Written by Jimmy

16 Mar 2006

This really happened. I was working in a store for a friend putting stock up. It was to rarly to open when I noticed this married guy I talked to a few times at the door. He was married to a beautiful Asian and I seemed to have a feeling he had the hots for senior guys. I was right. I was 62 at the time and had and still do a nice built. He had about 20 colored shots of his wife in all kinds of outfits. I thought hey this guy wants me to fuck his wife. But my first guess was right. I knew he was looking at my crotch but it takes us vintage guys awhile to get it up. As much sex as I get when it happenens I'm not a bit shy.

He asked me what I thought and I told him she was hot and he was lucky. He then asked if I got horney I told him yes. He said it doesn't look it and it was twiching and I said you want to see. We got away from the door and I pulled it out. It had a healthy pink look. I skined it back and sort of offered it to him. He bent over and put it in his mouth.

Wow what a feeling. A young good looking guy with a sexy wife wanted to blow me. It started to really get good and I could see custumers outside and told him I've got to open & if he wanted to finish at 4:30 I'll wait for him. He came back earlier which I was glad as I was horney all day fantasising me shooting in his mouth. I locked up and we took our places and he gave me a long hot suck. I held his head and pictured his wife whaching us and my balls felt like the weren't holding much longer. If you think old men don't have intence orgasms guess again. I fucked his mouth hard and furious and he returned the deed with hard. He called a couple of times and wanted me to do him also. I think cum is revolting unless it's mine being sucked out.