Written by jan

29 Dec 2004

"dont cook a meal tonight.a taxi will call at 7pm.wear a frock suitable for dinner but bring your babydoll and crutchless panties in an overnight bag."

that was the note my husband had left me before he'd gone to work.

i smiled at the thought of a romantic dinner at an hotel before we retired to our room to further our attempt to instill the excitment we'd agreed was missing from our marriage.we'd roll played several senario's and had confessed certain fantasy's.mine being to have sex with more than one man and his being to book into a hotel and hire a high class prostitute to entertain him for the night.

i spent the day imagining how i would act out his fantasy and what i'd say,how i'd please him.

the taxi duly arrived and took me to one of my suspected destinations and my husband met me at the door with a big grin.i waited in the foyer as he took my bag to our room and he returned to usher me into the restaraunt where we dined as though meeting for the first time.i enacted my part proudly,as i thought a high class hooker might and indulged myself in the freeflowing champagne.

on arrival at the room after a sexually charged meal,i excused myself to the bathroom and changed into my sexy attire....to return and find myself confronted with the sight of my husband laying naked on the bed beside another man that had his cock proudly diplayed above his base held fingers!

"you dont mind do you? only your agency said you'd happily accommadate 2 of us" my husband said with a wicked grin.

i happily stepped into the role and had a fabulous night of spitroasted pleasure,reality being better than the fantasy as i was fucked while sucking cock, every which way,orgasms galore as my clit was tongued and cunt deeply penetrated,my mouth always busy with a hard erection of one or the other,culminating at one point with my desire to have my tits splattered in sticky spunk as i had a twitching cock explode over my tongue..oh my how good it felt to spread that cockjuice over my nipples as i rolled hubby's sexgoo with my tongue.

full marks for his initiative and a gigilo worth every penny!