Written by Oliver's Wife

15 Aug 2004

I got tired of waiting for my husband to write the sequel to the story of the day he fucked fat Annie (2 June 2004). I want you to imagine the situation. I am sitting here, naked, dictating the story to him sitting also naked at the computer. So the word are mine the grammar is his.

I had always told my husband that if he was unfaithful I didn’t want to know. I didn’t want him going with some other woman , feeling guilty and confess. If I caught him there would be hell to pay. He had some experience during his first marriage and claimed to have discovered that the greatest aphrodisiac was another person in the bed. They had found that it didn’t even need to be the same bed, just the knowledge that your partner is fucking someone else is a turn-on. I had to admit that when he told me about other women I got very turned on. That’s why I sent him across in broad daylight to fuck our neighbour.

As soon as he left the house the jealousy kicked in, but at the same time there was an itch between my legs. It was like a battle between conflicting emotions and the more it went on the hornier I got. I do not play with myself, but that day I wished I did. I was soaking wet and in the end I stripped off waiting for him to come back. He had certainly won round one I was turned on, but could he perform like he’d told me. “When you know there’s another woman waiting, your cock stay’s hard, even after you‘ve come.”

When I saw him walk up the path I was shocked to see there was definitely something in his trousers. I met him at the door and we went into a clinch with his tongue down my throat. I don’t remember him undressing, but the next thing I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth. It was still all gooey with his come and her juices and I was so aroused it tasted wonderful. Having shot his first load in Annie we were able to take our time. There was no suggestion of rolling over and going to sleep! Even after he had finally filled me, his cock still seemed to stay hard. He even suggested he should go back over the road!

This all left me with mixed emotions. I asked him how he would feel if I did it to him and he told me it had happened with his first wife and he had never felt his cock so hard as when she was out on the town. He said there is only one condition, you tell me everything about it. A blow by blow account.

I don’t have a lot of friends and I told one of the neighbours who immediately invited me out on a girls night out so I could get to know them a bit better. Oliver agreed and even helped me choose what to wear.

“What are you going to do?” he asked, “as if I need to ask.”

“I’m going to dance, get merry and if the opportunity arises, get fucked.” I was astonished that when I kissed him goodbye he was rock hard. I thought to myself, I better get laid if it’s going to have that effect!

As it happened we never got to dance, it was quite clear that some of my new friends were on the same mission and after the initial chat session in the pub the group was slowly shrinking as members slid away. Then we were down to two of us and were approached by a couple of blokes, one of which I found really quite attractive. My new found girlfriend gave me a piece of advice. ”Don’t forget it’s a one night stand, don’t go getting involved in emotions, you only want his body.”

It turned out he was called James and was quite a bit older than me. We talked about allsorts of things, but in the end started going round in circles, so I said. “We both know what we’re here for, have you got somewhere to take me?”

Back to his house, and opened a bottle of wine. Have you girls noticed how slow men are at coming forward at this stage of proceedings. In the end we were naked and he wasn’t badly hung. Oliver won’t believe he wasn’t bigger than him, but he wasn’t.

“How does my lady like to be made love to?”

“I don’t know, take me where you lead. As we will almost certainly never be here again I want something different, I don‘t want the usual chew my tits and fuck me. If it goes wrong it will be my fault, I asked you.”

His initial approach was fairly normal , with gentle caresses, but I suddenly found my hands tied behind my back. It was strange, he nuzzled my neck he fondled my breasts and he kissed me deeply, but I was unable to respond physically without my hands. I have very sensitive tits and was horrified when I watched him put a bulldog clip on each nipple. After the initial pressure I found the feeling extremely exiting. Periodically he would remove them and the blood rushing back into my nipples made it feel like they were going to explode.

In a stranger’s house, hands tied behind my back! Was I mad? He gently pushed me down and tied my legs wide open to the bottom corners of the bed. His lips went to my pussy and I loved the loss of control. I was unable to stop him, I was wide, vulnerable and aroused. I tried to pull my legs together, but of course the cords prevented me. Just to let me know who was in charge he tweaked the bulldog clips on my nipples sending pain and pleasure through me. He got on top of me in the classic sixty nine position. I thought it was because he expected me to suck his cock, but he kept his knees very straight so I could only reach the tip. He had moved round so he could lick my cunt and arse. Then a finger went in. I have to be highly aroused to enjoy my arse being played with but this time I was aching for him to push as many fingers up there as would fit. But the bastard didn’t, everything was left underplayed making me want more. I wanted these things off my tits, but only so he could bite them even harder!

“What would my lady like now? A good shagging, a suck on my cock, a good stiff dick up the arse, or the mystery surprise?” I chose the surprise and felt my legs being untied. I was then turned over and pulled down the bed so that I was kneeling on the floor with my top half lying on the bed. I was just thinking, it is going to be up the arse, when a stinging slap took my breath away. The sharp pain of a spank gives way to a glorious warmth and tingle. Another and then another. I realised later that the first one had been really quite gentle because I began to want each one to be harder than the last. It’s wasn’t just my buttocks that were glowing, but my whole pelvic region.

Then he did something I’ve never had done to me before, not that I’ve ever been spanked quite so seriously before. He changed the angle he was slapping so that his hand was hitting the fattest part of one buttock with the bony part of his fingers sliding between my crack hitting either my clit or my arse. I bucked up with surprise and fell back orgasming. He left a long time between slaps giving me time to recover between orgasms.

Eventually he said he’d got to put his cock in and I asked him not to come. Even though I was wide open he felt huge. He told me that the heat of my spanked bum felt wonderful. He said if I did it with my husband I should get him to use a belt and to spank my tits with it. I was very close to telling him to do it himself.

“I’m sure you’re close to coming, if I suck you off is there enough in you balls to do me properly?”

He said there was and, hands finally untied, I sat on the bed and took his cock into my mouth, he was amazingly similar to Oliver. I could tell that he was close because as soon as I sucked the pre-cum poured out. When he came there was an awful lot. His cock drooped, but didn’t go completely soft. After a few minutes I sucked him hard again and he asked front or back and I chose front. When it put it in it reminded me of how Oliver was on fat Annie’s day. Having shot his load only twenty minutes before he gave me a good second helping. After we came down he called a taxi and I went home.

Oliver was naked when I got home, with one of the biggest erections I’ve ever seen.

“You did, didn’t you?” he said and I nodded. “I knew you had because my cock has been like this since you left and then about an hour ago got even bigger. I bet it was when he was fucking you It’s so big it hurts.”

I still had to tell him all about it before we got down to any action, but when it came it was stunning. I’ve read stories where the woman says she has been fucked so much she’s sore, but until that night I never believed them. And yes, I do get my bottom warmed from time to time!