Written by wetanwarm

5 Sep 2006

my husband and i decided to have a villa on one the carribean islands blue water white sand hot sunshine perfect, we met a guy that was a cab driver and we asked him to show us the local sites and drive us about , on day we asked him to find us a secluded beach for some swimming and sun bathing, he took us to the perfect beach,i decided to go toples as no one was around and asked the driver if he would like to swim as it was so hot . wow what a shock just through his shorts i could see the guy was hung like a stallion! at least 8 inch soft and thick!we are occasional swingers , and hubby could see i was getting a little hot for this guy.we splashed about in the sea and he brushed my bare breast a couple of times and he was growing hard and big ,and a bit emmbarassed ,hubby could see what was happening and wispered to me condom and off he went for a walk , this guy was amazing so big and so hard we were alone and he was touching me and i was so wet already that i could not wait to feel his huge cock i put my hand on to his cock and i could feel him tremble my hand could not go all they way around this man hood , i carressed it with pure admiration longing for it to fill me up he was very nervous but jusy as eager as me , the condom was to small to fit all of his cock , and as it slipped into me i thought it would never stop,i have never had such intense orgasm over and over again, i want more of this i thought to myself , and the pleasure was pure , wet now just thinking about this , all inclusive yes definatly.