21 Jun 2016

A Wife’s Revenge in Jamaica Day 9 (part 1)

I got myself ready pulling up my swim shorts, I looked over at Sally lying on the her side legs parted looking at her smooth shaven pussy, I turned sitting outside like I had done every morning waiting for her to join me outside on our sun loungers.

I got a coffee before picking up my book flicking it open, I started reading the morning already very warm and humid, ‘morning Mark’ I turned seeing Sally standing by the door wrapped in just a bath towel, ‘won’t be long and I will join you’ she told me.

I just thought don’t fucking bother before looking back on the page I was reading, thirty minutes later Sally walked out wearing her favourite red bikini, half cupped top high leg bottoms that just covered her pussy.

She flopped down on the sun lounger, I looked over to her asking ‘how you feeling today?’ She looked over to me ‘ok, good, thank you’, ‘you’ve turned into a right slut since being here’ I told her, She just laughed in my face.

I looked away not bothering to say anything else to her, I saw Wesley heading our way spinning his drinks tray as he always does when taking drinks ordered, ‘here comes one of your fuck buddies’ I told her, she replied ‘oh shut up Mark, live with it like I had too’.

He looked down at Sally his eyes looking straight towards her covered pussy, then moved his eyes up looking at her breast before asking ‘drink you lovely people’, ‘two beers please’ I replied.

Sally looked at me, ‘he was eyeing me up wasn’t he?’ she asked, ‘yes’ I told her roughness in my voice, she looked at me with a worried look for the first time since being here.

She got up walking down the beach towards to sea, slowly she walked in, Leon and Rufus looking at her their eyes telling me they were enjoying the view, she continued walking into the sea then dropped down the water covering her shoulders.

I sat watching her as she slowly swim out a little way, dipping her head under the sea water, she headed out of the sea looking like a model from a bond film, her nipples pressing hard against her bikini top her red bikini now looking a very dark red water running down her slim firm body.

Again, Leon and Rufus watching her walking up the beach towards her sun lounger, god she looked so hot as she headed my way, ‘how was it’ I asked, ‘lovely, it’s so warm’ came her reply.

Wesley came back two beers on the tray, passing me one first, he looked at Sally saying ‘here you go beautiful’, Sally blushed as bright red as her bikini taking the glass from him, their fingers touching as they always do when he passes her a drink.

Sally whispered ‘oh no’, I asked her what was wrong? ‘I don’t believe it, Marcel is walking this way’ she whispered, her face lit up seeing him as he got closer to us.

She looked up at him smiling broadly, ‘hi there girl, how are you’, he asked with his booming voice, ‘good’ she replied, she continued ‘thought you had forgotten me’, ‘never’ came his reply.

He leant down, running his fingers through her blonde hair, she tipped her head slowly moving it from side to side, her face telling him she like his touch a lot.

‘Has that little sweet pussy missed my black cock?’ he asked her outright even with me sitting there, Sally smiled not wanting to answer him, again he asked her ‘has your little sweet pussy missed my black cock? This time she answered, ‘yes’, ‘so we getting it on again girly?’ Sally turned to jelly bending her knees upwards parting her legs ‘I hope so’ she told him.

He snaps his fingers and you fall on your back for him, she looked downwards looking sheepish, ‘his going to fuck you later isn’t he?’ I asked her, Sally looked away whispering ‘yes, I love him’, ‘WHAT!!’ I shouted back at her, lots of people turned looking our way.

I got up walking passed her going inside the cabana, she followed me inside, ‘Mark please I just need to get this out of my system, please let him fuck me just one last time’ she asked, I turned looking at her ‘is that really what you want?’ I asked, ‘yes, he makes me feel alive, he makes my whole body tingle’ she told me.

I asked ‘so what happens after if I let you?’, ‘I don’t know, but you have to let me, if not I will just do it behind your back and I don’t want to do that’ came her long reply, ‘so you want me to be there and watch?’ ‘yes, I feel safe with you there and can let myself enjoy it’ she told me.

The cabana door was open, she looked outside then back to me, ‘oh fuck’ she jumped back ‘Marcel is outside and heard it all’ she told me, I watched as he looked round before stepping inside closing the door behind him.

He looked at Sally ‘come here girl’, Sally looked at me before slowly towards him, he wrapped his big arms around her, she looked up into his eyes her whole body was turning to jelly as he held her.

They kissed deeply it looked more than just lust, they kissed like lovers, their tongues deep in their mouths, Sally running her fingers slowly over his back as he reached round unclipping her bikini top.

It was only 10am and here she was in the arms of a black man kissing looking ready to let him fuck her, slowly her bikini top fell from her body her breast now free as his caressed each in his big hands.

He looked into her eyes saying ‘go on girly, you know what I like’, Sally dropped to her knees her fingers opening his trousers before easing them down, his large black cock flopping over her face, she looked up to him as she slowly stroked it, he run he run his fingers through her blonde hair saying ‘go on girly suck it’.

He had such control over her, slowly her mouth engulfed his cock, her mouth dissenting over it, her hands reached round to his ass, she pulled him forward as she deep throated his black cock, I sat down watching wishing that was me.

Marcel grabbed her hair slowly moving his hips as he started fucking her mouth, she moved one hand round squeezing his balls, he was looking down watching her as his cock slipped back and forth into her mouth.

