19 Jun 2016

A Wife’s Revenge Day 8 (Part 2)

Jamel eased off the little side road from the beach, he kept flicking his eyes from the road to Sally’s legs then back to the road, ‘been busy Jamel’ she asked, ‘no, not been too bad today’ he replied.

Sally eased back into the front seat she stretched her tanned legs out slightly parting them, Jamel looked down seeing the outline of the lips of her pussy against her bikini bottoms, ‘very nice’ he told her, ‘you like’ Sally replied, Jamel nodded ‘very much so’.

Sally slightly turned on her seat, she moved her hand down over her slim flat tummy, he found it hard keeping his eyes off her and on the road, she run a finger over her bikini bottoms stroking herself against them ‘I feel so horny’ she said.

Jamel checked the road, no traffic was coming along, he looked right then left and turned down a very quiet side road, he drove a little further along the dusty road until we were well out of sight of the road or anybody walking down the road.

He pulled up stopping the car switching the engine off, he turned towards her, watching as she pulled the bottoms too one side ‘this is wat you’ve wanted to see isn’t it’ she asked, Jamel looked at her ‘mmm smooth shaven white pussy, sure is madam’ he replied.

Sally moved closer looking into his dark eyes, her hand moved over his leg slowly moving it up, Jamel opened his legs as she found the string holding his shorts up, she pulled one side undoing the string.

She slipped her hand inside the waistband slowly moving it down, ‘oh wow, someone has got excited’ she told me with a little giggle, I moved watching her as she moved her hand stroking his cock inside his shorts.

He moved his arm round her shoulder as she tugged at his shorts, he lifted his ass upwards letting her pull his shorts down over his legs, she looked down ‘what a lovely looking black cock’ she told him, ‘madam likes then’ he replied.

She stroked him some more, as she stroked a little harder she pulled his foreskin down letting her see the dark brown cock head, she opened her eyes wide as she lowered her head, Jamel lifted his ass a little higher as she run her tongue over the tip.

She started stroking him a little harder gripping his cock tighter, she run her teeth gently over the tip of his black cock making him sigh ‘oh yes, take it into your mouth’ his asked, She looked up to him as she opened her mouth lowering her head taking the first few inches into her mouth.

He moved his hand, gently gripping her hair pushing her head downwards, she took him deeper sucking him hard, he started moving his hips slowly he started fucking her mouth, she was moaning ‘mmm’ she took him even deeper into her mouth right to the base of his cock.

‘I’ve wanted this since the first time I saw you’ he told her, Sally took him from her mouth looking at him saying ‘good, I’ve wanted this cock since I first saw you’.

She moved over his cock once more her head going up and down as she let him fuck her mouth, with one hand she started removing her bikini bottoms over her ass, kicking them off. Jamel was sure getting hard from the attention his cock was getting.

She kept sucking him deep throating him, after the number of black cocks she had taken in her mouth she had become expert at it, her mouth was really working his cock, ‘oh fuck Sally easy up a little’ he told her.

Sally moved back flipped the lever making her seat lay back almost flat, she parted her legs as Jamel lent down kissing her nipples his hand running down over her tummy, his finger found her pussy, ‘wow, you’re so wet’ he said as his finger slipped into her.

Jamel fingered her a little roughly but Sally laid back taking it, enjoying it, ‘oh yes, harder’ she asked him, his finger moved harder back and forth ‘yes, Jamel like that’ she told him.

‘oh Jamel, fuck me please, give me that fucking black cock’ she told him, Jamel moved back opened his door walking round the car, his large black cock swinging as he got to her door, he opened it taking her hand helping her from the car.

He led her round the car, lifting her onto the bonnet, he parted her legs moving between them, Sally looked at him saying, ‘come on fuck me, give me that black cock’ she told me, Jamel moved closer the tip of cock opening her pussy lips.

The tip slipped into her, Sally took a deep breath ‘yes do it’ she ordered, with a hard thrust forward he pushed his black cock hard fast and deeply into her to the base of his black cock, Sally screamed ‘oh fuck yes, give it to me, take me, make me your slut’ she cried out.

He held still deeply inside her, he reached up lifting her bikini top over her breast, he lent down sucking her pink nipple his black cock thrusting back and forth, he was now just fucking her wanting to cum inside her.

Sally stretched her legs round his waist as he slammed his cock into her pussy, she looked at him moving her hips fucking his large black cock, they were now fucking each other hard, this was just black cock fucking white pussy.

I watched as they fucked thinking neither will last long at this rate, Sally scream out at the top of her voice ‘yes, fuck my married pussy, oh fuck yes, I’m cumin on your black cock’, Jamel was still slamming his cock into her urgently wanting to cum inside her.

Sally gripped him tighter with her legs her whole body was shaking, her breast were rocking up and down at the speed of his fuck, he was now just fucking her like she was his whore, and she was loving it and much as he was.

‘oh Jamel, fuck that baby making cum into my pussy, flood my womb’ she screamed out, her voice was echoing round the road, ‘make me your whore’ she continued calling out.

‘I’m going to cum’ he told her, his cock hitting home hitting it target, ‘Jamel your hitting my cervix so hard’ she cried out, ‘oh fuck yessss’ he called out ‘I’m cumin in you’, Sally laid there letting him unload his cum filled balls into her,

He bent down kissing her not moving just holding his cock deep inside her, moments later he pulled out, droplets of cum still dripping for the tip of his cock, Sally moved from the bonnet of the car kneeling in front of him, she stroked his cock running her tongue up and down the length of his black cock cleaning it for him.

They got their things together and got back into the car, Jamel started the car reversing back onto the main road, Sally looked back at me smiled ‘oh Mark he fucked me so good, my pussy is so full of cum’ she told me, ‘did you watch a real man fuck your wife good?.

I nodded looking out the window as we drove along the road, Sally eased her bikini bottoms to one side running her finger long the lips of her pussy, she slipped a finger into herself, she fingered her cum filled pussy slowly and gently, she lifted her finger to her mouth licking it clean ‘mmm, taste so good’ she told us both.

We arrived on our resort pulling up outside the main entrance, we left the taxi Sally looking at Jamel saying ‘think you so much, I really loved it’, Jamel replied ‘good, pleased you are happy’

We walked back to our cabana a very damp patch in her bikini bottoms, once inside she removed her bikini, laying on the bed legs parted letting or making me see Jamel’s cum leaking from her pussy.

‘Fancy licking me clean’ she asked, I looked at her ‘fuck off your dirty slut, no fucking way’ I replied, ‘well that’s the only time I will offer you my pussy on the holiday’ she informed me.