Written by Travelbird

14 Jan 2016

I guess my husband John is an average guy, likes sex, and fantasises about me with other guys.

He has mentioned dogging, that as far as I was concerned is a non starter.

However I do like on occasions to dress to attract interest and quite like the male attention that I sometimes get.

We hadnt been out for a while, rotten weather; so after John badgering me again to have one of our days out. I agreed. He chose my clothes of course so knew what was in store.

Black Bra along with my six strap suspender belt, black opaque stockings, he chose a pink pair of my sheer net knickers, and black heeled ankle boots,over this my grey extremely fitted and short sweater dress, topped with gloves and black leather jacket.

He loves the dress because it actually outlines my suspender straps, not subtle at all. It always draws looks, women look in disgust I imagine, blokes once they realise cant take their eyes off me.

Anyway a brief bout of shopping in Scarborough , a visit to the bank, and a wander around Debenhams, to the delight of one of the male assistants, who trailed around after me, pretending to adjust clothes racks. I was a bit of a tease really bending down to inspect some shoes, clearly showing stocking tops and probably a glimpse of panties as well, he blushed in any event.

Then onto a Weatherspoons pub we use, which always gets guys in after work for a drink before home.

Quite why this time I dont know, but I let John persuade me to walk in alone, he wanted me to see if I could pull to use his term. I had done this before but had to be in the right frame of mind.

The bar we use is first floor, so I had to negotiate steps in the dress, guys stood having a smoke, must have had a great view as I tottered upstairs.

Over to the long bar, to order my wine, leaning forward onto bar , I knew that my suspender straps outlining my bum would be clear to see, probably my panty line as well. John loved this sort of thing.

I found one of the high tables free, and perched myself on one of the four high chairs, sitting slightly sideways, my dress riding up my thighs to just below the lace stocking tops. I knew that the guys sitting around me, would have a good view, judging by the looks they were.

I saw John come up the stairs and sit at the bar area taking in the scene.

I had drunk most of my large glass of merlot, when I decided a loo visit was required. Now guys might look, but they are not always the first to move, so I prompted this by asking two guys close to me to look after my jacket while I went to the loo.

When I came back they were sat at my table, along with a fresh glass of wine. We chatted for ages, they were nice guys , both married, and in town shopfitting, they were both from down south. They never made a move, despite having clear views of my stockings and suspender straps, as my dress continued its way north.

Anyway when I said I was going to collect my car,they did ask where its was, but nothing more. I collected my bag, jacket and walked across the road to the small shopping mall across the road. John not far behind. It was 6pm and the mall about to close. I went to the lift, the [place was deserted weird really, as it was busy only an hour before.

Now I thought I had left the car on the top floor as I had mentioned to the guys. John at this point was still on the ground floor. I pressed the top floor button and off I went; leaving the lift as it stopped; I realised straight away that I was on the wrong floor, it was semi dark, I could see over the balcony John on the elevator to the first floor. I walked to the exit doors and they were locked.

As I turned to walk back to the lift, who should appear but the two shop fitting guys, one of them I recall said we thought you might need some help, they were not menacing in any way, but obviously I knew what they were after. This of course is what John dreamed of, even though he wouldnt see. I didnt speak, but walked over to the balcony put my hands on the rail and leaned over; John looking up could see me quite clearly.

One of the guys standing behind me,took hold of my dress, and as it was tight rolled it up my thighs and over my bum. I think they were both fascinated by my tight pink knickers and suspender belt, I could feel fingers playing under my knicker legs, and pulling at my suspender straps; hands over my boobs from behind, my dress too tight to take off easily.

Fingers inside me stretching my pussy, my knickers pulled aside, and very quickly a cock pushed in quite roughly, it almost hurt a little, he pumped me hard, the other guy moved in front of me, his cock sticking out of his jeans, he rubbed it over my lips and face, until I opened my mouth, when he quickly pushed it in, holding my head with both his hands, he moved it back and forth along his cock.

I have never been taken by two guys before, it was incredible; I was so wet I could feel it running down my thighs, marking my stockings. The other guys cock almost choking me, he used his hands to make himself come, when he did it was on my cheek.

His friend doing the same over my pussy, neither of them coming in me.

What happened was electric and exciting, me behaving like a prostitute. As I sat in the car on the way home, stains on my stockings, my panties sticking to me, the taste of one guy still in my mouth. I felt both used and stimulated.

John I could tell was very aroused, he was rock hard all the way home,when I unzipped him in the kitchen when we got back , he literally exploded as soon as I touched him.

Now whether this ever happens again, who knows. Maybe if the circumstances are right.

Jon even took a photo of me at the scene of the crime !!! in my gallery.