Written by Nat

5 Jan 2006

Although I knew I was going travelling I had to get a job to cover the period before I actually went. I was lucky enough to get a job working for a house builder. I basically sat in the showhouse all day and showed potential customers around. My office was actually the garage which had been converted.

It was pretty boring but I used to sit outside and have a bit of banter with the builders, however they tended to go home at 4pm. There were a lot more customes at the weekend and on the day in question what I classed as a wealthy couple view the house, he was telling me that they bought properties to rent out.

I showed them over the house and they seemed quite impressed, she was in very expensive clothing and had what smelt like very expensive perfume on. I found that when showing them small rooms she would push herself close to me, I didn't think much of it. I finished the tour and they thanked me and said they would be i touch, just before leaving she asked me what time the show house closed on a week day.

A week passed and then on the Friday it was just getting to closing time when I heard a car pull up, I looked out and it was the posh lady who had been in the previous weekend. As she got out of her BMW I noticed she had fabulous long legs. She entered the show house and asked if she could look round, I mentioned that I was supposed to be shutting "Thats okay honey, you just lock the door behind me". I decided it couldn't do any harm and did lock the door. She quickly did the downstairs and then climbed the stairs, she was wearing a full length fur coat. I let her go up alone but she beckoned me to follow. I climbed the stairs and she disappeared into the bedroom.

As I turned the corner to the bedroom I noticed the fur coat lying on the floor, she was stood by the wardrobe wearing a basque and stockings. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. "Now isn't this worth working late for" she enquired. I answered by moving towards her and kissing her passionately on the lips, "That's my boy" she said to me. I ran my tongue down her neck, across her shoulders and down to her boobs, they were popping out of the basque, I slid a finger inside the basque and flipped her boob out and caressed it with my hand, then had a go with my tongue.

I carried on kissing her body, underneath her boobs, her ribs, her stomach, as I lowered myself I could smell her pussy juices. Eventually I dropped to my knees and ran my fingers over her pussy. I unclipped the poppers and slid my hand up her thigh to her moist snatch, I fingered her for a while and then had a taste of her beautifully juices. Her pussy was perfectly trimmed and my tongue explored everywhere around her crutch area. I wanted to shag her now and all I could think about what getting my cock inside her. I stood and started to kiss her, "I want you" I said, "The bed" she replied, "No the floor" I said,I couldn't afford cum stains on the bedding. I was now tearing at my clothes in an attempt to get them off, she lay on the floor beneath me, I was naked apart from my socks, I dropped to the floor and got my eager cock inside her. She was a game bird and was thrusting back with every thrust that I gave her, she told me how much she loved fucking and I asked about what sort of fucking and to my amazement she said anal. I had never tried anal but was up for anything, we pulled apart and she crawled to get her coat, from this she produced some lubricant, I put it over my bell-end and she got on all fours so I could lube her arse. Slowly and gently I pushed my cock into her arse, I cant deny it hurt and then there was what felt like a pop as it slid into her arsehole, I was so turned on I thought I would cum straight away. I slowly pushed in and out of her arse, I noticed she was balancing on one hand and had the other buried in her slit, her arse was tight and I felt myself increasing the strokes. As she stroked her clit she told me she was cumming, this turned me on and I felt myself cum in her tight arse. We both collapsed on the floor in a heap. After a short resting period we got dressed and set off down stairs, just before she left she smiled and said she was meant to come and give me a deposit, but how ironic it was that I had deposited in her. A week later she returned with her husband and did put a deposit down on a house.