7 Jun 2016

A Wife’s Revenge Day 3 in Jamaica

I woke up after getting only 2 hours sleep, we spent most of the night arguing about me getting Leon caught leaving our cabana, she screamed at me ‘you did that on purpose, you little limp dick’.

I just laughed at her as I walked out on to the beach feeling the early warm sun on my face, smiling to myself. Sally followed wear her tiny white bikini still trying to hurt me with her words.

She sat on her sun lounger, her face full of thunder, as she continued her insults, saying ‘you just couldn’t stand seeing me having great sex that you could never give me’, ‘seeing me climax on a big black cock like I have never done on yours’.

I noticed one of the reception staff walking towards us, I tapped her leg saying ‘one of the staff is heading our way’, Sally sat up looking towards the staff member as he got closer.

The guy asked us to follow him as the manager wanted to see us both, we followed him, me thinking we were about to kicked out of the resort.

The staff member pointed towards the manager’s office saying Mr Grant is waiting for you both, I knocked on the door and wait until he called out ‘enter’, we entered his office as he asked us ‘to sat down’.

We sat, Mr Grant offered us a cool drink before telling us ‘Leon has been sacked for breaking resorts rules’, ‘he let himself and the resort down’.

Sally looked at me then towards Mr Grant, ‘please reinstate him’, ‘I just wanted to have some fun with him away from everyone’s eyesight’ Sally told him.

Mr Grant shook his head saying ‘if I let one off, then I would have to let every staff member off if they did that’, Sally looked down to the floor a tear rolled down her cheek.

Sally looked towards me, ‘say something Mark, and help get Leon get his job back’, I just didn’t know what I could say or do that would make the manager change his mind.

I took a long drink of my fruit juice wondering what Sally would say once we left the office. Sally got up walking towards the managers desk, placing her hands on it bending down letting him see down her bikini top.

Mr Grant ‘why not fine him for breaking the rules and give him a final warning’ Sally asked him. Mr Grant sat back in his big leather seat fingers on his chin thinking.

Well, you have given something to think about here, ‘he was a very good worker and all the guests did like him’ the manager went on, ‘I guess I will have to think about this for a while’. ‘You must really of liked him to defend him like this’, ‘I do’ Sally replied, ‘we do’ as she liked round to me.

Sally walked round his desk, now sitting on it looking at the manager, ‘I would really like to thank you for even thinking about it’, Mr Grant looked at her, his eyes roaming over her body, he moved his seat back a little turning on it.

He reached out taking Sally’s hand into his easing on from the desk, Sally stood looking at him, ‘well lady come here’, and he eased Sally closer, Sally stood in front of him hands by her sides, the manager run his fingertips down her arms as Sally looked back to me and smiled.

Sally moved to her knees, her hands parting his legs, her fingers slowly eased the zip of his trousers downwards, her eyes fixed on his as she reached inside easing his black cock out of his underwear. The manager looked at me, not sure if I was going to say something, then moved his glance back to Sally as he moved forward a little, Sally stroked his cock slowly her eyes looking deeply into his eyes, she smiled as her head moved downward.

Mr Grant lifted his hips slightly as her tongue flicked over the tip then running down over his long black shaft, he run his finger through her hair tipping his head back, Sally moved her mouth over the tip of his cock lowering her head as his cock entered her mouth.

She took him deeper before easing back, she begun to suck his cock as it starting growing as she took him back deeply into her mouth, sucking him hard, I could hear her slurping heavily on his black cock.

Sally eased back, her fingers finding the buckle of his belt, she opened it, the manager sitting back letting her, he stood up as she eased his trousers slowly down. His cock sprung out from his underwear.

Sally stroked his black cock again as she started sucking on his heavy looking balls. She begun stroking him harder her small hand not even able to fully wrap round his cock.

The manager reached down unclipping her bikini top, her breast fell free as he lifted it over them. I watched as he played with her nipple seeing it getting hard between his fingers, Sally was stroking his cock a little faster, her mouth placed over the tip her tongue licking the pre-cum leaking freely from it.

I knew I was about to witness Sally taking yet another black cock and we had only been here three days, this time the guy was older, maybe mid-forties to early fifties but still had a cock that any twenty year old would have been proud to have.

The manager eased Sally to her feet removing her open bikini top from her, he eased her forward bending her over his desk, her head only inches from a picture of the manager with a lady who must have been his wife.

He dropped to his knees behind her his hands easing her bikini bottoms down over her ass, letting them fall down to the floor. His black hands parted her ass cheeks wide as his head moved closer to her.

Sally looked only to me, her hands gripping the edge of the desk, she let out a little moan letting me know the manager was now licking her smooth pussy from behind.

