Written by jimmy

3 Nov 2004

Hi again if you liked my first part here is the next

As his cock started to soften he kept pushing into my pussy gentle enjoy the after glow of a wonderful cum.

I felt so empty as he final pull his cock out of my pussy.

He rolled away from me and lay on his back getting his breath back. So I leand over him and rolled the comdom off he now soft cock. Bending near to his cock I started to lick him tasting his still hot cum. Then taking him deeper into my mouth sucking the last drops of cum out of his cock. He lay and groaned with pleasure pushing slieghtly into my mouth. I worked sucking him antill is cock was compleatly clean. I knew he needed to rest so asked him if he would like a drink coffee/tea. He smiled and asked if he could have cold wateR. I disapeared to the kitchen and got a glass of iced water for him, the least I could do after he had given me so much pleasure. As I rentered my bedroom he was sat on the edge of the bed smoking a ciggy, passing him the water he took it and swallowed it in one long draft. Then he smiled and told me how wonderful he felt. So I knelt befor him still dressed as I knelt there my short skirt rode up my thiegths revealing my stocking tops and my thonge. I reached for his cock and started to play again with it gentle pulling his skin backwards and forwards just slowly wanking him. Wondering if he would get hard again. I did not have long to wait to find out as his cock soon started showing signs of becoming hard again. he started to moan a little as i carried on wanking him. Then I bend to his cock taking him once moer into my hot egar mouth first just the tip he was soon pushing farwards so I could take him deeper into my ready lips. Going deeper into my hot lips antill I had about half his now hard cock in between my lips letting him feel my mouth fucking his cock. I then laid him back on the bed and rolled a comdon on to his cock, kneeled over his cock with my back to him so he could see my hole as I held his cock in my hand to guilded him into my hot pussy hole. Putting his hardness againest my hole I lowered myself on to him taking him inch by inch into my ready cunt. lowering myself slowly onto his hard shaft antill he was again deep in my hole. I then just sat over him feeling his cock throbbing in me. He started to push into me deeper antill he was so deep in my cunt he was conpleatly buried in me fucking in and out of me gently. he fucked me for a while like this then asked me to turn around so he could wank my hard cock as he fucked me. move up and down his cock to meet his thrusts into me fucking perfectly meeting and then parting but never coming out of my pussy. Getting faster and faster as he got more and more excited. he then asked me to lay on my side so I got off his cock and lay down. he moved behind me I felt him come closer to me feeling him guild his cock to my enterance. pushing forwards he soon had his cock once more in my hole. He lay with his hard cock deep in my pussy not moving I could hardly wait to feel him once more thrusting into me so I statrted to pyush back againest him. This started to get him wanting to fuck my hole again. he was soon moving in and out of my hot welcoming cunt. driving deeper and deeper into me getting faster and faster. I thought he will not last long at the speed his cock was fucking my pussy. I was sooooooooooo wrong he just kept fucking and fucking my hole going so deep it was wonderful to feel his cock reachind sooooooooooooo deep i started to cum mysrelf but not a cock cum a cum deep in my hoel I held on to the side of the bed as his cock when into over drive fucking me so fast and hard. then he stiffened as his cock throbbed deep inmy cunt exploding with his cum shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum in my hole going still like a steam train. with one final thrust he emptyed his sac once more into my will hole my hole was holding his cock and thrubbing with pleasure as he started to slow down antill he was just laying there is cock still enbedded in me. Final pulling out he lay breathing heavly smiling. So I rolled his comdon off and agian licked and sucked his cock clean. After resting a while he told me he had to go so he dressed and I lead him to the door and kissed him goodbye he promist to cum and see me again so I am meeting him again thissaturday. I will let you know what happens later hugs sherryxxx