Written by Marathon man

3 Dec 2006

This happened about five years ago. My girlfriend, Sue and I lived in a village with the usual one pub and not alot else. We invited my mate and his wife over one Friday evening and we all went to the pub and settled in for the evening.

The drinks were flowing nicely and we all had a great evening laughing and joking. As we had all drunk far too much to drive my mate Steve and his wife Rachel decided to stay the night at ours and go home in the morning.

We went back to ours and had another drink. I had just bought a new video camera and we started playing around with it. Sue was standing in the doorway of our lounge, out of sight of Steve and Rachel and I started filming her, she then lifted up her blouse and flashed her tits. I was laughing and Steve asked what was going on. I showed him the playback and I could see he was well pleased with what he saw.

He then took the camera and I was soon looking at Rachel's tits on the small screen. This carried on for a while and it ended up with one couple standing in the hall while the other couple filmed in the lounge. The couple in the hall would then watch the scene the other couple had shot and then it was their turn.

Our last scene was Sue sucking my cock in just her knickers. I then pulled her knickers down and started to lick her out. Sue was loving this and shouted 'come in now' I looked up at her and she was smiling at me. Steve and Rachel came through the door to find me between Sues legs licking for England.

Rachel immediately grabbed Steve's cock and started sucking him off. He in turn stripped her off so there was now four of us naked in the lounge, video forgotten.

Sue wispered to me 'Fuck me, please fuck me' I needed no second invitation and was soon buried deep in Sue's cunt banging away. I looked over at Steve and he was still being sucked by Rachel but was watching us fuck.

I pulled out of Sue and said 'your turn mate' Steve looked at Rachel and she just smiled. He was straight over to Sue and she took his 7" straight up her, bucking away.

I looked at Rachel and she took me straight in her mouth licking Sue's juices off my cock. I had never seen my girlfriend with anyone else before and it was a very sexual feeling. Steve was humping her big time and Sue was moaning loudly. I could see she had moved one of her hands round and was caressing his balls and arse as he thrust into her. Steve then turned her round onto all fours and started fucking her from behind. I could see him pulling open her bum cheeks exposing her arsehole. That will always be the ultimate to me, my girlfriend totally exposed to my mate. It was too much for me and I spurted loads of cum into Rachel's mouth. She swallowed most of it and some ran down her chin.

I could tell Sue was close to coming and she started to get very vocal which caused Steve to pump faster. Soon Sue was coming and I saw Steve's arse clench as he pumped his seed inside my girlfriend. It was a sight I will never forget.

Steve and Rachel stayed the weekend and we fucked each others partners several times more. Steve got his cock up Sue's arse which we had only tried once ourselves before. I loved fucking Rachel but looking back got my biggest thrill from watching Sue getting fucked by Steve.

It was a wonderful weekend which we repeated several times. Amazingly we all ended up apart, Steve and Rachel split up as did Sue and I. I still wank to the memories though!