Written by Priam

17 Nov 2005

L is my wife G's best friend. Been friends for years. We've mixed socially with her and her husband for a long time with nothing at all out of the ordinaary happening.

Last week G phoned me at work to say that L had phoned. Her husband, a jumbo pilot, was in Chicago and would L like to go to the Harvey Nick's card holders evening. I told L sure she should go, I could make dinner for both of them and we could eat when they were through. About 8.30 L phoned, I could hear the noise of shoppers in the background, they'd had a great time and would be home in half an hour. When they arrived a really nice dinner was ready, a bottle of white wine chilled and on the table. They were both delighted, and a little giggly - HN's had been dishing up the fizz and they'd both had a couple of glasses.

Over dinner the girls were in great form. The night had been fun, although they had not bought as much as they had expected. L had tried on a really nice dress but it was too small. She had however bough a gorgeous pair of heels, black satin, you could wear them without anything else she said to much giggling. Beyond that both of them had just bought some lingerie. I said let me see, but they said after dinner.

After dinner we went to our sitting room, taking the bottle with us. As you can imagine after the champagne and a couple of glasses of wine the girls were in boisterous mood. The sitting room has three large sofas set in a squared off "U" facing a coal fire which was lit. I had the lights low and some gentle jazz on the CD. The girls brought the bags in and we settled on the sofas. I expected to be just shown the purchases but to my surprise G said would she try them on. L and I both said yes. My next, and greater, surprise came when G rather than go to our bedroom to change into the lingerie simply went behind the sofa at the bottom of the "U", facing the fire, and began to strip off. L giggled and cheered, I was quiet but grinning inanely and, I guess, beginning to visibly swell. G's lower half was hidden by the sofa but as she peeled off her pullover and bra her perky 34C's were in full view for a moment or to before she put on a new, black, low cut La Perla bra. She also clearly removed her trousers and put on something below before swirling out in the matching black La Perla panties, suspender belt and stockings - she'd also put her black high heels back on. I was delighted, and made it clear, I'd been trying to persuade her to get stockings and suspenders for ages, but without success. L was laughing and said she'd talked G into it with a little help from the champers.G did a twirl in front of us, wiggling her bum in the course of it, and then flopped on the sofa beside me to much applause. G then said to L it was her turn and without batting an eyelid L picked up her HN bag and simply went behind the sofa where G had stripped. I glanced nervously and furtively at G, but she was just sipping her wine nd lolling pretty provocatively on the sofa. Seeing me said "Do you like them" indicating her outfit and as I confirmed my very great approval the little minx briefly stroked my very swollen prick through my cord jeans. As if this was not enough, we had never done this in public or with someone else before, at this moment L swirled in front of us. she was wearing a really pretty peach and cream basque with a tiny matching thong and the, admittedly lovely and very sexy black satin high heels. L is fleshy, not fat, and has a full -36D she boasted - bust. The basque forced these great rouded melons up and out in a stunning way. To her demands of what did we think we both cheered. I'm by this time straining at the trouser material and L is openly stroking my thigh.. Lthen asked "what about the shoes". I said fabulous and G said that L was right they did'nt need anything else on. L said "you think so?" and, I'm almost gasping, she unhooks the basque, allowing it to fall away, revealing those large shapely tits, then hooking a finger into the waistband of the thong and slowly peeling it off. L is now standing, grinning aand twirling, stark naked in front of us, she has nice legs and a lovely pussy crack with a neat small runway of trimmed pubes going up towards her belly button. As this is happening G undoes my flys and trouser belt, the cock leaps out and she begins to wank me her head descending to my crotch as she begins to suck my balls. L then pulls my trousers and pants down as I struggle to get my shirt off. Pretty soon L and I are naked, save for her great shoes. I push G's head up and take her bra off, L tugs her panties off and gasps in delight at the completely smooth (at considerable expense) fanny area. When we are all unrobed I am led to the floor and gently made to lie down. L straddles me easing her swollen, purplish labia, over my distended purple plum head and riding slowly up and down the erect shaft. She frigs her protuberant clit. G squats over mf face and gently undulates while I lick her cunt hole and suck her lips.

It does'nt get much better. I'm very into shopping!