Written by lostboy

25 Sep 2006

I was the drum roadie for my mate and this one gig we did i took my g/f with me for the night,it ended up with her getting pissed as a fart and she started to flirt with my mate,she always wears short skirts and tight tops which show off her ample breasts.At the end of the gig I packed his drums away and we set off back to his house,I was in a ford galaxy with all but 2 seats at the back removed so she sat next to him in the back in the middle i was feeling very horny by now wandering how far this would go so i altered the rear view mirror so it was facing down onto there laps after a couple of miles it went a bit quiet in the back so i looked in the mirror and she was rubbing her hands up and down his jeans leg and very close to his tackle,I could tell he was enjoying it by the way his jeans were bulging out,she then ran a finger tip up his cock which made him squirm a bit,of course they didnt know i was watching what was going on.I could see right up her skirt to her white panties cus her legs were a bit open by then,the randy sod then put his hand on her bare leg and he started caressing her thigh getting higher and higher until he touched her panties and was rubbing her damp patch that had formed,she then pulled his zipper down and pulled his cock out and wrapped her hand round it and started wanking him slowly,he then slipped his fingers under her panties and it was obvious he had slipped a couple up her wet hole,I was hard as a rock by now and strugglin to keep my eyes on the road,we were getting near to his house by now and they quickly made themselves tidy as we turned into his drive to un load the car.After we had finished my mate made us a drink and we sat and chatted for a while but i was still horny as hell and I could tell that my missus was as well so i made an excuse to go to the toilet telling them that i might be a while as i had a pretend bad tummy.He has a small house that has a balcony overlooking his front room and his sofa was directly underneath the stairs,I went up to the loo and quickly crept out and peered over the balcony.The dirty cow had his cock out already and was sucking him like no tomorrow he was leaning back with a look of pure bliss on his face as she deep throated him,he then got up and knelt in front of her and pulled her to the edge of the sofa pulled her panties to one side and buried his cock straight up her and pounded away at her pussy for only about 3 minutes until he stiffened up and spunked right up her,they quickly returned to normal as they heard me flush the toilet and come back downstairs to join them again i must admit they both were looking very hot and sweaty and guilty lol.Once I got her home I stripped her and went down on her and tasted his fresh cum before fucking her sensless,I told her then what I had seen and that i loved it,we then had many a happy night having threesomes.