Written by Trainer

17 May 2006

it all started when my recently seperated neighbour had her rear garden emptied of the building rubble. Chloe started to park her car in the rear garden, but due to her not having a small gate she had to open the gate from the inside and then drive the car around to park it. As I'm between jobs at the present I offered to do some work to allow her to open the gate from the alleyway.

I had just finished when she came out and asked if I wanted a drink, I said I'd put the tools away and then come into.

So we sat in her front room next to each other on the setee, as she had washing piled up in the chair drinking and chatting. She was very thankful and lent forward a little as I went to stand up, we found our lips about an inch away from each other at this point, taking the moment I just moved that little bit more and our lips met, she nearly ate me in one gulp. As she was sucking me into her face my hands went to her tits, outside her top to start off with, but having no resistance I soon moved them under her top and inside her bra, her nippples were rock hard, I'd seen them under her top on previous occasions and dreamt about sucking on them. I let myself drop from her mouth and soon had my lips around her nipples. At the same time I tugged at her slacks and knickers, god she was hairy, she couldn't have shaved since she kicked her ex out. I just moved down and pushed her legs apart and went to work on her clit, I didn't need to do too much work before she started to shake and moan loudly as she grabbed the back of my head and tried to push it up her twat. Wow what an orgasm.

I stood up and let her take my track bottoms down she dropped down in front of me and began to suck me, she wasn't very good at it, she told me later she never had done it before as she thought it dirty, but given the orgasm I gave her with my tongue she wanted to return the favour.

I pulled her up and spread her legs and dropped into her snatch and fucked her until I was coming I pulled out and sprayed it over her tits and face.

She smiled and looked sated. I took her by the hand and lead her upstairs to her bedroom. she lay on the bed and rubbed my spunk into her body.

I pushed her down to my cock and got her to suck it again to get it hard at which point I turned her over and fucked her doggy.

I look forward to any other jobs she wants me to do.