Written by Scottish Lady

5 Aug 2006

This is a true story, so, of course, names have been changed to protect the innocent...

I work in a busy office, and often have to attend business meetings. One way I like to get my fun is dressing in sexy gear. Low cut tops to show off my tits to best effect, skirts that have long splits, just high enough to show the tops of my stockings (which, of course, have to be silk and seamed...), killer heels - you get the picture?

Now, I'm quite lucky, as my partner just loves the thought of me being fucked by other guys - the more the merrier,as far as he's concerned. Ideally, he'd love to see a video of me getting cock every which way I can. So the other day, when I knew I had a chance to have some fun at work, I left my partner a note, telling him I had shaved my pussy, put on my best stockings and not to bother trying to call me, because I'd be 'otherwise engaged'.

The morning went by really quickly. I was so horny my fanny was moist and swollen in anticpaion. My colleague, Robert had sent me a really dirty email saying what he had planned for the afternoon. He also asked if it was alright to bring along his friend, Alan. This turned me on right away, so I had to go to the ladies, and rub my pulsating clitoris for a while. I could feel the tension already building, and thought if I didn't come there and then, I'd never last as soon as I met them. So, I took my hand with my long red nails, and thrust them down my pants. God, I was randy! My knickers were already soaking, and I could smell that familiar musky smell, alerting me I was ready for a good shag!

Finally, I left my office for my 'meeting'. I met Robert and Alan at Robert's office. He shut the blinds to give us some privacy from the prying eyes of his minions. I could barely wait, I was so turned on. I asked him about his email, suggesting what he had in mind would be too risky for his office. I sat opposite him, on his desk, hitched up my skirt and opened my legs, giving him a flash of my wet panties. I could see his cock getting hard, there and then. Alan said he agreed with me, and so we set off for his place.

As I had never met Alan before, I suggested we sit in the back of the car, while Robert did the driving. This gave me a chance to size him up before we got to his house. Lucky me, again! His dick was a good ten inches, and thick, to boot! I started rubbing it, and watched in glee until it reached its full ten inches. I had to give him a little taster right then, so began licking the tip and taking it in my mouth. I just love licking cock, and the thought of his tasty, creamy spunk in my mouth made my fanny twitch, unbearably.

When we got into the house, Robert headed straight for the DVDs and put one on. It was Ben Dover - one of my favourites, as I prefer seeing people just like me getting well fucked!

Alan came back from the kitchen with a bottle of champagne (obviously liked to do things in style?) and three glasses. We sipped the ice cold champagne for all of about a minute before Robert got down on his knees in front of me, pulled my knees forward until I was on my back, and pulled my knickers to the side, licking my fanny. My juices began to flow right away...

Next thing I knew, he was easing his fingers inside me, and opening me up - lapping at my clit, all the while. I was lying back in ecstasy with my eyes shut, when I felt something hard going inside me. It wasn't his cock though - it was the champagne bottle, complete with Moet & Chandon! My fanny had just turned into some sort of bizarre champagne receptacle!! The bubbles tingled, and Robert slurped away hungrily at my shaved pussy. I looked over at Alan, who also had his penis in his hand, and was rubbing it slowly, as he watched on.

I beckoned him over, telling him to straddle me and put his cock in my mouth. Hmmm, heaven! One cock in the mouth, and my fanny being licked. Despite having come earlier, I couldn't contain myself any longer. My head was about to burst, and the tremors ran through my body like an earthquake. My mouth tightened round Alan's dick, as I writhed in ecstasy. As he came up to kiss me, Robert said he was sure I had actually ejaculated. It wouldn't have been the first time!

By now Alan was caressing my breasts, and licking my rock-hard nipples. He said he wanted to smeg all over my tits - and frankly, who was I to argue? His huge cock was brick hard and getting darker purple. Suddenly it erupted with force, showering me in his hot spunk. I ran my fingers across my tits, hungrily licking the spunk off (as I DO love the taste of spunk).

Feeling a little jealous, Robert asked me to get on to my knees so he could have some of the action. He pumped me hard from behind. I could feel his cock banging against me, inside. It was quite painful, but in some sort of sado-masochistic way, I shouted at him to fuck me all the harder. My fanny was wide open, and still soaking wet. I could hardly remember being so horny!

I made Robert wear a condom (well, I DID want to be responsible!). He must have shafted me for about fifteen minutes, when suddenly he grasped my ass and let out the most incredible gasp, as he came. As he collapsed on the sofa, I pulled the condom off his dick, as it got soft, and thirstily sucked the spunk out of the condom. Waste not, want not...

The afternoon continued much like this. I think I came about four times and the guys each came about two or three times - in my mouth, in their condoms, on my tits, over my arse, over my shaven fanny (ladies, make sure you try this - hot spunk on a smooth fanny, rubbed in to your clit honestly will give you one of the most intense orgasms you'll ever have!).

So it was time to go home. I got in, exhausted... "Well?" asked my partner. "Hmmm - I'm all shagged out - what an afternoon!", I said. It was true - I was knackered - but not so much so, that my fanny didn't start to twitch all over again, as he unzipped his jeans to reveal his own, huge cock - standing to attention and ready for action!

As the title of the story goes - 'all in a day's work'!