Written by JLP

27 Apr 2006

I replied to an advert on SH for a guy wanting a wank buddy. I had always been fascinated by other guys' cocks and the thought of wanking with another guy was a bit turn on. I replied and waited. I got a reply quite quickly and after a few exchanges of email we arranged to meet at Jon's house. I was very nervous as i knocked on the door, but after a few minutes talking we both seemed to relax.

Jon said he had got a DVD all ready and so pressed the button and the screen filled with naked bodies - guys and girls all sucking cock. I had come this far so thought what the hell - in for a penny..... I suggested we got more comfortable and stood up and took my clothes off. I found it really horny to strip off in front of another guy. Soon we were both naked on his sofa watching the porno. I was slowly wanking my cock, watching as he played with his cock as well. I looked back at the TV, but then felt his hand on my thigh. His fingers teased my balls and soon he was cupping my balls in his hands. Before long he had moved in front on me and knelt on the floor wanking my cock. This was the first time another guy had touched my cock and it felt wonderful. He then leant forward and put his lips around the head of my cock,before taking my length into his mouth. He took all of my cock into his mouth, obviously not for the first time - he had practised this before. As he sucked me off I felt his fingers gently teasing my arse. He had such a light touch and the feeling was superb. Beofre I knew it he was licking my balls and then my arse, pulling my cheeks apart and licking my hole. He continued to work on me, getting me relaxed until he comfortabley had two fingers up me. Have you ever been fucked before he asked. No I said. Do you want to feel my cock up you? I did not need asking twice. He slowly fed his cock into me, gently and once inside he started to pump me. It was a strange feeling - but the pleasure far outweighed any brief pain. He fucked me harder and harder before finally shooting his hot spunk all over my cock and balls. I went for a wank, but got far more than I bargained for.