Sally pushed back onto his face, whispering ‘yes, oh yes’ loving what he was now doing to her, ‘oh god’ Sally moaned, ‘his licking my tight hole to my ass’, her hands were gripping the desk even tighter, as she pushed back harder onto his face.

He moved his hand down, Sally cried out, ‘his fingering my pussy as he licks my tight hole to my ass’, ‘no one has ever licked me there’, ‘it feels so good but so dirty’.

The manager stood up, his large black cock in hand, Sally looked back over her shoulder, ‘fuck me, please fuck me’, she asked, he smiled replying ‘I’m going too little lady’.

He gripped her small waist pulling her back onto his cock, ‘oh fuck’, she cried letting me know he was entering her, telling me she was now taking her third black cock into her tight white pussy.

The manager slowly moved his hips forward, Sally mouth dropped open, her eyes closed, as inch by inch he slowly fully entered her, the manager told her ‘how tight her pussy felt wrapped round his cock’, ‘feel good does it’, ‘it’s all yours to fuck’ she replied.

He slowly eased back holding still, he pulled her back hard as he pushed hard fast and deeply into her, ‘oh fuck’ ‘I have never felt so stretched’, she cried out as he thrusted to and from her tight pussy.

His hand moved up her back gripping her hair pulling her head up, leaning down he kissed her neck as he started pounding her pussy with long hard thrusts.

Sally started shaking, her hands gripping the desk even tighter, her fingers turning white, I could hear their bodies slapping hard together as he fucked her with such power.

He pulled back telling her, ‘I’m going to fuck that tight ass bitch’, Sally looked back saying ‘no, not there please not there’, ‘I have never been fucked there’, this made him smile ‘mmm virgin ass, even better’ he replied.

He gripped her ass cheeks stretching them apart, Sally looking back shaking her head saying ‘please no, not there’, he just ignored her pleas as the tip found her tight hole to her ass.

Sally bought her hand up to her mouth to stop her screaming out as the manager moved his hips forward, the tip of his hard thick black cock parting the tight hole to her ass, Sally shaking her head, as he kept moving forward, ‘oh fuck, my ass is being ripped open’, she cried out through her hand.

He kept going more of his black cock entering her ass, ‘you want Leon to keep his job don’t you’? Sally nodded, ‘well give me this tight ass’, he told her. Sally stopped protesting and let him fuck her ass.

I looked down to the floor as the manager started fucking my wife’s virgin ass, ‘like it do you lady’, he asked, Sally nodded letting him think she was, but I could tell she wasn’t, for once she was being treated like the dirty slut she was acting like since being here.

‘Oh fuck, my ass is being ripped open’, ‘it’s too big, please take it out’, fuck my pussy please she begged.

He was now fucking her ass so deeply, his cock must have been 8 inches and a good 5 inches thick, he now had it all buried deeply in her ass. ‘Please stop’ her face telling me it was really hurting, as she told him ‘it’s burning with the pain’. He smiled as he eased back from her ass.

He wasn’t finished with her yet, for an older guy he had such stamina and lasting power. He forced his cock back deeply into her pussy, thrusting hard slamming it full of force into her.

Sally looked at me pain written all over her face as he thrusted hard into her, but this didn’t stop her calling out ‘fuck me, fuck my white married pussy’, ‘I will pull out before I cum’, ‘no you don’t’ she replied, ‘I want your cum in my pussy’.

They were now fucking each other so hard, her pussy was now use to his large thick cock and she was making the most of it, ‘turn me over’ she asked, which he did, his hands holding her legs apart as his cock found her pussy once more.

Leaning down he kissed her, their tongues deep in each other’s mouths, her breast rocking as he fucked her over his desk, ‘cum for me, cum in me’ she begged, ‘use me, take me, I’m your white whore’ the words she was using made her sound like a right slut.

He had her breast in his large black hands, squeezing them as he fucked her hard, ‘nearly there’ he told her, Sally rocked her hips faster trying to make him cum, he thrusted hard one last time then held still. They kissed as his ass cheeks went tight letting me know he was filling her pussy with his seed.

Slowly he moved back, looking down at her saying, ‘well lady, thanks to you Leon will have his job back’, Sally smiled to him replying ‘thank you so much’.

Sally put her bikini back on, we left his office as the manager picked up the phone saying ‘hi’ to Leon. We headed back to our cabana it was only 11am and she had already had another black cock.

She removed her bikini once inside our cabana, the managers cum leaking from her running down her thighs, I looked at her as she told me ‘for an older guy he sure knows how to fuck’.

She through her bikini bottoms at me saying, ‘look inside see what a real man’s cum looks like’.

Day 3 to be continued…….