Written by asiya

8 Jun 2004

I have to tell you about my amazing experience it happened on Sunday we were having some work done by some builders extension to our house, im a Asian lady aged 41 married with 3 children and my husband was out , the builders were doing their work with me providing tea and biscuits, I had tight asian clothes on and you could see my large breasts the builders Andy and Steve began to gte really close and touching my hands and blinking at me was shocked a i have never been with another man with out my hubby, but I was getting really wet and with the sun I went upstairs to change into something more comfortable to my surprise andy came up in his thirty’s and came in my room and comes over to me and begins touching me all over , I get so excited that I lie down on my bed with my bra and knickers Andy rips them off without hesitation and there he could see my hairy pussy all wet, he begins to insert his cock in me very thick 9+ and fucking me silly I was enjoying it very much he pulls it out and makes me suck it he comes all in my mouth which I swallow then fucks me in my ass which I have never had before it was painful but very enjoyable , I notice someone coming upstairs with stairs making a squeaky noise and steve arrives and smiles and says I knew it, Steve fucks me for hours as Andy wanks all over me , I get fucked for hours which I enopyed then thye go home and say that they will be back on yuesday, my husband arrives home only to find me in the shower he says hows your day been I say ok, but I promise not to do it again as I love my husband very much and he is very faithful to me