Sally looked up to him as he smiled to her, she gave him a little wink saliva running down her chin dripping onto her breast, she moved her other hand down her finger stroking her pussy against her bikini bottoms.

Slowly she got to her feet, his black cock looking even bigger than the last time he fucked her, ‘right girly get on the fucking bed on your hands and knees’ he ordered, Sally moved to the bed doing as his told her.

She placed her knees on the bed parting her legs, placing her hands in front of her, she looked back over her shoulder towards him as he walked towards her, she smiled to him as he run his hands over her firm ass.

Sally pushed back rubbing her bikini bottom covered ass against his large thick fully erect black cock, the tip nearly touching his navel, he grabbed her bikini bottoms pulling them hard to one side, Sally pushed her head down onto the bed knowing what would happen next.

Marcel held his cock in his hand rubbing the tip against the lips of her pussy, pre-cum dribbling from the tip covering her pussy entrance, he pushed forward slowly to start letting the tip enter her, Sally pushed back eyes wide open as he gripped her waist pulling her back onto his black cock.

Sally pushed her head into the bed calling out ‘do it, push it all in’, he didn’t need asking twice as he pushed hard forward I watched as inch by inch went into her.

He held still his cock fully buried inside her, Sally moaning slowly ‘oh god, feels so good, fuck me, fuck me’, he pulled back then thrusted hard back deeply into her, all the time pulling her back hard onto his thrusting hard back and forth into her.

Sally turned her head facing me, she mouthed ‘thank you’ as he starting fucking her so hard, she cried out ‘oh fuck, your stretching my cervix so wide’, ‘good girly, take my big black cock my little married white whore’ he told her.

His hips slapped hard against her, as he pulled back I could see his black cock covered with her white pussy juices, ‘that’s it girly push back onto me’ he ordered, Sally gripped the covers on the bed as she pushed back harder onto his black cock.

He pulled back asking ‘do you really want to please me girly’ Sally nodded saying ‘yes’, he pulled out from her rubbing the tip against the tight hole to her ass, ‘I want that ass girly’ he told her, I thought she would say no but instead she cried out ‘do it, fuck my ass you black bastard’.

Her face had a look at pain as his cock opened the hole to her ass, he pushed forward not stopping until her ass was full of his black cock, ‘oh fuck, it’s to big please stop’ she screamed, he pulled back then thrusted hard back deeply into her ass, ‘it’s so fucking tight’ he told her as he just thrusted back and forth.

Sally calling out ‘oh god my ass is going to get ripped’ as he kept thrusting into it, he reached round his finger rolling her clitoris her head pushing down hard into the bed, she was biting on the cover so not to scream out.

He pulled back standing back a little saying ‘turn over girly’ Sally turned over laying on her back looking at him, he gripped her bikini bottoms pulling them hard over her legs dropping them to the floor

He pulled her to the edge of the bed, gripping her legs forcing them wide apart, his cock finding her pussy, with a hard thrust downwards he fully entered her to the base of his cock.

Sally thrashed her head side to side her arms stretched out, ‘oh fuck yes, fuck me, give me that black cock, he started thrusting hard full of force his balls slapping against her ass her breast really rocking to the timing of his thrusting her nipples sticking upright so hard.

Sally cried out ‘keep going, oh fuck, yesssssss I’m cumin, oh god yes I’ve cum’ her legs shaking her head tipped back moaning ‘yes, yes, fuck me’, ‘good girl’ he told her.

He lifted her legs higher as his cock slammed into her so full of force, their eyes locked on each other, ‘fuck your white whore’ she told him as his cock stretched her pussy so wide, ‘nearly there slut’ he called out, ‘do it, cum in me’ she instructed him, Marcel really thrusted hard his balls really swinging .

Sally’s eyes opened so wide as he stopped thrusting, ‘that’s it, I’m cumin’ he told him, his hips still his cock buried deep into her, ‘’fuck you’re flooding my cervix’ she told me, they were both breathing so heavy as he held her in place until he had fully unloaded inside her.

Marcel pulled back, his black cock covered in white cum from them both, Sally laid there, legs stretched wide smiling at him.

Marcel got dressed saying ‘time to get back to work’, Sally smiled saying ‘thank you, I needed that’, Marcel smiled as he left the cabana closing the door behind him.

Sally laid on the bed her legs still parted wide, she looked at me, ‘thank you for letting me have him again Mark, he cum so hard inside me’ she told me with a smile on her face.

She got up walking towards me, she sat on my lap taking my hand moving it down to her pussy, I felt his cum leaking from her, she rested her head on my shoulder asking ‘finger me Mark’, I pushed two fingers hard and deeply into her feeling his cum deep inside her.

I was pushing his cum further into her cervix, ‘you know he may make me pregnant don’t you?’ I nodded replying ‘you want that don’t you?’ she looked into my eyes ‘sorry Mark, but yes, I love him so much’ she replied. ‘I know you do’ I said with a sad look.

She got up and showered, I went outside sat down feeling the warm sun, Sally came out 20 minutes later, she had changed her bikini, she now had her blue one on, she sat on her sun lounger as I got us two beers.

We sat there most of day but not really talking to each other, I noticed Sally had a look on her face of hope that he loved her as well.