’t trying to stop me, she eased down a little and for the first time she took the tip of my dick into her tight ass, ‘oh fuck Marcel, Mark is in my ass’ she told him, Marcel pulled back easing her from me, ‘no sharing tonight girly, you’re mine only’ he told her, shit, fuck it I thought.

He turned her round her hands on the arms of the chair facing me, he started fucking her once more as she looked at me, pleasure written all over her face as she took the one black cock she really liked and wanted so much.

Sally looked over her shoulder to Marcel asking ‘please may I suck his dick as you fuck me, please let me Marcel’, again he slapped her ass hard saying ‘NO!!!!’, she looked at me mouthing ‘sorry’.

They had been fucking for nearly an hour now, in so many different positions, as they moved onto the bed once more, he was fucking her to the finish now as he cock rammed into her, Sally signing loudly, ‘yes, yes, yes’ she cried out as each thrust hit home deeply inside her.

Sally looked over his shoulder towards me as she cried out ‘oh fuck I’m cumin again’ Marcel thrusted into her then told her ‘I’m going to fill your pussy girly’, ‘yes, cum in me’ she replied, ‘oh fuck yesssss’ he called out as he flooded his cum deep inside her, they kissed as he laid still over her as he emptied his balls into his fuck toy.

Sally laid with her head on his chest, his cum leaking freely from her pussy trickling down between her ass cheeks over the cover on the bed, ‘I have missed you Marcel’ she told him, ‘sorry girly, I had a few days off to go home and see my wife and kids’ he replied, Sally jumped up, ‘you didn’t tell me you were married with kids’ she said with sadness in her voice, ‘oh come on girly, you love my black cock, when you go home we won’t see each other ever again’ he replied, she laid her head back on his chest saying ‘guess you’re right’.

It was now passed 1am and we had to finish the last bit of packing for a journey home, Marcel got up dressed saying ‘I’m please I got to see you before you go home girly’, Sally smiled saying ‘me too’, they kissed deeply knowing this was the last time they would be together, even Marcel looked a little saddened as he knew Sally was always there to fuck with.

After he left Sally showered as I put the last of the clothes we wore tonight into the cases, Sally returned getting into bed, she turned to me saying ‘god Mark, Marcel knows just what a woman likes in bed and knows how to fuck a woman, I climax so hard on his cock’.

I held her in my arms as we drifted off to sleep knowing this time tomorrow we will be in the air heading home.