Written by Tania

25 Feb 2005

The following is taken from an email I wrote to one of my admirers. One of his foremost fantasies is cuckolding... Read on and draw your own conclusions about this unusual practice!

"I do not let men use me, I use THEM to satisfy my cravings. I get what I want and then I kick them out of the house without even allowing them the luxury of washing themselves. Once they have fulfilled their usefulness, what good are they to me?

The most cruel thing I have done so far is to ask a man over to clean the house for me and prepare me to receive another man.

Whilst he is cleaning the house he thinks he must be a fool to let me use him as a domestic when there is nothing in it for him. He seethes secretly but is strangely turned on to think of himself as an object.

Then he helps me get into my sexy lingerie and brushes my hair, his hands trembling with desire but my cold steely gaze prevents him from kissing or fondling me.

The doorbell rings and he eyes his contender with hatred. He is a young stud who will probably give me a lot of pleasure tonight. I hand my cuckold his jacket and show him the door. The other guy asks 'who is that?' before the cuckold has moved out of hearing range. 'Nobody!' I respond and close the door.

That word stabs him like a dagger in his heart. He sits in his car wondering what to do next, feeling lost and envious. He is a nobody in my eyes, just a thing. And why not, he thinks, of course I am nobody, what do I have to give her that she can't get from other men? I am not that virile any more, not handsome, not rich - of course she is right to think of me as an object when she is so young and beautiful and bursting with life.

He begins rubbing his aching cock and the rubbing turns into frantic masturbation. Right there, in my street, where everyone can see him and call the police. The danger of the situation turns him on.

He fantasises me with my stud crying out in ecstasy as he pushes the right buttons. He knows how long it takes me to cum so he regulates his release to coincide with mine. And, when it is the right time in his mind, he lets his cum spurt all over the steering wheel, a bit of saliva drooling from his mouth as he jerks uncontrollably in the throes of his orgasm.

He looks at his hand, all smeared with thick cum. He has no tissues and he knows what I would command him to do if I was there, so he proceeds to licking his hand clean, tasting his own semen and liking it.

Oh well, that was a fantasy of course but somehow I suspect you will enjoy it... very very much!"