Written by ed

12 Jun 2006

I was asked by my workmate, Tony, if I would mind his new girlfriend bringing her neighbour along on our usual Thursday night out in Bury, It seemed fine to me, I didn't know what to expect, but was intruiged at the thought of a new face to meet....

When Amanda turned up, I was fascinated straight away, and we got chatting as the night went on and the drinks went down.

It was a real shock when we were leaning in towardseach other, kindred spirits, unhappily married, and then the magic began.

It started by the recognition that neither of us would pressure the other, eyes wide open, and ' woud you like to see me monday?..'

Well I knew what path I was treading!

So monday came, and we met in a pub, butterflies of anticipation as I drove to Felixtowe and we chatted over coffee, both not caring about the drink on the table before us.

Later as we kissed in the car, parked on the clifftop, the pace quickened as our hands fumbled around, I slid my hand under her top and cupped her perfect breasts, feeling the erect nipples stiffen, then as I stroked the back of her neck, Amanda undid my flies and laid her head down, gently sucking on my cock as I watched people walking by only 10 feet away in the afterglow. As the excitement grew, her head bobbed up and down my cock, knowing her husband was at home looking after her 2 kids added to it all.

We drove back to Bury, hearts beating hard, and parked up in a park by the hospital, frantically pulling down my jeans and getting between her knees as she hoisted her dress and pulled her legs apart as I tasted her for the first time. As she started to come, I pushed my cock into her and pumped in and out, only lasting for a couple of minutes before climaxing inside this beautiful woman, another mans wife, who would go home with the smell of my juices in her and sleep in his bed tonight.