Written by andi - aberdeen :-)

20 Mar 2005

I put an ad in the SH , i was up in Aberdeen and i wanted some fun but the only day available was the 9th March .

I had a few replys but one that caught my eye was from i will call him Mr A .

We exchanged e-mails and then A gave me his mobile number i was staying in a Hotel in Aberdeen which was clean and private .

When i met Mr A we went for a couple of drinks and then we went to my room , im also into xdressing and so was Mr A .

I got changed in the bathroom while Mr A got ready in the main room i was wearing white stay up stockings and a blcak thong Mr A wore Black stockings and sussies and a black thong we stroked and caressed each other , i was stroking his cock thru his panties then i saw his cock it was above average size but very thick , i got on my knees and took it all in my mouth feeling it grow in my mouth .

I sucked him hard and deep and he was moaning , i told him to lay down on the bed there i carried on giving him goog head then it was my turn , i offered my cock to Mr A and he sucked it all in , he knew how to give head i looked down at his errect cock and i moved down and in the 69 position we sucked and enjoyed each others cock .

We carried on sucking , kissing stoking i was finger fucking Mr A arse then i tounged out hias arse he was pushing back on my tounge which was horney .

He said he wanted me to fuck him , the thought of fucking him in his undies was a turn on i put on a condom and we tryed different positions but the best was with Mr a ON TOP he could control my cock in his arse we fucked for i while i was wanking his cock as we fucked he said he was going to cum which he splashed on my chest and face i was fucking him as he splashed .

I t was my turn i was wanking my cock and he was rubbing may balls my cock twitched and i came all over his chest and i rubbed it in .

It was a great experiance and i cant wait to try it again .

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